Success Mindset


Do you need to make hundreds of millions of dollars, or even a million dollars a month, or even a million dollars a year?

Is THAT the actual outcome you want and needs, and which your soul was brought to this earth to express; to bring to physical manifestation? Is that what you really gotta have?!

I don’t think so.

Let’s talk about focusing on the ACTUAL outcome you want, the thing which is actually the damn thing, but first, this –

You’ll get the damn thing you realise it’s easy to have the damn thing or make the damn thing or be the damn thing, it’s just as easy and available as any OTHER thing which you’ve already achieved and is now pretty normal to you (but perhaps not to others, so think about THAT), AND –

When you realise it’s just a choice, AND –

When you finally stop obsessing on it so darn hard, telling yourself a story that without this thing or this milestone you are WORTHLESS and EMPTY and HOLLOW and UNFULFILLED and everybody thinks your HAIR looks bad, too!

And when instead you turn your mind your heart your eyes your vision your soul to what you ACTUALLY want.

So, let’s say it’s money you can’t seem to get a grasp on, it slips through your fingers like sand through the hourglass, it’s always around but never THERE, and you can sure as heck not hold on to it.

The next level is so far away you feel like you might as well be the smallest lil baby kitten looking up at the smooth and unscalable wall of the highest cliff.

And so you fight, and you try, and you push, and you WERK, but sometimes you really do wonder if you’re just running at furious speed in the EXACT FUCKING PLACE.

Which is more than likely TRUE, because until you admit what you actually crave, and take the damn money shit down off the pedestal you’ve put it on, make it ‘normal’, make it ‘whatever’, make it simply the damn choice it IS –

You WILL continue to push it away, and keep it (or whatever the thing is you currently can’t seem to get) at arms length.

So, what to do what to do what to DO?

Well, let’s start with this –

If you put money aside, if you play a game of imagine with me right now in which you already have INFINITE money available to you, it’s just like air, you can breathe in as much as you like at any time, and it NEVER RUNS OUT –

(side note, this is TRUE, and it’s also what will show up for YOU when you finally click in on this stuff)

– if you imagine THAT, and put yourself internally right now into a mindset of having ZERO ‘need’ or ‘want’ for money ’cause how can you possibly need to concern yourself WITH need or want if it’s infinite and everywhere, well –

Who would you be and what would you care about and what would MATTER?

For me, it’s simple –

I don’t give a flying fuck about money, and never have.

When I made my business or life choices about money, and trying to ‘get’ more, not only was I by definition putting myself into a mindset of not HAVING it, thus perpetuating the cycle – ’cause getting MEANS not having – but I was also focusing on SHIT THAT I DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT.

Which is, if you think about it, or even if you don’t, a rather fabulous way to ensure you run in place at the exact same spot eternally, or at least until you realise –

What ACTUALLY lights you up.

For me, nope, I don’t care about money and whenever I’ve focused on it it runs from me.

Instead, when money shows up for me in ENDLESS STREAMS OF THE ENDLESS ABUNDANCE FLOW IT IS, i.e. when I broke through to 100k months … 9 or so months later to 200k months … however long after that to 300k months, and eventually 400k+ months, in EVERY instance it was because it finally clicked in to my apparently slow-at-times-mind –


It doesn’t MATTER!

And it’s also not HARD –

It’s just a damn CHOICE, choose it or don’t but either way you do YOU baby boo, and focus on what you are really freakin’ about!

In the tagline of my newest online 4-week course, Automated Income Cash Machine, I talk about setting up multiple streams of low-high end recurring income so you can have the $$$ roll in while you just do YOU, but the truth is equally that you gotta START just doing you to HAVE the $$$ roll in.

Let the systems follow soul, not the other way around.

^^ this is true in everything, for example you won’t GET a relationship by trying to GET it, you’ll have it show up when you realise it’s easy, available, just a choice, not something you NEED and that the outcome ‘relationship’ isn’t even the exact thing you WANT, and when you instead acknowledge your real needs and wants, as far as energy, emotion, experience, BEING-ness! And then CHOOSE the relationship on top of that.

For me, in a context of business, what I really care about, and what, if I don’t MAKE it about, definitely results in money slowing down ’cause I’ve got my VALUES off, is joy.



Being lit up.

Having fun and being a bit naughty and cheeky. SHENANIGANS BABY. The PATHWAY (for me) is SHENANIGANS, really.

In my overall life, the truth is that one of my highest needs is to be a bit cheeky and naughty, have newness and spontaneity, and (I know; this will shock some of you) know that I am going against the RULES.

