Success/Success Mindset


The most powerful thing I’ve ever been told, given as a GIFT really is a better way to say it than ‘been told’, is that I’m going to go all the way big no matter what.

My Kinesiologist, Kerry, received this vision of my future in a session of ours a year or so back, maybe two.

The vision was essentially me being at the top of a mountain and it was irrelevant how I’d reached the top. The point was – I’m going to get there SO LONG AS I FOCUS ON BEING THERE AT THE TOP.

I fully believe that when you’re born to win, born to succeed and lead, born to share a POWERFUL message with the world that you know it.

You’ve always known it. Your very heart BEATS with this truth, and has for as long as you can recall.

Sure, you may well have RUN AND HID from this truth; maybe even for years, but that doesn’t change it’s realness.

You KNOW you were born for more.

You KNOW you’re going to rise up, start a revolution, change the world.

You’ve ALWAYS known it, and it’s as real within you as is the knowledge that the sky is blue, the sun will rise in the morning, and a woman without coffee or wine is a sorry woman indeed.

So I want to tell you what I so often have to remind myself:

It doesn’t matter how you’re going to get there.

Stop worrying about which path you need to choose, and whether you’ll make the right choice.

And for the love of God, forget about the results you’ve had so far and stop making it MEAN something.

So you didn’t reach your goals yet, you FAILED even, maybe you COMPLETELY FUCKING FELL ON YOUR ASS and perhaps it seems at times as though NOTHING you do works out the way you planned!

So the fuck what.

Shut up and get back to the truth within.

You KNOW you’re going all the way.

It’s your fucking DESTINY.

It’s just how it IS.

But let me tell you something that is CRITICAL to understand if you don’t want to SCREW UP YOUR OWN DESTINY:

You have to get your focus where your focus needs to be.

And where it needs to be is on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.

And on holding THAT vision firm in your mind’s eye.
Seeing it as real.
FEELING it as done.

When you take your inner gaze OFF that mountain peak and bring it down to all around you, where you’re worrying, frantically, about what your next move should be, what you should do, if you’re doing it RIGHT, what people think, why it didn’t work yet, and if you even know who you ARE –


Just think about it this way:


Or if you’re climbing up a little ways, then backing down like a nervous animal at first sight of something scary, potentially treacherous?

Of if you TRIED that whole ‘focus on where I want to go’ thing, made it halfway up, then you slipped back down again and your silly little schoolgirl mind assumed the answer must be to find a better path, so back you went to learn once again how to climb.

Stop worrying about how to climb.
Stop trying to predict the road ahead.
Stop getting SO freaking caught up in the details, of what you need to bring with you, of what you need to first know or learn, of how you need to dress and prepare and even breathe!

If you want to go somewhere, set your sights there.
Make up your mind you’ll get there.
And step forth in faith.

I know it sounds ridiculous but the LESS TIME YOU SPEND worrying about what you’re even stepping forth ONTO or INTO, the better.

The CAUTIOUS part of you will wonder how that can be okay, shouldn’t you need to carefully pay attention to what’s going on all around you, decide whether it’s safe to keep going or whether the path you’ve chosen is the best one?

But you tell me –

How’s that approach working out for you so far?

Here’s what you need to understand:

Whether or not you reach your ultimate dreams and desires – the peak of the mountain! – has nothing to do with whether you chose the right path.


It was made for you and you for it.

You were BORN to scale those heights.

It is your DESTINY.

So you actually do NOT have to worry about setting a foot wrong and falling to the bottom, or about it being too hard and you not being able to cope, or about ANYTHING.

Do you hear me? I mean do you REALLY hear me? IT IS YOUR MOUNTAIN TO SCALE.

It’s WAITING for you.

NOBODY else can do it for you (which also means nobody else can tell you how!).

It is your DESTINY.

And you know that.
Deep within your heart, you KNOW that.

So if you know it –

And you believe it –

And you’re willing to finally ACCEPT and act on that belief –

Then don’t you see?

You have to have faith.
You have to CHOOSE faith.
You have to trust that when you keep your gaze focused firmly on the highest of heights you WILL make the right choices.
Your footing will be PERFECT.
You may well stumble and fall at times, even hurt yourself, but it WON’T MATTER because you and the peak of that mountain, you’re connected, you’re magnetically BOUND together, and so long as you look towards it and not away IT WILL DRAW YOU IN.

What would your life look like right now, do you think, if you’d simply allowed yourself to be drawn to where you were born to go?

And what could it look like, do you think, if from this day forward you simple focused on what you want –

And stepped forward towards it?

I want you to know:

You don’t have to worry about the how.

You were born for the top.

Focus on the top.

And let yourself just go there.

No how.
No why.
No ‘this or that’.

Just you.
Your faith.
And the highest of heights, which have always been there waiting for you.

It’s your time.

Stop being such baby.


And go climb that fucking mountain like you actually KNOW you’re gonna make it.