The work of your soul, the work which wrenches and tears at you in its birthing each day, the work which will rip you asunder beginning with your heart if you don’t do it, the work which is the ONLY work you came here to do, the work which NOBODY can do better than you –

is also the work you must give your life for, but fully, and now.

Don’t you dare sit there and wonder –

“why are things not working yet?”

“why don’t I have the money yet?”

“why am I not being seen yet?”

“why don’t I feel more ALIVE yet?”

“why why why why why aren’t I THERE yet?”

– when the work you have been producing is not the work of your soul, not really, and if we’re to be brutally honest about it … which I certainly hope we are … not at all.

Don’t you dare lie to me, and try to convince me that what you’ve been ‘creating’, doing, and giving your life for is what you came here to do.

Don’t you dare try to convince ME of something which every part of YOU,

knows to be untrue.

There is work that NOBODY in the world can do better than you. If you had to dig deep, and identify what it is that would really create that point of difference for you, ensure you stand out as the leader, artist, and waymaker, you are, you would know what that work is.

“NOBODY can … (insert your thing)”.

Perhaps it’s the WAY you create, pour forth, lead, be.

Perhaps it’s the THING, and how nobody ever did or would do a THING like that.

Perhaps it’s something that has NEVER BEEN HEARD OF BEFORE,

or it’s simply an APPROACH which NOBODY ELSE WOULD DO.

But when you find it within you, you know:

“NOBODY can do this. Not like me. No sir.”

So then …


How about you quit watering down your art, your truth, your HEART, in your quest to ensure your business, your money, your life … works?

It’s never going to feel like it’s working,
when it’s not being worked from what is within.

You could make all the money in the world (won’t though! Not really. Not like that!)
You could build something TRULY great (won’t though! Not really. Not without going IN!)
You could make really quite excellent headway (might! But won’t feel anything much about it at all, because it’s not the thing you came here to do. In fact will feel sad, broken, empty, distraught, much of the time).

But none of it will EVER mean anything to you, no matter how wonderful it may be in most people’s eyes, admirable, impressive, so what?!

– if it’s not the work of your soul.

You came to do what you came to do what you came to do which is to be you.

And if you were honest,
REALLY and truly honest,
what would that look like –

if you were doing the thing that only you came here to do,

in the way that is truly just about you?

See it. Own it. CHOOSE it.

And then go be it.