Money Mindset, Success Mindset


I was talking with one of my badass clients yesterday on her 1:1 call and diving into why it is that she felt so STUCK and basically a little bit bleach about things in her business right now.

Thing is … everything’s working. WELL. Helluva lot more than well, as a matter of fact!

There is ZERO doubt she’s gonna build a million dollar biz, and frankly that’s just a jumping off point.

We spent a good bit of time talking about why she’s not feeling in the zone, and trying to figure out the problem. Problem was … we couldn’t figure the problem OUT!

We went through her offers …

Pricing …

What she REALLY wanted to be selling …


And nothing was really JIVING, you know? As far as feeling like, YES, that’s why I feel so stuck! We even went through some personal life stuff and the REALLY big problem here (and this sounds a little silly to say) …

She’s kinda got her shit sorted. BIG time. We’ve worked on so much unleveling already this year that there’s not that much left to really have to get moving.

Things are smooth.
Things are sailing.
Income is flowing and GROWING.
Things are working!


Are fucking boring.

Okay, well maybe THAT’S a bit harsh, but do you know what I’m saying? Have you ever felt that way? Or perhaps you’ve not really thought about it, but lemme ask you something –

Do you think that feeling BLAH is always a symptom of something being OFF, or do you think it could also be how you end up feeling when there’s nothing really CHALLENGING and BIG DEAL in your life that you’re chasing after?

My client’s life is definitely not BORING, in fact it is seriously high level and badass, and hard worked for!!

But yet …

It’s become (sorry to say if you’re not yet at this point, but if you ARE then I know you get this) …


It’s easy.
To make money.
To know that she’ll go to the next level.
It’s all just of COURSE.

She’s figured this whole be yourself and hustle online thing OUT.

Wanna know a secret?

ME TOO. And I was starting to get a bit bored too, for a while there, before I figured out what I needed to do in order to spice things UP again.

Of course when I say it’s all just ‘of course’, I don’t mean that there’s no issues, ever. Shit happens. Launches don’t always go according to plan. ETCETERA.

But at a certain point in online business, seeing that sort of stuff as a PROBLEM would be equivalent to seeing it as a problem if your kids messed up the playroom which you just cleaned.

It might be annoying, frustrating, etc.

But it’s hardly a PROBLEM, it’s just something that needs fixing; if you feel like it.

At a certain point in online business there’s pretty much NO so-called ‘failure’ or struggle which feels like more of a big deal than that! It’s just something that needs fixing.

Deal with it.
Move on.




Thing is … people are MADE for struggle. For triumph THROUGH struggle, not just for reinventing the God damn wheel every day!

It’s one obvious reason why entrepreneurs repeatedly fuck things up, or crash DOWN their income once they first start making it.

Ever done that?

Of COURSE you have!!

But then we get sick of the whole bullshit money mindset thing (takes a while, sometimes!) and we figure that shit out and decide to NEVER AGAIN let money fear rule us.

Which is awesome.

But also a problem!

Because if you’re not gonna use your fear-based money mindset shit as a reason to need to boost adrenaline back up again, what the hell ARE you gonna use?

Gonna need to create a new problem, aren’t you?!

Except … we’re SO damn good at unleveling in this game that for every new default problem / pattern / sabotage that comes up we just learn how to deal with it and move on from it!!

IT’S MADNESS. Eliminating problems like a freaking motherfucker until life is PERFECT.

Which, honestly, even though the pesky things do still pop up from time to time, is exactly what I’ve done.

As has my client.

Perfectly smooth.
Perfectly functional.
Perfectly –


Where’s the THRILL, baby? I need the thrill!

And so do you.

So, well, I guess, the thing IS, if you wanted to, you can totally CREATE that thrill by continuing to revert to your PROBLEM and SABOTAGE inducing behaviour …

But, well, that’s kind of STUPID.

So let me cut this short and make it simple for you –

You gotta stop aiming for the obvious shit gorgeous.

A million dollars? Cool .. but we both know you’re on track for that already.


So what’s it gonna take then, to EXCITE you (and this is what I asked my client) –

2 million?

Well …


I mean –




And here is what it comes down to:

You gotta get tapped back in to your BIG vision for what you want. That next level shit so big and bold and brave you can’t even barely believe you’d dare to dream of it!

Let alone believe it.

Let alone DO it.

Can I tell you something?

I freaking OWNED my big vision stuff again over the past 6 months.

I’d put it aside.
Life was good …
And I still had goals!

But it wasn’t fucking AMAZING, you know? I wasn’t flying HIGH, you know?

I wasn’t feeling the thrill of the CHASE, and as a result I simply wasn’t enjoying my business as much as I could be.

NOW … I have this big.motherfucking.BADASS.goal in my mind all day, and every day.

It’s scary.
It’s actually TERRIFYING.
It’s AWESOME, to even think about.
And it sure as shit is NOT boring.

So because that’s there I’m able to be present and in attendance in my every DAY business, you know?

I am in LOVE with it again.

As it should be.
As it must be.
As I like it!

So if you’re a BIG dreamer like me … and you know that you were actually born for MORE (as my clients certainly do!) … and you suspect maybe there’s stuff you want and are MEANT to create which you’re not owning … and things are feeling a little BORING?

Might be time to lock down that big vision again.

Your million dollar goal might be COOL AS SHIT to achieve, and I’ll celebrate it right alongside you.

But honey?
That ain’t the real shit.
It’s boring.

Find what’s true.
Find you.