What Do You Really Want? It’s Time to Let Go.

In order to bring into your life what you really want, there will need to be a release of the things you’re currently holding on to and think that it has to be about.

This might mean a simple habit or belief or two, or it could mean the release of an entire relationship, your entire business, maybe even your entire life and everything you once thought to be true and right.

But if you’re not willing to let go of what you need to and even of what’s simply ALMOST but not QUITE right, then how do you ever expect to find a way onto the true and aligned path you were born for?

The reality is, you won’t

You’re either on path, or off. A one-degree deviation will result in a 100% different outcome.

So stop kidding yourself here, and stop fucking around as well; thinking that it’s not such a big deal this whole ‘not really on my true path’ thing and that you’re going to be able to at some point patch it up and pretend it was always meant to work out this way.

The longer you WAIT the further AWAY from your true path you go, and the harder it is to return. Eventually you’re so far gone that you don’t even know where it was you ‘once upon a time’ dreamed of ending up and you sure as heck can’t see your way to getting there through the messy surrounds of the life you’ve created instead, and besides – you’re out of time.

One day, you’ll be out of time.

And you’ll look back –

At a life you pressed play on in so many ways.

In Think Like a Rich Chick and Own Your Greatness I cover:-

– What Do You Really Want? {It’s Time to Let Go}

– What Were You Thinking of Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

– Finding Your Soul Work

– Getting Intentions to Come True

– Stay in Your Zone

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– If You’re Not Rich Yet It’s Your Fault: Time to Toughen Up Sales Warrior Queen!

– Entrepreneurs Are Formed Under Pressure

– Say on the Fucking Course

It’s time to step into the abyss gorgeous.

That MOMENT is today and more than that it’s now.

NOW is the time when you need to rip the bandaid, say FUCK IT to ANYTHING you know you don’t want, and commit FULLY to what you know you do.

YES I know it’s scary.

YES I know you may well fall on your face, and often.

YES it’s going to hurt.

But what’s going to hurt more, really?

Doing what it takes to create a life you actually love?

Or living the wrong one because you were too scared to rip the fucking bandaid?

Rip the fucking bandaid lovely.