Money Mindset


Money comes when you’re IN the damn thing, and not remembering to worry about where it comes from … you’ve handed it over, you surrendered, actually you pretty much FORGOT, and you’re just

If you think that surrender is “okay, okay, I surrendered, I admit or choose that it’s time to surrender”, but then you’re still anxiously lookin’ around, holding on, keeping those eyes peeled because THE THING BETTER SHOW UP NOW I SURRENDERED, OR ELSE,

No babe.

You didn’t surrender.

It’s okay, it’s a practice, be in the practice, keep on choosing, keep on handing it over, keep on coming back to the now, the moment, what is the action for THIS time right here, and

Be in it? Be in the dance? Be IN the damn thing?

I mean –

You are just so in da damn flow and juiciness and fuck yes-ery of YOU, that yeah, at least for a MOMENT –

You actually forgot to worry.
You actually forgot to be anxious.
You actually forgot the hold that fear had over you, and in the MOMENT that happened –

It no longer did.

Think about THAT, huh.

It’s like how ‘they’ say (you know … the people who say things … in this case a valid ‘they’), that when the adult spine is under anaesthesia (I mean while attached to a live human), it can actually FULLY BACK BEND, and flex / twist in all sorts of directions.

Aka: the fear or simply your conditioned mind and expectations makes it feel like it’s real that you can’t move when you’re awake.

Sometimes –

there is such a thing as being too woke 😉

So anyway, yeah –

Being IN the damn thing is about being so caught up in the beingness of YOU, and what it is you DO in that state, that you completely lose track of your attachment, your need, any desperado vibes, or even just thinking at ALL about The Thing You Really Really Want.

Imagine if you stacked up those moments of being IN it,

a little more a little more a little more STILL.

^^ this is one of my ‘big secrets’. On how I have made millions and millions of dollars doing my purpose work, while moving only ever MORE into flow and ease. And how I continue to each year. And also how I have periodically ‘manifested’ massive sums of money practically out of thin air!

I committed to it,

even when (especially when!) I had no idea where it would come from,


I CHOSE to trust that it would show up because I am that delusional (faith-led ;)) to believe that this is how life works,

and then I LET.THE.FRICK.GO.

Handed it over,
and continued on my aligned path.

Money comes when you’re IN the damn thing, and not remembering to worry about where it comes from, but yes you ARE ‘in’ it.

^^ let’s add more depth. Being IN it, in the dance, in the flow, quite simply means you are doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Showing up for what you gotta show up for, for what’s coming through you right NOW,

and yep (how I do it), you’re also setting your money goals and intentions, you are CHOOSING that shiz, you’re stating and claiming (I use my journal, and also my thoughts through the day, and also conversations with my closest peeps), that yes ‘of course I / we receive such and such this month / week / launch / whatever’.

What is the ‘such and such’ based on? I used to calculate it each month based on everything I needed for ALL biz and life expenses, plus adding in everything I DESIRED (and felt was aligned to stretch towards) that month, plus a little extra for miscellaneous. So, it was a number based on something.

Now, I just kinda … decide what is the aligned money goal to claim and allow through. But it’s certainly loosely based on that I am pretty on top of knowing my biz and life expenses and desires.



That’s just not what I have found works for ME.

I understand it works for some.

For me what works is soul first, soul always, God before that. The End. If I’m not feelin’ it I don’t want it, and also I have found that money and other ‘result stuff’ runs from me when I am not grounded in God and soul. Praise the Lord for THAT, or, like so many, I may have accidentally given my life for the wrong shit.


So yeah … I have learned … and I remain in the PRACTICE of … surrender. Hand it over. Let go. Come back to the now, the dance, and also don’t cop OUT on that at all. Surrender ain’t money makin’ (or any other) surrender when you’re then just sitting around pretending to practice flow and ease!! I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel at ALL chill / ease / let go until I do what I am meant to do each day to be IN the dance of playing life.



YES I face resistance, most days.

I do the job of acting from who I am meant to be, and being fully me anyway.

“But Kat! How do you SURRENDER when you it’s so.damn.scary and so.damn.real and so.many.bills and it feels IMPOSSIBLE to make it?”

You decide.
You decide.
You decide.

You just do.

You CHOOSE trust. You step beyond your fear, and you acknowledge the (actually very logical) truth that it makes zero sense that gettin’ to where you’re meant to be would come from fear.

The more scary or vast or full on in any way something is the more I have LEARNED how critically important it is to hand it over,


and come back to the now. In that now to ONLY do what I am led to do, guided to do, shown to do. Use each moment for what that moment was given to me. Trust that I CAN and DO always know what that is. Yep, even (especially!) when the thing I am shown to do seems to have nothing to do with gettin’ me to my outcomes.

I release the how.
I release the how.
I release the how.

I CHOOSE that my job, which ultimately will get me to where I am meant to be, is only EVER to be in the dance, in the now, be all up IN the thing, where I drop into God, into soul, into me, so much so that it’s barely even a vague remembrance that I have Real Shit I Could Worry A Lot About in my life, and meanwhile IN that place,

in the dance,

is where the magic happens.

Let’s put it quite simply, and leave it here:

I have learned that when I am IN THE LIVING OF LIFE, grounded in trust in God AND life, and have meanwhile asked for and claimed and handed over what I feel is meant to be,

and that I simply continue these things daily,

everything I always needed and wanted whether or not I ever knew it shows up.

Really what we’re speaking of?