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Your Most Burning Questions Answered!

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I’ve been receiving some messages and questions about The Dream Life Bootcamp Academy and how to know whether it’s for you. I’ve written up a simple ‘Q&A’ below. If you have a question that’s not covered, whether it’s general or specific to your situation, please feel free to email me privately by hitting reply.

What can The Dream Life Academy Bootcamp do for me?

When you work with me as your coach in The Dream Life Academy Bootcamp I will:

  1. Help you to find your life purpose
  2. Help you to inject more passion into your everyday life, where you wake up naturally energised and excited about the day ahead because you love your life that much!
  3. Show you how to work and live from a place of joy and happiness and flow, rather than frustration, overwhelm, resentfulness
  4. Help you to deal with your mental and emotional blocks around success, abundance and living life on your terms
  5. Teach you how to develop a strong ‘success mindset’ where you naturally start to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want
  6. Guide you on how to implement universal principles on manifestation and attracting what you want
  7. Help you to reveal any limiting beliefs or bad thinking/poor habits that are holding you back or causing you to repeatedly NOT reach your goals despite all your efforts
  8. Show you how to uncover your values and deep priorities, and then teach you how to create an organisational structure to live by that allows them to remain true to those things
  9. Show you how you can free up more time in your busy life, and still get everything done
  10. Work with you to reduce stress, anxiety, worry and the fear of never doing enough and not being good enough
  11. Help you to beat self-sabotage for good
  12. Teach you how to take action on a big goal that you’ve been delaying on out of fear or uncertainty
  13. Show you how to kill overwhelm, fear and self doubt so that you stop holding yourself back
  14. Teach you how you can increase confidence and self-belief
  15. Encourage and guide you to set bigger and bolder ‘stretch’ goals and then create a realistic plan to attain those goals and dreams
  16. Push you daily to keep putting one foot in front of the other, not just for the 6 weeks of the bootcamp but also for a full 30 days of free ‘bonus’ coaching afterwards!

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Who does The Dream Life Academy Bootcamp most benefit?

Women who already dream bigger than most, but are not yet living their dreams or reaching their goals. This could be due to fear, self-doubt, not knowing where to start or it could simply be because despite all of your efforts you just can’t seem to breakthrough to success.

Women who are sick of waiting for things to change and finding themselves back in the same place (or worse) year after year.

Women who want to feel alive with purpose, passion, joy and flow.

Women who feel like ‘is this all there is’, but don’t really BELIEVE it is and yet don’t know how to live differently.

Women who are trying really damn hard and just seem to keep slipping back down the pole of life.

Women who have a BIG goal, whether it be a body goal, a business goal, a money goal, a relationship goal, a travel goal, a ‘dream lifestyle’ goal, and who want to work with a coach who cares about them achieving that goal and will give them all of the practical, emotional, mental tools and support they need to do so.

Women who feel like they don’t have enough time, and never get to stop.

Women who feel like they could achieve so much more if only they could harness confidence and self belief.

Women who are more than ready to take action and believe in their ability to succeed but know they will get there FASTER and with better results by working with a coach such as myself who has ‘been there, done that’.

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What sort of goals would members have?

Here are some of the goals you might have that would suit this bootcamp and that you could realistically expect to achieve when we work on them together for you:

  • Increasing your income
  • Decreasing debt
  • Starting your dream business or renovating your existing one so that it IS your dream business
  • Going ‘location independent’ and living the laptop lifestyle
  • Creating more time in your day for things that truly matter to you
  • Figuring out your values and how to live by them
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Losing weight/getting in shape
  • Improving your relationship with your partner, children, family or friends
  • Getting over a self-sabotaging habit such as binge eating, binge spending, procrastination, perfectionisim or anything else that is holding you back
  • Learning how to feel confident and to believe in yourself
  • Starting a savings habit and increasing your wealth
  • Writing and self-publishing your first book
  • Creating an online product or program
  • Manifesting your dream home
  • Becoming recognised as an expert in your field
  • Developing a more balanced approach to work
  • Becoming more organised and productive so that you get more of what matters done and have time for you
  • Bringing a big life dream to fruition, such as an important trip or personal challenge
  • Getting your work published
  • Quitting your job (and feeling good about)
  • Ending a bad relationship
  • Ticking something major off your bucket list
  • Falling in love with yourself again, or for the first time
  • Falling in love with your life
  • Finding true happiness and joy

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Is there anyone this bootcamp is NOT for?

