Success/Success Mindset

In the end it is as simple and as OBVIOUS as this

And of course in the end it was as simple and as obvious as this:

You realised that it was already true for you to be that person,

and so then you went and did.

Maybe it was because things finally got to a point where it was no longer possible for you to even PRETEND that taking yet another big gulp of your own bullshit was palatable,

and you truly just couldn’t STOMACH it anymore,

or maybe it was as simple and final as this:

You looked to the future, and you realised:

that’s not going to be the story.

The story is not going to be that I hand over fist pushed my way to a million dollar business, and then the reason I went ALL the way beyond that was because I kept.fucking.PUSHING myself to do shit I didn’t really wanna do,

in a way that didn’t lighten and FREE me,

all the while continually fake smiling and hiding the fact that I wanted to rip the entire fucking worlds HEAD off,


but I just bent over and kept TAKING it, while I danced my way even MORE into being ever FURTHER off of the beat of my own LIFE!

That was NEVER going to be the story.

Getting smarter | harder | more efficient | more on top of FAILING TO JUST BE YOU,

is not a thing babe. Or, it shouldn’t be.

So – quit acting as though it’s a thing! Worse still, quit acting as though it is THE thing which is gonna get you to those places you KNOW you should be.

Wanna know what is?

It’s the thing you already know. You realised it was already true for you to be that person, and so THEN YOU JUST DID.

And you realised that in that place, the stuff, the things, the projects, the tasks, the mountains to be MOVED, well, honestly?

That shit should (and would) just come to you. Because THAT babe?

It is of course for her to be supported like that.

It is of course for her to receive like that.

It is of course for her to be paid like that.

It is of course for her to be seen like that.

And most of all, it is of COURSE for her to do whatever the fuck she pleases like that,

and have the entire world step up to meet her there.


the reason your soul is clawing you alive from the inside out is as plain as plain can be:

you’re keeping it contained in a place it long outgrew and left.

Maybe time you went there too?