It’s not about whether or not you feel, in the moment of stepping up, whether or not you know how. And it’s also not about whether or not you are equipped.

The path to walk, and the tools you need, both in your beingness and in your physical/other actions, to be that leader, will be provided to you when you step forward.

But here is the kicker! That stepping up, and stepping forward, that practice of saying yes to being the leader who you do know it’s time to be –

It can often be a daily thing. Not just a one time ‘deep breath and “yes”‘. Hey, don’t be surprised! A practice by definition is something you – practice.

This means that on the days when you don’t feel like it –

In the times you’ve truly no idea of the next move to make –

In the moments you feel shaky, uncertain, self-conscious, even silly –

You are capable of being that version of you anyway. The certainty, the groundedness, and the know-how is and only comes from WITHIN. You don’t have to go looking for it. When you don’t feel connected to it, it means simply that – you don’t feel connected. It doesn’t mean the connection is not there. It doesn’t mean you ran out, and need to go earn more! It doesn’t mean it got taken from you.

How can being you be taken from you?

Being a leader is a practice, and it is one you choose again and again and again from the moment you understand that you were APPOINTED. You say yes to an appointment with the trust and understanding that what you need will be given to you along the way, as and when it is needed. And that who you need to be?

Why, you become it by being it.

Don’t pretend you thought there was some other way.