Why don’t you just assume you know how to be who you are?

I’m not even going all philosophical nor spiritual with this one today, I’m talking about the simple daily doing of the WERK you know you came here to do.

You know –

the stuff which would light you on fire, if only you’d let, well – do it.

Think about the last time you were truly taken over with certainty that THIS, this IS the thing I am meant to be saying yes to in this moment.

This IS what I’m meant to be writing. Creating. Sharing. Speaking. Building. Selling. LETTING OUT TO THE WORLD.

If you’re honest about it … and maybe you’ve never really thought about this before … it’s when you are not trying to do a thing. Perform a thing. Make a thing work. Or be a thing.

So maybe it’s more so when you’re talking with or teaching or creating for existing clients who are already IN with you, already TRUST in you, already want to be there, already in fact just want whatever it is that comes out of you! Because they have ALREADY said yes to that yes within them which is a resonance and a belief that you ARE a person they want to learn from. Sit with. Grow with. Or simply be in the space of.

And so when you turn up to teach or share or be with THESE people … there’s a permission there which perhaps you don’t even think about it, and it’s a STRAIGHT SLIP PAST the so often present barriers of ‘is this good / is it gonna work / is it what people want / is it gonna get me some place / WILL THIS WORK AND WILL THEY LOVE ME’.

With all of THAT stripped off, indeed not even present in the first place because who walks into a room they know they’re wanted, even longer for in, and operates from a place of ‘is this okay?’ …

the TRUE magic of you being you is able to come forth.

Kind of like when you occasionally (perhaps!) let forth a piece of content or even a whole program which you forgot to think about and just flung OUT there, responding to something you were so genuinely caught up in that you missed that whole ‘must perform or be proper or be enough in some way for the internet’ thing.

The simple fact is that when we are not thinking about how to be,

we be.

The most profound truths are often the most irritatingly obvious.

And the fact that we’ve got an entire industry here perpetuating an idea that your ‘true’ next level success or biz explosion is on the other side of you figuring out a whole bunch of complex stuff and then putting it properly in sequence … all the while dancing to a Greek wedding dance at the speedy bit tune which ISN’T EVEN YOUR TUNE … and topped off with the relentless fear-speak you ALLOW yourself to entertain in your mind that maybe it IS gonna take ‘all that’ …

doesn’t make it easy at times to accept that what this is REALLY gonna take is the fact that you got up day after day and DID THE FREAKING WORK.

One step. Two step. Three step. Four. Yeah yeah, I know it’s not as romantic as what perhaps you feel it should be. And on another day perhaps we’d have a conversation about doing NOTHING, til that flow takes over you and you’re carried away by an aligned wave of magnetic awesome; just rushing out of your every pore!

But realistically, to get THOSE days –

you gotta be in the DAY to day of showing up for your life.

So let’s make this real simple today, and so so achievable:

Get your emotions out of the picture. Stop trying to figure OUT a thing. And just decide to DO the things you’d be doing if you backed that you know how to BE.

An empire, a calling unfolded, a showing up for the life you were born for and THEN IT HAPPENED –

it’s on the other side of the fact that you get up each day and be the person.

Not that you get up each day and be the person if you feel comfortable, ready, know how, or if you’re feeling the vibe of everybody ALREADY loving you. Act like you don’t only have permission to be there but that THEY’RE ALL ALREADY ENAMOURED WITH WHAT’S COMING OUT OF YOU AND HOW DARE YOU NOT GIVE IT TO THEM.

Let that seep through every PART of you, even down to how you CARRY yourself.



Meanwhile –

all you did was show up for the day in front of you.

That’s all I did.
It’s all I’ve ever done.
Sure it made a big mess.

But it also made tens of millions of $ with work so purposeful it makes me cry sometimes, and an audience of ONLY soul aligned peeps.

I’ll take the mess 😉

But you gotta do something to create it.

Now don’t forget – !

Life is Now. Press Play.



Are you ready to finally show up, but REALLY, for what’s inside of you?

Do you actually WANT to?

It takes determination, you know. Persistence. A willingness to put your stories aside and just DO the thing. An understanding that discipline to what is RIGHT is the ultimate GATEWAY to flow.

And most of all –

A definite certain knowing which you say yes to in your SPIRIT each day around being that person.

YES this is what I came here to do.
YES this is who I am.
YES this thing is gonna build, grow, explode, and IMPACT MILLIONS WITH A MESSAGE WHICH TRANSCENDS ME.

And yes.


Are you ready?
Is it time?

I made this for you.


We start next week. x


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