Yes. It’s not for complainers or women who feel the world owes them something. It’s not for anyone who places responsiblity for their life, income, happiness, business, love or anything in anybody’s hands but their own. It’s not for anyone who wants to live in the past and use things that have happened to them as ‘reasons’ why they can’t achieve their dreams. It’s not for anyone who expects ME (or anyone else) to do the actual work for them. It’s not for women who aren’t willing to change their current daily patterns but also their beliefs. It’s not for women who will freak out when things get uncomfortable. It’s not for anyone who hates risk and uncertainty- if that’s you then stick with the 9-5 and success on society’s terms not your own.

Why should I join the bootcamp?

If you have a goal, or more than one goal, that is so important to you to achieve this year, and you know that even though you COULD achieve it on your own the truth is that for whatever reason you haven’t yet, then you should join.

If you know that you sabotage or hold yourself back in any way, you should join.

If you know that in order to create lasting change and success you need to change your thought and belief patterns, but yet you just seem to keep going back to your old ways, you should join.

If you value working with someone who has been there and ‘done that’ and fought the same battles you are now fighting and then figured out how to overcome them, you should join.

If you want to see your life completely change for the better in just 6 weeks, you should join!

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How can I really expect my life to change if I join?

It’s impossible for me to predict the exact changes you can expect. But here are some of the things I have helped my clients in the past to achieve, and that you could reasonably expect for yourself:

I’ve helped clients to figure out what they really want from life, what they need to be happy and to feel alive and whole

I’ve helped clients to get clear on their life purpose and passions

I’ve helped clients to beat emotional eating and sabotage, understand the ‘why’ behind their body goals, and lose dramatic amounts of weight, or even a little bit that just won’t go

I’ve helped clients to get to a place where they can quit a job they hate, and start their dream business instead

I’ve helped clients to learn how to believe in themselves again, or for the first time, and to take dramatic action as a result

I’ve helped clients to create greater intimacy and honesty with their partner again

I’ve helped clients to (in their words) feel like their life means something once more, and that they are on track

I’ve helped clients go from a flailing business to making serious money, doing what they love

I’ve helped clients to quit doing what they think they should for money, and create true wealth on their terms

I’ve helped clients to break bad patterns of stress and constant busy-ness, and instead start to create more time for themselves and the things that matter to them

I’ve helped clients to move past the emotional and mental blocks that hold them back from success and to start achieveing incredible goals and dreams

I’ve helped client to set ‘stretch’ goals that truly matter but that are also achievable, and I’ve helped them to break those goals down, create a plan for their success, and then go out and achieve them

My gift is not specific to helping you change your body, your business, your money, or anything in particular – my gift is that I can help YOU to know what’s truly important to you, to find your ‘why’ behind that goal or dream so that you are naturally motivated to achieving it, and then to create a plan that allows you to take consistent action and achieve it, and deal with any blocks or hurdles along the way.

I am completely serious- I know you can live your dream life, and I want to help you achieve it, fast!

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What can you expect if you DON’T join or do something about where you are now?

Honestly? I don’t know you, but I can take a guess (based on my own personal and professional experience) that if you’re currently not happy or content with where you are, you will probably still be fighting that fight at the end of this year unless you change something now. I’m not saying the change has to be joining my bootcamp, although I know that certainly would do the job! 

But if you want to know where you’ll be financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually or in any area of your life in a few months from now, simply look back at the last 90 days. You will be the average of what’s happened or what you’ve done over the past 90 days unless you flick the switch and start doing what you need to do to live your dreams.

