Money Mindset


If you’re not selling consistently effective and daily, you are selfish, greedy, irresponsible, and cruel.

‘kay, cruel MAY possibly be a little bit too harsh – maybe! – but the rest of it?? Onfreakingpoint, and what do ya wanna do about it?

You can continue to be selfish, putting your own egoic fears and doubts and ‘who am I’s’ ahead of your responsibility to be of service to your message, and, as a direct fallout of that, of service to the people who you’re here to serve …

You can continue to be irresponsible about BEING the difference you came here to be …

You can continue to greedily hold your gifts all hidden and scrunched up away from the world … MY preciousssss …

or you can see it for what it is, bend over and pull those socks UP, and OWN being the light who you came here to be.

The light who also sells shit. Ain’t nobody got time for a light who just shines and does not pass that inner fire on to others!

And this is the thing, isn’t it?

The fire that’s within you, the knowledge and wisdom you’ve both gained as well as received, a product of the way YOU have chosen to live your life and also just a product of who you are and what’s in you,

you CAN’T pass it on to others,

not in the way YOU are meant to,

without actively,





Maybe SOMEONE out there was born to share their gifts with the world for free, and that IS the way for them to be of THEIR greatest service, and their receiving either comes in other ways aside from money, or else the money itself comes from some other place,

but we’re not talking about someone.

We are talking about you.

And the question to answer here is:

is it ALIGNED for YOU to sell?

When you look to the future, to who and what it is you know you’re meant to be, is SELLING a part of that?

When you think about what you want to build, the legacy, the body of work, the impact, the letting it out, the artistry –

is selling a part of that?

An OF COURSE part?

It’s okay if it’s not. But be honest if it is, and then? Get to work.

Here’s how:

1) Drop the exhausting mindset BS

There is zero point talking about best ways to make sales, even if you prefer to word it ‘ways to help people’ and you’re scared of accidentally saying the word sales, if you’re running exhausting and frankly ego-centric stories in your head about why selling might not be okay. Or, why selling EFFECTIVELY might not be okay. By effectively I mean – you are actively making sales. Money. It’s coming in. What you are doing is WORKING.

If you say you DO sell, because you post sales calls to action in some sort of fashion, but yet you’re not banking coin as a result, then no you do not sell. You TRY to sell. Probably one of the things I’ll cover below is relevant to why it doesn’t work.

But firstly – if you know that effective sales is part of what you’re here to build, then just decide now to drop the exhausting mindset BS.

You are allowed to sell and indeed required to. PERIOD.

2) Get unapologetic about your own badassery

People who sell effectively are UNAPOLOGETIC about how great their work is,

how it and also they can help,

and that you should buy from them.

This is not being cocky! Drop THAT story! This is being RESPONSIBLE to the work. Who cares if some yokel out there thinks they’re the Queen of the world and tells everyone to buy from them, and doesn’t back it up with ACTUALLY great work. What has that got to do with you?! Do you believe you are the best at what YOU do, and being you? Own it and the work that goes with it, and TELL people.

3) Be the best at what you do and at being you

NOT sure that what you do is incredible?? Firstly, check yourself around whether you’re letting fear and doubt patterns override what you ACTUALLY deep down believe. Secondly, get quiet, get out of all your head drama, and ask –

what do I know that I know that I KNOW I am here to do with people, and could absolutely help any person (even the ones I look up to!) with RIGHT NOW?

In other words: what is the thing you COULD fully own because it IS true that nobody can share or teach that like you?

Own it.

4) Tell.people.to.buy.

Tell them on Monday.

Tell them on Tuesday.

Tell them on Wednesday.

Tell them on THIS day.


Tell them clearly.

Tell them directly.

Tell them HOW.

Tell them what will happen when they do.

And what else.

Tell them WHY. (duh).

Tell them why again.

Tell them why YOU are excited for them to buy.

Tell them why they HAVE to buy.

And also why it has to be now.

Don’t wanna be so direct?

No problem, money loves vague wishy-washy requests, and so do people who need your help.

Except, um, NO.

5) Own the outcome

Exactly why SHOULD people buy from you? What is the precise outcome that will occur when they do? I don’t just mean ‘they get the thing’. I mean – what is the outcome of being in and doing this work?

What is the SPECIFIC reason? And who SPECIFICALLY is this thing for? And why SPECIFICALLY is it for right now? And why SPECIFICALLY do they need to buy it from you?

Do you see how, even if your offer is next level amazing, you being anything less than crystal clear about it and about THEM and about you, is gonna cost you?

Crystal clear does not mean you can’t bring the energy, vibe, spiritual or ‘feels’ side of it to it. PEOPLE GET THAT FROM YOU BEING YOU ANYWAY. Unless it is an ALIGNED part of your sales methodology to make it a curious mystery how or why to buy from you –

don’t do that shit.

6) Be consistent

Owning who you are and what you do and why people should work from you, buy from your company, etc, is a consistency game.

Imagine your favourite restaurant opened and shut its doors with no warning or explanation. Or randomly didn’t sell / offer anything because ‘we already sold pizza 5 whole days last week’, we don’t wanna be salesy. Or kept all their best wine hidden where you didn’t even know it existed and so COULDN’T buy it. (Rude!). Or labeled things on the menu as ‘steak’, ‘chicken’, ‘pretty good pasta’, and so on, and didn’t clearly articulate those words that get your mouth moist?! Or had servers who, whether or not they knew it, simply didn’t really explain anything about what’s great to eat and why. It would NOT for long be your favourite restaurant.

It would be annoying.

And soon enough you’d just stop going.


don’t do it!

7) Who do you love to buy from, and why?

Brands. People. Companies. Artists. Messengers. You name it. Maybe sometimes you have a great experience buying from someone who wasn’t really selling anything, and you didn’t even know they existed or that their work was so great but you somehow happened upon them. Cool story. But a) is that person being who THEY are meant to be, keeping their magic so hidden and vague?? Maybe! But I doubt it. And b) –

reality check. The vast majority of people or brands you buy from own unapologetically why you should, and every element of how it works when you do.

They just do it with grace and elegance and badassery.

And it is ENJOYABLE to buy and receive from them!

Why don’t you just do the same?