Remember You Are The Mofo Flow
Live Your Passion


Here is what you need to understand about being that person who magnetically manages to call in, like moths to a flame, an endless stream of soulmate clients who want to buy from you on REPEAT, refer their friends, and are also super fun to mentor or coach because they’re badasses who do the WORK –

The energy side of things is non-negotiable, and also?

It’s on you.

We all know that when you’re ‘on’, things work. Money flows to you like manna from heaven. People who want to work with you are EVERYWHERE. Doors opening and opportunities abounding all over the place! Everything is just – YES.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in this state I feel like I’m whirring and twirling through business and life and my day. I feel like the very pace of the world revolving picks up, and I’m just breathlessly running along with it, in this beautiful messy fast as fuck dance of fun and flow. It feels EXCITING, it feels CRAZY, it feels too MUCH, it feels PERFECT. And while there might be moments here and there where I almost feel like I need to lean over, hands on knees, just to catch my breath at how IN it I am,

there is no way in hell I would want to slow shit down.

Because this? This is not about hustle. It’s not about trying to do too much at once. It’s not about being overwhelmed, pushed, or working too hard. It’s about the fact that, whether it’s just for an hour or two or it’s days on end or if you’re lucky it’s a way of life, when you’re IN it?

You’re just IN it, and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be, nothing you’d want to change, in fact you almost feel compelled to turn up that speed dial even MORE!

Because what this is, is it’s being in sync with the beat of life itself. The beat of the life YOU are here to live. Not somebody else’s. Not the ‘acceptable’ way. Not the way that would result in others not judging or getting you. The way which more than likely WILL result in judgement, people close or far from you not getting you, people misunderstanding, labelling you as chaotic, disorganised, too busy, ‘I wouldn’t want to work that hard’, whatever.

The worst part? When you yourself say these things to yourself, instead of acknowledging and OWNING that this is who you ARE. This is a very real and NOT TO BE HEALED OR FIXED BECAUSE IT IS GOOD part of you, this part of you that LIKES the push, LIKES the whirling twirling madness of having multiple balls in the air and dancing between them, likes and WANTS the breathless vibe of running alongside life itself.

Look, we’re not talking 24/7! (Unless we are ;)). Typically, if you’re this kind of person and you’re also fully owning it, and you’re doing so in a healthy and aligned way, you are also an absolute goddess of rest, relaxation, pause, stillness, and so on. You know when to stop and COMPLETELY let go,

and you know when to decide to CREATE the mofo flow of being all in on

You understand that this is where, when you’re doing like this, life dials up the level of what it’s GIVING you, in response to you throwing yourself fully into the beat of IT. It’s pretty basic math – you get on sync with something, you drop into the rhythm of something, you’re in HARMONY with something, and, well –

you’re in harmony with it. You BOTH expand. New worlds are created. 2+2 = whatever you want it to, and in a very practical sense? You transcend the physical and what you’re able to do or achieve or be there.

Literally this means that instead of what you’re creating or allowing in to be dependant simply upon what you ‘do’, and whether you did enough, or the right stuff, or in the right order, and thus achieved some sort of result in return,

your outcomes, what you receive, what or who comes to you, how money works for you, how it ALL works for you, is reactive not to your ‘do’ but instead to who you are choosing to BE, and the frequency you’re playing life on. If part of ‘you being fully you’ requires you to be in a heightened energy state as you create, transmit, pull down from above, allow your OWN energy to shift and mold things …

and you choose not to do it because somewhere along the way you bought into the idea of chaos or disorder being BAD, instead of being what NEWNESS is created from …

you will live a life of things being hard

hand over fist

‘getting there’, but always at a cost

and feeling as though you only ever JUST managed to achieve the SMALLEST percentage of what you could or should, and how damn tiring it WAS.

Whereas, if you are the kind of human I suspect you may be, who was born to play beyond just the physical, and to create through her BEING, if you JUST let go and dialled up your speed, your energy, your focus, your commitment that little (or big!) bit MORE,

it would be EASIER, more fun, and with INFINITELY greater result! Because of the beat baby, the beat of life, YOUR true life, and you finally being on it.

So how does this work? What does it mean you’re meant to do?

In a nutshell, remember that you are the mofo flow, and act it. Remember that life responds to YOU, and act it. Quit conforming to a schedule, a regime, an order, a sequence, an acceptable way of doing business or coaching or money or life, or even the things you agreed with yourself you ‘should’ do’. And instead –

freefall into trusting that if you had no rules and no order and you were free to go fully into what YOU are led to each day that you would not only find your way but you’d RUN the damn thing.

Know also that this doesn’t mean not taking MASSIVE action! For us, the flow often arrives when we go ALL in on the DO. The do which comes from the BEING, the being all of you, but WAY dialled up. For me it means I’m taking action like a madwoman, SO much action. But it is ALIGNED action, the ‘all in’ behaviour I’d be saying yes to if I fully trusted, backed myself, and EXPECTED that of COURSE everybody can’t wait to pay me, I just need to give ’em ways to, and be IN it energetically, letting myself be PART of the energy of my selling or launching. For example. Or whatever it is I need to be IN. But definitely – no dilly dallying, questioning, wondering if I can or dare. Just DOING what I’m shown to do, as and when I’m shown to do it.

Where this doesn’t work for me? Is when I tell myself I ‘have to’ do things a certain way, or do my day a certain day, and then I spend the whole day reacting instead of CREATING. Maybe reacting to stuff that gets SOME kind of outcome! But the magic one that was there if only I’d let go and decide I make the flow?


Not that.

So what all this comes down to really is – do you dare? Do you dare to trust yourself to go COMPLETELY into what’s inside of you, and be in the creation of your day, your offer, your finances, your business, and indeed every other element of your life from that place?

Or – would you rather keep playing a story that you only get your cookies if you do as you’re told, in the way you were told to, and how it supposedly ‘makes sense’?

You can’t have it both ways.

Either you go get your life by pushing AGAINST the grain,

or you dictate the motherfucking grain.

But if you’re gonna do that? It means you need to stop bullshitting yourself about who you really are. RUN INTO THE FRAY BABY. That storm of creative beauty and wonder and everything that flows from and through and to it ain’t gonna create itself.