Success Mindset


The RIDICULOUS thing about all of this is that if you’d only get the fuck over all of your reasons NOT to, you could be a helluva lot further along, NOW.

Do you realise how freakin’ simple it actually is, to gtf over yourself and create MASSIVE fucking results?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1: Decide what you wanna achieve
2: Make space to act on it (daily)
3: Do the fucking work ON REPEAT UNTIL YOU GET THERE

But yet here you are –

A month, a year, a DECADE later –

Still chasing the same dream.

Tell me honestly now: IS this the age by which you thought you’d have your shit together and be ALL the way there?? Or is that age already long gone and you’ve started to buy into the BS of it not being that simple, or how you really did try, or how you’re not doing so bad, really!

Honesty time: if you don’t have what you SAY you want you either don’t really want it, OR you’re just LAZY and undisciplined. The cold hard reality is that we can each have whatever we decide if we just roll up our sleeves and take consistent action to create it!

EVERYTHING I’ve created in my life which I or others regard as an awesome accomplishment came about because I attended to it daily.

Nothing simple.
Nothing fancy.
There’s not a SINGLE success I’ve created which came about because of a complicated, secret, or inaccessible approach. EVERY last bit of it came about simply by putting one foot in front of the other and using STRATEGIES which are available to everybody.

Eye on the prize.
Step forward.

The flipside is that everything I have NOT yet achieved, everything that seems to remain JUST out of reach, where I feel as though I’m straining for it, thinking about it, frustrated by it but yet can’t quite GET there, is – if I’m honest – simply something that I’ve not attended to daily.

I may have TOLD myself I would.
Definitely drawn up lists and ideas and plans!
TALKED about it a lot!
Probably OBSESSIVELY thought about it and given it WAY more energy than the stuff I DO actually spend time on daily, and get results with!

But when you take all of that away and you look at whether or not I actually fucking WORKED on it, daily, on repeat?

Not so much.

Can you relate?

And the thing is, the thing is we can TOTALLY, if we want, analyse WHY ON EARTH WE ACT LIKE THIS. Why do we resist certain things?! Are we blocked? Is it a limiting belief? Is our INNER CHILD DAMAGED AND SCARED?

Analysis, I’ve found, is LARGELY a waste of fucking time.

I mean sure – you can go within and figure out ALL your shit if you like. God knows I love a good naval-gazing session as much as the next badass spiritual chick!

But while you’re up in there –
Digging around –
Looking for all the reasons why you’re not THERE yet or maybe (sob!) don’t have what it takes because of an old pattern –


I mean look. Your inner shit? That shit is REAL. Your beliefs absolutely WILL halt you, if you allow them to.

IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO being the key part of that phrase there.

What you have to realise – what we EACH have to realise – is that you can be as FUCKED UP AS YOU LIKE, you can have YEARS worth of bad programming or trauma to need to release, you can go so damn deep within that you don’t even know which way is UP anymore, AND –

And you can also be the person who does the work.

Eye on the prize.
Step forward.

The MAGICAL thing is, the SECRET is, the MYSTICAL ANSWER TO SUCCESS IN ALL AREAS is, that somehow – if you just keep taking ACTION, and even if you’ve NOT yet figured out all your shit – the simple process of doing the work?

Can create epic.fucking.results while you weren’t even LOOKING!

Oh what’s that now? I can succeed without first HEALING, or DEALING, or being READY?

Why yes.
I’m glad you asked.
Yes you can!

And also –
By the way –
Yes you MUST.

There is assumption, which so many of us make, when we’re not yet THERE, which is that those who are have their shit figured OUT. Clearly they are elevated humans of the highest order who KNOW that they’re good enough, worthy enough, have what it takes, were lucky enough to one day wake up ready, motivated, and able!


Do you want to know what I know about successful people? Do you want to know the truth about ME and the success I’ve so far created?

Successful people aren’t any more fucking ready than anybody else!
They definitely do NOT know how they’re going to achieve their crazy ass dreams and goals.
They certainly do NOT wake up every day motivated, willing, able!


The fast track to success is SIMPLE, really.

You wanna be a rich person, start thinking and ACTING like a rich person.
You wanna be a hot person, start thinking and ACTING like a hot person.
You wanna be an on purpose person, start thinking and ACTING like one!
You wanna be the 2.0 ‘next level’ got yo’ shit TOGETHER version of YOU?


There’s a million excuses –
If you look for them –

To not do the work, to never press play, to never actually GET to where you want to go.

The only thing that matters?

Is do you have a reason to do it anyway, now?

Success is as easy as 1, 2, 3 you know.

1: Decide what you want
2: Step towards it

What would it look like, right now –

If you’d started that a year ago?

Wait, don’t answer that, it doesn’t matter, but how about this:

What would it look like a year from now –

If you started today?


Life is Now. Press Play.



Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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