It’s easy to dream. It’s not so easy to LIVE those dreams and the sad reality is that most people will never truly give their all at living their dream life.

You’re not superhuman. It’s okay to need help. It’s okay to need somebody to encourage, motivate, push you and also to work with you to uncover what you really want and why, and help you create it.

Do you really want to let the year fly by and still not get clear on what you really want from life? Who you want to be? Do you want to continue rushing through your busy life without truly understanding your desires, your ‘whys’? Do you want to continue being too busy, too scared, too unsure to take action on that big dream that’s been eating away at you for God knows how long?

Do you want to find yourself feeling more stuck, more behind, more lost, because you didn’t make a conscious choice to change and then also follow a PLAN for proven results, put your hand up and say ‘yes’, I need help or at the very least I want faster results and I’m sick of trying to get there on my own and going nowhere or making only slow progress?

If you want to stick on the course you’re on now, it’s still entirely possible you will create your dreams this year. But it’s also very true that we tend to repeat our patterns. I can PROMISE you that if you join The Dream Life Academy Bootcamp we will break your old patterns and we WILL create the success, purpose, passion and joy you desire. 

Just imagine how different your life could be in just a few months from now.

Just imagine what it would be like to wake up every day filled with passion, and purpose, and excitement at the life you get to live.

Imagine what it would be like to have more than enough money for all your needs and desires.

Imagine what it would be like to love what you see in the mirror.

Imagine what it would be like to break those patterns of self sabotage, to truly feel confident of your ability to achieve your dreams.

Imagine what it would be like to go to bed each night feeling so damn good about the day you just led.

Imagine what it would be like to know that anything you set your mind to, you could achieve, and that you were DOING it.

Imagine what it would be like to finally achieve that big dream you’ve been delaying on.

All of this, and so much more, is possible, and very quickly as well, when you join The Dream Life Academy Bootcamp.

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Why are you qualified to teach this stuff?

I’ve fought the fight to live my dreams. I may not have fought the exact fight you’re facing now, but I’ve sure gone through a lot and I’ve learned how to create success and life on my terms. You’ve already read about some of the things I’ve helped my clients achieve. Here are some of the things I have achieved in my life:

  • Created a full-time income online, then gone on to double that income every year
  • Started 3 very successful online business, each of which make a more than full-time living of their own
  • Escaped massive credit card debt
  • Continued to make a high 5-figure per month income while working less than 5 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Renovated my online business so that each year I am doing more of what I love and able to outsource what I don’t love
  • Lost over 10kg
  • Then lost over 17kg post baby 🙂
  • Gone through fire and brimstone to create a happy marriage
  • Packed up my earthly possessions and left for 3 years of endless travel, with husband, 4yo and newborn in tow
  • Created a vision for my dream life and lifestyle, living on the beach and working when I choose and how I choose – and done it
  • Created savings from a place of debt
  • Learned how to have a mindset of abundance and wealth rather than success and lack
  • Overcome a TON of negative beliefs around success, being good enough, getting to live the life of my dreams
  • Beat bulimia
  • Self-published 4 Amazon best-selling books
  • Been published in major international publications
  • Gone from total workaholic who never has time to herself and is constantly stressed out and overwhelmed, to taking daily time for me and for those who matter to me, and still knowing how to get everything done.
  • Gone from feeling totally lost, scared, out of alignment to now knowing exactly who I am and what I want from life, and living it. From having no purpose and no clue to living a life that is on purpose and filled with passion, joy and flow.

These are just the ‘highlights reel’. Of course I still have things I am working on – that’s how it should be; it’s a journey after all and it never ends! I’m sharing it with you not to try and say ‘look at me’, but rather to show you that I have been in the trenches of life in just about every area, and through a commitment to living MY best life I have also broken free, and yes, created a life, an income, and a LIFESTYLE that is extraordinary.

I believe in my ability to live my dreams and so I do.

I also believe in my ability to help YOU live your dreams, and that’s what I will do in this bootcamp.

Click here now to join The Dream Life Academy Bootcamp, and save $250 with the early-bird rate!


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