Success/Success Mindset


If there’s one thing that makes me gnash my already well-ground teeth in despair, it’s hearing a fellow A-TYPE SUPERWOMAN profess with pride that she’s learned to slow down, be more organised, do one thing at a time and not be so HARD on herself.

She’s finally going to enjoy her life! Breathe a little! Sleep in more! Take CARE of herself!

Or at least that’s what she thinks, and what she shares with the assured knowledge the entire world will pat her on the back for Finally Seeing the Light and Becoming at One With the Common Man, but here is what I know for DAMN sure:

If you were born to be a SUPERWOMAN, to lead and rule, to make and impact millions and change the world with a message of truth and POWER

If you can’t seem to stop things getting CRAZY fucking chaotic and messy no matter how many productivity or organisational systems or people you employ …

If every time you clear space in your house, your day, your schedule, your mind you somehow OVERfill it back up again without even really knowing HOW OR WHEN that happened …

If you HATE small talk –

Phone calls without a short and fast purpose or REAL fucking need –

People who walk / talk / think slow –

Networking –

Okay, let’s just be honest, PEOPLE in general most of the time –

And you really just want to be left alone in your own little bubble to do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO DO and may the Gods help whomever is foolish enough to ask what that would BE or to even LOOK at you when you’re in said bubble, then I’m just gonna save you a whole bunch of FUTURE DESPAIR and let you know –


It’s time to face it, you were BORN for the chaos, you THRIVE on the chaos, you’d die of fucking boredom if you did one thing at a time for more than the blink of an idea, your MISSION IN LIFE is to accept the superwoman cape which you were born for and do ALL THE THINGS AS AND WHEN YOU THINK OF THEM, if not sooner.

In short?

YOU don’t need to slow down and breathe, you need to wake up and live!

And I PROMISE you –

I guaranfuckingTEE it –

If you SWAY from who you actually are, and give in to the worlds insistence that you join it in its slow-motion misery then you are going to LIVE a life of misery, off purpose, out of alignment, NOT reaching your money goals and probably ending up fat and lazy as well!

The thing you have to realise, if you’re one of US – the crazy ones! The creators! Those who move so fast that others don’t even know we were THERE, who evolve so rapidly that just when they think they’ve figured us out and can copy us we’re already 100 steps ahead, those of us who will SPIN THE WORLD ON ITS HEELS AND DANCE ON TOP OF IT, and all before breakfast AND while looking hot as fuck –

Is that, well, we’re just above average.

As I said to one of my #‎hustleteam yesterday, in reference to social media images to choose from – DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOW ME AS HOT AS FUCK. RICH as fuck. And BADASS as fuck.

I mean after all – it would be LYING not to!

Does that mean I think I’m better than other people, or that if you’re ONE OF US then you are too?

You bet your fine ass I do!

I think I’m BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU at being me, and if I’m gonna be ALL the way me then I’m just gonna own who I am at my core and also what I’m CAPABLE of, and I damn well KNOW that even when I think I’m going all the way in I’m BARELY EVEN BREATHING.

But also, just to be clear:

FUCK YES TO BEING BETTER THAN AVERAGE and fuck yes to OWNING that as well as STATING it, if need be!

I mean really – being better than average is actually not such a lofty goal to aim for, is it?!

I’d be EMBARRASSED for you, to be perfectly frank, if you were aiming so low!

And I certainly wouldn’t hang around you, let’s be honest 🙂

Look, I’m going to say some stuff that is (GASPPPPPP) absolutely NOT COOL TO SAY in the world of Kumbaya, let’s all hold hands and say we’re all equal and that competition is a bad thing.

In the world of the Stepfordprenenur, the Stepford PERSON, it’s all about blending in, being just the right amount of pretty and perfect but not too much and sure as FUCK not trying to best someone else.

Well, guess what? If YOU don’t do EVERYTHING within your power to be the best, to reach the highest heights no matter what somebody else’s commitment to average is then ain’t nobody else gonna do it for you, but also, seriously –

You’re never going to reach your goals! You’re never going to live your LIFE on purpose. You’re never REALLY going to press play and you’re sure as all get out never going to get to rich.

So FUCK being average, fuck being better than average, fuck blending in or worrying about whether your OWN badassery triggers the fuck out of somebody else or makes them (cry) FEEL bad because it highlights their own weaknesses and lack of follow through.


And just quietly – or not! – I know you did too.

You want to know the truth? The truth about why this whole ‘slow down’ movement is such BULLSHIT NONSENSE DESIGNED TO KILL YOUR DREAMS and have you live a life of sabotage and sadness?

The truth, which IS fucking sad, is that most people wouldn’t know they’re alive if God himself came down and asked them to dance.

People are lazy.



Continually ‘one day’ their dreams and fantasies.


PEOPLE are not a good starting point for any sort of comparison on which to base your OWN actions, potential, or results.

Hence, the need to admit to being a superhero if you’re to ever stand a fighting chance of doing what you came here to do!

PEOPLE, quite frankly, need to get their shit together and actually part of OUR responsibility is to empower them to do so, the ones who do have it within them and actually want it badly enough.

How we’re going to empower them is also incidentally how we will get RICH, and let me tell you straight up:

Neither of these outcomes can occur if YOU try to be anything less than you.

How the heck do you plan to empower people if you’re not going to go all in at being you? And how do you plan to get RICH by being anything less than the SUPERWOMAN you fucking are?

So if you’re serious about success, about money, about impact, then it’s time to get really fucking real and to step more INTO you.


Give IN to the chaos.

Give IN to the fact that you like the pressure, you WANT the pressure, you fucking THRIVE on the pressure and in fact if you’re really honest? You even like the pain.

You want to be pushed to the max.

Tested WAY beyond your limits.

FORCED to withstand what you thought you couldn’t possibly.

PROVEN beyond what the mere mortal is capable of.


DON’T you?

Just admit it … you might as well …!

Give in to the fact that no, you won’t ever fit in.

You won’t ever belong.

You won’t ever be one of the oh so pretty –

Oh so polished –

Oh so perfectly BORING

Normal ones.

But you have a home here.







Come to lead and rule.

This is where you wake the fuck up, and realise: