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The best and most results I’ve ever had in my business were when I just got out of my own way

The best and most results I’ve ever had in my business were when I just got out of my own way,

decided on the daily disciplines and rituals I knew I needed to say yes to,

and methodically did the mofo work.

It’s not as glamorous as saying it was ‘all about the energy’, or ‘I just decided and called it in’, or ‘I aligned to the vibrational frequency of money’, but you know what?

It FEELS a helluva lot better than just saying or clinging to that shiz and going to bed every night know that yeah, well, you might spout a whole bunch of really good ‘spiritual’ hooha, and it may well also be true meaning that of course it is PART of it, but actually?

You still didn’t do the mofo work.

The thing about doing the WORK is, the work you’re meant to do, the work that will get you there, the work that ‘that’ version of you would have long by now already integrated into her beingness is … it is GOOD. Good to and for and of the SOUL.

Work is not a dirty word.

It’s just that the people who influenced you who think that success means pushing outside of you to do shit you don’t really wanna do, in a way that doesn’t suit or serve you, and with or for people you don’t really like, and all wrapped up in a big old bow of I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS ANYWAY … are the ones you seem to still be listening to.

Desperate to soak up what anybody has to say who is trying to tell you there is no work to do.

Desperate to hang on to the smallest idea that maybe you don’t HAVE to do the stuff you continually resist, put aside, push to the next day, and the NOT doing of which continually,

bit by bit,

shreds your belief in your self,

as you realise your entire life is just a big ole game of boy who cried wolf.

“I’m going to, I’m really going to, I promise!”

And then you don’t.


You stop believing your own BS.

For many … this also seems to be roughly the time they embark upon just trying to believe or manifest their way into places.

Well, lemme tell ya –

The power of belief and choice is real.

Whatever you decide from inside of you absolutely can come to life in ways you’d never have dreamed possible.

There is no how when you just lock in to an outcome!

Sometimes your resistance really IS a sign that that thing is not for you.

And your energy freakin’ matters!

Etc etc etc.

But …

work is not a dirty word.

Work is the CURE, work is the HEARTBEAT, work is the thing that creators like you and I get off on!


There is awareness to be had around not getting sucked into endless doing. Purposeless doing. Doing from outside of your truth. Doing for the sake of ‘if I do enough and do it like they say then surely I should get there!’

But that’s where your discernment comes in. Or should do. And your ability to call yourself the fuck out, on your own nonsense.

“I was going to!

I was born for it!

I was called!

I always had it in me!

I just … didn’t.”

The sad reality is that this is the reality many will continue to create.

If you want to know if that’s you … don’t HIDE from this.

Strip naked.

Stand in front of the mirror.


And assess the reality of what you have created.

It is what it is.

And that’s all that it is.

And now that you’ve stopped deluding yourself about who and what you’ve chosen to be … with no shame or blame, because how does that help … decide what’chu gonna do about it.

The greatest results I’ve ever had in my life have been when I knew who I was born to be. Locked in to outcomes beyond my wildest ability to know ‘how’. Decided and then just KEPT on deciding anyway. And

Quit telling yourself a story that you were born for it,

when you continue to demonstrate so thoroughly that you refuse to simply do it.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

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And then you finally WENT there.

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