Because of this, without fail, every time I try and repeat shit that has previously worked, essentially following even my OWN rules, well –

It doesn’t freakin’ work!

Because the truth is I don’t CARE about making more money by just repeat repeat repeating what has made me money before.

^^^ I can be a slow learner in this area, ’cause I tell ya – every single time I have got to a significant ‘next level’ money milestone, it’s first been preceded by a period of me trying to get there by trying to repeat what got me to the previous one, systems or structure wise!

When ACTUALLY what ‘got me there’ and will indeed get me ANY where, is the NEWNESS and RANDOMNESS and CHEEKINESS and PLAY bit.

The ‘making shit up as I go’ bit.

Madness and mayhem, unleashed.




Whaddya need to take away from this, I don’t know! You tell ME! But I’d say it’s something as simple and as soul-shakin’ as this:


And remember that all the ‘stuff’ really is just available, and a choice, and it won’t show up till you DO remember that, all the while doing what ACTUALLY matters to you.


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Programmed to Upgrade is happening gorgeous, and WHOOOOO MAMA is this the work that works.

25 days, you and me, 1:1, to quantum leap like you’ve NEVER leapt before.

This will be intense …

And a lil bit scary. But buckle up, because you KNOW you’re ready for it.

SO fucking ready 😉

Programmed to UPGRADE!

25 Days, 1:1, with Katrina Ruth, to SCREW the Rules, SCREW the Norm, Go So Damn Extra, So Freaking Hot, So Fully SEEN, and Snap Your Future Into the Now So Damn Fast It’d Make Your Head Spin … even as you nod in certainty that of COURSE, this is what was ALWAYS supposed to be ..

Places are already filling, and we begin next week. If you know it’s time to say yes to MAGIC, and creating your reality from the supernatural, and you’re SO ready to drop the paradigm of always having to DO (and yet still not be there!) then message me now.

I’ll get you the full overview, and talk personally with you about whether or not it’s for you.

To the supernatural baby, and beyond …



As of today, I’m opening up the doors to my Inner Circle, my private client mastermind.

This is THE most badass high level mastermind in the world for women who want it all – and are prepared to do what it takes to get it! Really what we’re talking about is being prepared to be the PERSON.

And that’s what I do. I help you remember ALL that you were, and then become it. ALL Of it.

This is my highest level private mentoring circle. The exact place where I have personally mentored dozens of this industry’s most elite female entrepreneurs to break income barriers ranging from 10k months to multiple 7 FIGURE months, and everything in between. But more importantly than that – to become who and what they always were.

But know that this is not only (obviously) not just for the masses, this is also not just for someone who can afford to invest in a high level private coach. Being willing to throw money down is something which has absolutely zero correlation to being somebody who has what it takes to TRULY go next level as a leader.

If anything, in this industry, investing in a high level coach such as myself, is a rite of passage which veers just a little too much on the side of ‘trend’. It’s become something which ‘everybody does’, almost as a way of proving they play business and life a certain way.

Maybe even of trying to prove it to themselves.

Here is the reality which those who I am truly here to personally mentor and lead KNOW, the reality which my clients and all women like me as well as of course me personally have ALWAYS known:


We are simply, smarter, faster, and have more presence. We can do more in our minds before breakfast than what most people can do in a freakin’ WEEK, a month, a year.

We are not basic ass coaches trying to heave ho our way up a few extra thou a month.

We are the ones who have ALWAYS known we are 1% within the 1% within the 1% in terms of how we think, create, operate, how and WHAT we are tapped in too.

This is not arrogance, this is fact.

And there has NEVER been any question but that we will go all the way.

My clients are high level badasses who do the work, who have a proven track record BEFORE coming to me, and a BEING-ness which unquestionably separates them from the rest. They don’t come to me to save them or lean down and hold my hand out so they can clamber up. They come because they are, quite simply, ready to go to the next level, already absolutely on their WAY there, and see in me something which they recognise because it is in them.

That ‘can’t stop won’t stop’ fire, and a level of ‘unapologeticness’ which, when truly understood and applied, can literally be the difference between 5-figure or low 6-figure and 7 or multi-7-figure entrepreneur.

So if you know who you are and it is THAT –

And you feel certain that you are ALREADY well on your way to to precisely where you’re meant to be, but that being in MY energy could help you to drop in and get there even faster, and that with a couple of simple tweaks your current revenue could be doubling, tripling, heck QUADRUPLING and beyond in months, as it has done with numerous of my clients previously, well then –

PM me here and we’ll see if it’s a fit. I’m excited to talk to you, and maybe – do biz and life with you.

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