What you attract and receive has nothing to do with what you desire, what work you do or do not do, who you are / your ‘status’, or even what you ACTUALLY deserve, and instead it has EVERYTHING to do with – only! – what you feel you deserve.

I don’t know if you realise this, but what you actually deserve?



All of it! Everything and anything you desire and choose is automatically DESERVED by you!

Wanna know how I know this?


That’s all you ever had to ‘do’ in order to deserve all the things gorgeous. You were born deserving, infinitely, ALL of what is available to you on this earth as well as off it.

What you HAVE on the other hand … what you ALLOW … what you RECEIVE … how you are treated, and what you let in (as well as who!) is, regardless of your level of ACTUAL worthiness, only ever going to be a direct response to what you feel you deserve.

To sum up:

Your worthiness: infinite!
What you get: precisely what you think you should, and not a BIT more or less.

If you think about this, like REALLY think about it, it’s so mind-expandingly incredible that you’d THINK you’d wanna drop every fucking thing you are doing or TELLING yourself you should be doing, let go FULLY of the obsessive fear that if you don’t DO enough, PROVE yourself, join the dots or get ahead you’re NEVER GONNA GET THERE, and instead get realllllllyyy fucking obsessed with elevating your expectations of life, and of your own self.

Not just your higher ass self, either! I KNOW you’ve got big dreams for that babe! But quit using her as an EXCUSE TO NOT CLAIM WHAT YOU COULD NOW.

If your HIGHER self deserves something and is ‘surely gonna get it’, then why not you?

And why not now?

Well, I’ll tell you why; the ONLY reason!

Because YOU DIDN’T FUCKING DECIDE, that’s why.

That’s all.

And it’s all it’ll EVER be.

So if you want more … if you wanna play with more fun, more adventure, more pizzazz, more HAPPINESS, plus ALLL the things, now, then it’s simple:

Start to expect it.
Start to require it.
Start by DECIDING you freaking deserve it and that that’s just how it gets to BE now.

Period, The End!

You can try all you like to argue that the killer results you DO have in any given area are an outcome of who you did, who you became, or good fortune which came your way, but let’s get serious:

What came before that, or perhaps alongside it?

Somewhere along the way your non-negotiables shifted.

Your standard fucking elevated.

And you DECIDED that this is who you ARE now, and how it is.



Responded accordingly.

As it always must.

In contrast, take a look at the areas of your life where you continue to hold success, happines, joy, flow, love, what you LONG for, at arms length, and just ask yourself:

Why don’t I feel I deserve to have this now?

Why am I CHOOSING to tell myself a story that this is how it has to be for now, for me … that I have to settle … sacrifice … feel sad … compromise … WAIT?

You can justify explain and excuse all you like, but at the end of the day if you believed you deserved to have it fucking all right now in this area, you would have.

That’s just how it IS.

I can tell you that in the areas where my standard is EXCELLENCE, and nothing less, or being the BEST, and nothing less, then that’s precisely what I have.


You could analyse what I do or don’t do in order to ‘get’ this …

It’s got nothing to do with it.

I have it because it’s how it HAS TO FUCKING BE, and I simply don’t allow for an alternate reality, and so I don’t GET one served up to me.

In the areas where I hold what I desire at bay, and settle for what I KNOW is less then, the REALITY is I feel scared that maybe I’m not good enough to have such and such like that … live like that … BE that kind of girl.

The thing which is COOL, and relevant to why I write this, for both you and I, is that I’ve already experienced many cases in my life of shifting from feeling UNDESERVING and ‘not enough’ in a given area to becoming a badass who has it ALL.

For example, with money.

And also with fitness, a VERY long time ago.

And with many aspects of business, including that (duh!) of COURSE I only mentor THE most badass clients who do the WORK, get epic RESULTS, and are fun and also funny as fuck to work with and hang with.

Each of these areas, and many more besides, were areas where, once upon a time, I told myself stories.

I settled.

I made excuses.

I said it was too HARD, or I didn’t know HOW, or I obviously wasn’t ready or GOOD enough yet.

In EACH of these areas, at some point I REACHED a point where I decided that my excuses, whilst perhaps logically valid, DID NOT FUCKING MATTER ANYMORE.

And I decided, in a moment, thatv ‘that’s it!’ –

I’m going to be like that / look like that / have such and such like that / do it like that, ETCETERA.

The VAST majority of the time, my actions didn’t change at all, or only minimally.

But my energy elevated into the heavens and beyond.

CERTAINTY was present.

TRYING was gone.

FORCE took a wayyyyyy back seat.

And I truly didn’t GIVE a fuck how.

I decided I was worth it.

I KNEW (always knew!) it was available.

And I decided it was motherfucking time.

So, today as you go about your go go go life of hustle and try try TRYING to get to where you wanna be, just stop and ask yourself one question?

Are you ready to just deserve it now?

That’s all!