Wake the fuck up. BE WITH WHAT IS.

What is it you should be selling right now, to get the result you want, finally be who you want?


Wake the fuck upThe only reason you are questioning what to sell,

or do,

is that you’re not connected.

Stop freaking overthinking.

And get to work making money moves, ANY moves, on the things that are not in place yet AS THOUGH THEY ALREADY ARE.

Stop trying to be somewhere you are NOT.


Back what you are doing NOW.

You wanna add more? Create more? Tear up some new projects? You think you should have a side hustle on side of your side hustle, maybe make it a big hustle? Do it! But INTEGRATE that shit, make it part of you, your day, your habits.

What you do NOT do is – thinking your problem is you need to do or create or make or sell something else because what you’ve got going on right now isn’t doing it for you. So you decided you should go back to the drawing board, go all in on some new thing, get PROPER clear this time.

Shut up.

Stop that shit right now.

“But but but, why CAN’T I do — insert x-thousandth new thing you’re now wondering if may be THE thing —?”

You CAN! You can do ANYTHING. But what you BETTER do first is –

be present with what is.

Your issue is –

repeatedly failing to be present with what is. Half assing your

show NOW. While you sway back and forth in your unsettled inner bullshit, wondering wondering wondering what you’re missing.

You wanna know what you’re missing?

This. This right here.

This thing called your LIFE.

Because you’re so damn desperate to make sure you get the next moment right,

that you refuse to be in this one.

The solution is as it’s always been:

Wake the fuck up. BE WITH WHAT IS.