You can get up in the morning and decide you’re not up for that sweaty push lung-burnin’ workout, because you didn’t sleep well. Your throat hurts a bit. You need a headache pill. And a nap! Maybe a slow crawl at best.

Or – you can start anyway. Because you said you would. And you decided that if you’re being honest with about it you should. And you know deep down that the whole thing about whether or not it’s easy or hard or too much or just fucking right –

is just a fantasy or an idea you can choose in or out of. One way or the other.

Just like how you can convince yourself that the showing up-y things you’ve gotta do in business, or would be doing if you were being ‘that’ bitch in business, are too HARRDDDDDDD Mum. I don’t wanna! I don’t FEEL like it! And I don’t really have the energy. I don’t even know how! I’ll just do this safe thing over here instead. This slow thing over here instead. This not THE thing thing over here instead. That is what is ‘aligned’ for right now.

Hm, okay. But what if you had just gon’ on out and DID that ‘hard’ thing anyway?

What if you just started?
What if you’d had no choice, because the level of commitment was something you respected more than what you respect your own excuses, or bullshit?
What if you were ALREADY the person who consistently did *that*, and it were just coded in to your IDENTITY?!

Would it still be ‘too hard’ then? Or would it just be something you do? And is doing those hard scary things too much for THOSE people, who do that stuff all the time? Or have they just normalised TF out of it, and it’s really no harder or easier than getting dressed in the morning? And what if YOU just normalised the hard or ‘extra’ thing, and what was previously OH so extra and WOW,

just became you, and HOW –

you live your day, boo.

Then what? Would you still say ‘oh that was too HARD, but phew, I got through it!’? Or would you just say – that’s what I do. I do what I do. And this is how I do!

So now what?

IS it true that the ALL IN thing you don’t WANNA, or don’t FEEL like, or are SCARED of, or don’t know HOW,

is outside your reach?

Or is it that you just keep repeatedly pandering to your surface emotions about what you feeeellllll like, and thus perpetuating ever more of that shiz?

Final question:

what if you just did the all in thing anyway?

And what if you just made that a rule?

Just an idea, you understand! A kinda might change your life one, you understand!