Success/Success Mindset


On the days when you feel heavy and weary, there are shadows under your eyes, your limbs hang heavy, the air feels soupy, as though it wants to suck something, out of you, and is, and it all just seems ..

Too much –

The answer of course is to turn away –

From all of it –

And to go within.

Don’t be swayed, or seduced, by the idea, on a day like this, that if you just follow your usual routine, just plant yourself down and ‘make it happen!’, that anything will shift.

There is a time to push through.

A time to create shift FROM momentum.

A time to press play 

And a time to pause.

In the pause –

In the stillness –

In the deep introspection –

Where you are, perhaps for the first time in a long while, HONEST with yourself –

Is where you’ll find your breakthrough, and with it, once more, your light.

Honest with yourself?


Honest about what you really want
What your heart longs for
What you NEED
What you are deficient in, feel lacking in, have been telling yourself you’re fine with waiting for, or even fine to do without, what you actually –

Just really really fucking want.

What is it dear one, coming to mind for you right now?

I hear your mind answering me already, your heart whispering, your soul opening up –

“I want love, I’m deficient in love, I want to feel and receive LOVE”

“I want recognition, I want to be SEEN, acknowledged, and noticed”

“I want to be heard! Why won’t they hear me!”

“I want fun. Laughter. Play. And to feel light!”

“I want ENERGY, and to be able to BREATHE again”

“I want freedom. I want to finally feel FREE of these chains, and that I can just be fully me!”


I know.

I know of all of it, and so much more besides.

And I want you to know, I want you to hear, I want you to FEEL, from my soul to yours –

It is safe to want what you want.

Say it with me, if you like!

“It is safe to want what I want”

“I am safe to want what I want!”

“I am safe to want and also ask for and also receive LOVE”

“I am safe to be seen, recognised, KNOWN!”

“I am safe to be heard”

“I am safe to allow myself to have fun, to laugh, and play, and be LIGHT!”

“I am safe to be free.”

“I am safe to be ME, all of me!”


You are.

I am.

WE are.

But is it enough? Is it enough, to WANT, and to claim it as safe, well, perhaps, and I suppose you could wait and see!

Here is what else I know, though, about receiving things.

You must REQUIRE it –

You must RELEASE it –

This is how you RECEIVE it!

To require –

You own that you want it. You state that you want it. You affirm that it is SAFE.

Yes, we did this.

But then –

You must ask.

And you must take whatever action your soul either desires OR requires you to, yes even when it’s uncomfortable, or scary. Perhaps especially then!


Ask whom?

Whomever it is you know you must ask 

Your own higher self.
The Universe.
Or perhaps, another soul.
Hmmm? Hmmm!

You know what you have to do … no need to pretend otherwise!

How about release? It’s confusing, isn’t it?

How do you simultaneously desire and require and LONG for a thing, whilst also releasing it?!

Well –

You just do.

No, you don’t have to ‘work on it’

There are no blocks.

It’s a choice.

And, it’s a practice.

ALL of this is a practice, every day, to state what you WANT and CHOOSE and CLAIM, and you ASK for it, and you take whatever action it is you know you must take, and after but also whilst DOING so, you simply –

Let it go.

Reminding yourself –

If you let it go and returns to you, perhaps it is yours, for that moment


A watched pot never boils


When you’re holding on so tightly, making something a desperate NEED, you are in CONTRACTION, fists curled in, body tight, this is NOT expansion, this is the direct opposite to a receiving energy, with palms stretched open, chest broad, breathing full, sternum to the sky, in SURRENDER and ALLOWANCE.


You choose it.


“Even though I want this so bad, and I KNOW I must have it, I long for it, my soul tells me it’s mine, and yes I will do WHAT it takes, no MATTER what it takes, UNTIL it takes –


And I can’t WAIT – !

At the same time –



I know.


You can do it though 



This is how you require
And then you release
And then?

You receive!

You really do.
TRULY, every time! Because even on the occasions when the thing you THOUGHT was the thing ends up not BEING the thing – it’s actually perfect, and you just didn’t in fact know every bit of your aligned future before it happened!


How easy, life can be, yes, when you allow it to?!


But! A word of warning, for my fellow impatient friends, who WANT IT ALL, WANT IT NOW, AND WHHYYYYYYYYYYY IS IT NOT WORKING YET?!

We must practice patience.

We must practice staying the course.

We must practice, our surrender, and our release, this perhaps most of all.

I know.


It is what it is!

And that’s all it is!

What’you gonna do about it, NOT be patient, NOT stay the course, NOT surrender, be Veruca Salt shouting BUT I WANT IT SO GIVE IT TO ME?

Or just give up, when at first you don’t succeed?!


I suppose that’s ONE way.

The way most people like to play life, most surely.


What else do you want me to say to you?

Do you imagine, that if you pay me tens of thousands of dollars, I could tell you a missing secret link, give you the magic bullet, tell you something SUPER next level and fancy you never heard of yet, that will just UNLOCK THE WHOLE FUCKING THING?

No can do buster.

THAT is not a thing.

I’m here to help you remember
Who you already are
And what you already know
Have always known

Perhaps on a day like today –

Feeling heavy, and weary, NEEDING something, missing something, being DEFICIENT, in love, or energy, or light, or whatever it may be, and not OWNING it.

Masking it.
Clouding it.
Shrouding it.

When the answer, always, and only, is, of course, you KNOW, to turn within.

Jesus said –

“Ask and it shall be opened unto you, knock and it shall be given”

Take Jesus out of it if you insist, but either way the PRINCIPLE OF LIFE AND RECEIVING does not say “lemme fucking guess what you want without you ever asking, stating, knocking, claiming”

And let’s not forget about faith, while we’re at it!

A CHOICE, as with all of this, and certainly paramount to the receiving and surrendering bit, in particular.

So, what now?

What should you do next?

What must you ask for, from whom, how must you claim it, choose it, allow it, REQUIRE it, release it, so that you might receive it?

And, of course, Where to from here?

Well –

I suppose that very much depends on where you want to go.