How do you expect to have certainty about your money, your business, your relationship, your energy, ANYTHING – when you’re flat out not living for what is certain in YOU?

What, you think you’re gonna somehow sort out the messy limbo-state just-doesn’t-cut-it-for-you state of affairs you’ve got goin’ on, where you can barely motivate yourself to scratch your own ass (even though everybody else thinks you’re a driven mofo who never stops!) is somehow gonna GET you to certainty?

Like certainty is something you work towards, build towards, or earn?

That’s not how it works.

You know how you’re going to all of a sudden drop that weight, like it just melts right off you, falls to the wayside as though it’s just something you forgot you were carrying and didn’t even notice you’d let go of?

You know how your relationship is suddenly gonna fill with fire, intensity, passion, kaBOOM?

You know how your sales are going to blow through the roof, and you didn’t even NOTICE at first because you were having such a gee-darn good time of it?!


To be and choose and refuse to say yes to ANYTHING other than exactly what it was always meant to be about, for you.

Nope, not some watered-down, fairy-floss, blows away in the wind sort of a wishy-washy thing that you prepared carefully in order to not scare the NICE people away.

(And when we say nice …

I mean the people who wouldn’t inspire you if they lived a thousand lifetimes the way they’re doing it now …

I mean the people who you secretly don’t think very much at all of because they truth is they just don’t GET it, and don’t wanna …

I mean the people who you at times tell yourself you should consider, so as not to be an asshole, or because if you said what you really think, showed who you really are, they’d run for the hills …

I mean the people who you’ve allowed yourself to LOWER your forcefield to, because somewhere along the way you decided that actually, maybe, you’re wrong.

About who you are. How you like it. How you’d show up for it, if you were doing it the way your soul actually WANTS to be free.


Mental toughness baby.

That’s where it’s at.

Getting up every day and saying YEP. I’m going to ACTUALLY do what I am meant to do. From the start til the end, DONE.

I am going to ACTUALLY let the energy and essence and badassery and too much-ness of me flow out. Even the most socially – or spiritually – or anti the conscious woke bullshittery – or frowned upon – or surely she can’t actually! – parts of me come out.

I am not going to low key pretend I don’t LIKE the intensity, the hustle, the balls in the air, the overt WHATEVER of it all. I am not going to keep myself contained. I am not going to tuck away the messy parts of me, hoping they don’t spring out, try to suck it in so it’s at least a LITTLE bit more … what ‘they’ would expect or respond to.

Who TF is ‘they’, anyway?!

You know why it’s hard to be in shit hot shape?

^^ you’re holding on to the parts of your truth, voice and vibe that are MOST meant to spring forth into the world. You are LITERALLY carrying that shit around when it’s meant to come out, and on top of it – you’re letting it putrefy inside of you. Gross. Energetic releasing is a thing, y’all. Quit thinking a workout here and there is gonna fix things when you’re full to the gills with your own bullshit.

Speaking of workouts, you know why you can’t seem to get your beast-mode ON?

You’re buying into a story that your motivation, or lack thereof, has anything to do with whether or not you can just do the damn work. Pick yourself up. Get over yourself. Get to freaking work.

You know why your motivation, energy, and general joy for living SUCKS though?


Which brings me to this.


It’s all VERY very simple.

What do you ACTUALLY get giddy for, feel your heart-rate pick up for, your eyes open wider for?

Nope, not the blah blah blah boring ‘success’ mode of the endless stream of insopreneurs on the internet, nope, not even the ones who really have built something.

No. I’m talking about the too much people. The FIRE people. The RUSH people. The CRAZY twisting whirling what the actual WHAT people. The ones who live against the edge, and then push through it. The ones who lean INTO the fire, and go through to the other side, then look around for the next one. The ones who couldn’t turn the intensity off most of the time if they tried.

The RELENTLESS. The DRIVEN. The BRIMMING OVER WITH FIRE WITH PASSION WITH PURPOSE WITH MISSION and probably with sexuality too, because hey – ! Mission driven peeps are pretty damn lit up in ALL areas, and it shows.

But sure sure –

shove those parts of you down again

buy into the idea that the fact you didn’t know how to dance with your own fire 10 years ago, and got burnt, means you don’t like fire

tell yourself another story about how it’s time to rest now, slow down, do less


You don’t need to slow down and breathe.

You need to wake up and live.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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