Live Your Passion

Steal the Fucking Show

Imagine if you were a world-famous performer, with people lining up from near and far to happily spend money just to watch you work your magic.

You’d have celebrity status …

Be a total diva about what you ‘had to have’ in order to be able to perform at your best and really own the show …

You’d be fully supported by a team of incredible people who’d ensure your every whim was fulfilled and that everything was just so for the moment you hit the stage …

You’d have post-show downtime and fun time as a necessary given …

You’d have a crew on hand to ensure that your performance, your art, your creation was highlighted in the most effective possible way, through sound or lighting or perhaps additional snazzy effects …

You’d take your time getting ready before the show, bringing your body, your mind, your soul, your very essence to a point of calm, confident, excited READINESS …

And when the moment finally came –

The curtain was finally lifted –

The fanfare to announce your arrival finally died down –

You’d walk out –

(Or perhaps run and dance :))

And you’d very calmly –

Very excitedly –


Steal the fucking show.

Not because of all the hoopla –

But because when all is said and done, what people want, what they need, what your followers CRAVE, is you.

And the art you create.

The magic you make.

The IMPACT you have on them, the way you speak to their body, their mind, their soul, their hopes, their dreams, their fantasies, and the way you fill them with a sense of knowing that tonight, just by leaning in to you, by seeing you share what’s within you, they’ve experienced something wondrous.

Something that’s changed them –

Brought them to life –

And will forever be imprinted on their soul.

And the way you did this?

You showed up, and you did you.

You showed up, and you SHARED you.

You showed up, and you gave ALL of you, the very core of what you think and feel and believe and KNOW, and you held NOTHING back, because you knew your fans not only WANTED all of you they NEEDED all of you and it was your God-given DUTY to let it out for them.

Now imagine that you were that same performer –

A world-class artist loved and revered and NEEDED by those who follower her and are inspired by her –

And imagine if you had an infinite crowd of people just waiting to see, to hear, to be uplifted and impacted and taken to another place by what you have to unleash for them –

And imagine they were literally waiting for you right now, eagerly ready to pay for their tickets and soak up ALL of you –

And the curtain was finally ready to go up, the fanfare was finally dying down, it was time for YOU to appear, and everyone was waiting on the edge of their seats, so excited for the evening to begin, and you, well you –

You weren’t there.

Well, you were there, but the thing is you were busy.


Running around!

So much to do. So much to prepare!

The brochures for the evening hadn’t been done right, and you had to fix them. The running sheet was missing and you had to re-write it! The lighting was just, well, rubbish, and you just needed to really quickly get up there and sort it out before you could go out. And the cables, God, there were cables all over the place! You were going to have to go tape them down and then you were going to REALLY quickly just check in on the website for the show and see how ticket sales were going and maybe play around with some new ideas for headlines and sales copy because it could almost certainly be improved. And your social media, well it just wasn’t good enough. You were going to have to have a really good look at how to get better engagement, and probably figure out this whole advertising thing as well, because after all, after all, well after all – !

People needed to know about you, right?

They needed to be told about the show!

They needed to be told why they should buy tickets!

And oh my GOD had nobody even stocked the kiosk for intermission yet? Were you going to have to do that as well?!

But eventually, it’s okay, eventually you managed to stick your head out through the curtain. The audience looked puzzled and a little annnoyed, but they were happy to finally see you,

“Just a minute”, you said! “I”m nearly ready!”

And you rushed back off, like a whirlwind, nobody else can take care of all this stuff the way that YOU can after all!

You’ll still get to the show … people will still see you perform … they’ll still get to experience your magic … right?!

And if you’re a little flustered, a little stressed, if the show has to be a little shorter, well hey – you still turned up.

You still made art.

And if the art you make is more, well, let’s face it MEH because it’s not as though you really gave yourself the space or conditions to show up, and if it can’s EXACTLY be called magic because, well, magic doesn’t happen by showing up and performing for 10 minutes as an artist who has first done everything else that could possible every need doing by everyone, well nobody can really tell ..


And besides, ticket sales are down and you need to hustle. The show must go on!

Have you ever thought –

What it would be like –

If you saw yourself as the headliner of your own brand?

Have you ever thought –

How it would be –

If you WERE the brand, but not only that if you were –

The artist.

The celebrity.

The performer.

The diva.

The SHOW STOPPING JAW DROPPING fucking PERFORMER who people came to see, to hear, to be inspired and uplifted by?

The ARTIST who makes magic with her words, her heart, her soul …

The CREATOR whose only job is to create …

The PERFORMER whose work needs to be protected, cultivated, prepared for and who then GETS TO STOP once she’s done her job?

Have you ever thought –

How it would be –

If you were actually ALLOWING a brand, a show, a following to be built around you?

Have you ever thought –

How it could be –

If you valued your art –

And you valued yourself –

And the artist had to be PROTECTED –

And the magic had to be given space –

And all you had to do –

Was show up.

And just.



You weren’t really made for backstage, were you?

And isn’t it time you finally steal the fucking show?