Why Do You Keep Cheating Yourself? How to Turn Your Fears and ‘One Day Dreams’ Into Your BIGGEST Fortune, Now.

I had a conversation a couple of days ago with a client who has the most incredible and deep burning desire to work with natural born leaders.

She sees within them the potential that they don’t yet see, won’t yet see. She sees the leader they are to BECOME rather than the fear and uncertainty-shrouded person who they currently ARE, the one who is playing small and telling herself “not yet”, and “you can’t”, and “how”.

She sees all of this and she knows, yes she KNOWS, that she can help them.

Draw them out of themselves.

Show them the way.

It is her CALLING.

It is her PURPOSE.

It is very much, you might say, her LIFE’S WORK to help others rise up and become the leader they were born to be.

She does this work better, and more effortlessly, than any other work she does and she is also better AT doing it than anybody else.

You can feel it, can’t you? The energy and the power behind this woman’s story and her ability to help people? I know you can feel it, because I feel it too – we NOTICE when somebody is deep within their truth. Even if we don’t know them personally, we FEEL it and we know it is real. And seeing, or hearing of, somebody else who is so authentically embracing the life they are meant to live, it changes something inside of us.

You sit up that little bit straighter.

Hope, that perhaps had faded away, been pushed away, is suddenly renewed.

And once again, you believe –

If she can do it, then maybe, just maybe, –

So too can I.

And your mind starts to fill once more with possibility, and ideas, and how you WON’T keep standing for the second-tier level of fulfilment that you’ve been putting off, and how maybe you WON’T go ahead with that program or event you KNOW is out of alignment, because yeah maybe it WILL make some money but let’s face it even MILLIONS is not enough to pay you off for not living the life you are meant to be living, being the YOU who you are meant to be being.

Is it?

Never mind the fact that you’re NOT making millions and, just quietly, you suspect that right now the way you’re doing biz and LIFE is in fact never going to get you to your millions.

And I can tell you right now, that if that’s how you feel, you’re right.

You cannot create wealth – in all or ANY sense of the word – from a place of the wrong service.

And you know that.

And that’s exactly why, when you hear of somebody embracing their CALLING, you get EXCITED, and better still, you get READY. That’s ENOUGH now, you think! It’s TIME! I’ve fucked around for LONG ENOUGH! And I am ready, so damn READY to start doing things MY way.

If she did it, then so too can I!

And you’re right.

But here’s the thing I haven’t yet told you –

That new client of mine, the one who is BORN to help leaders become the TRUE leader they are meant to be, start a revolution, no less?

She’s not leading leaders just now.

She’s teaching sales, and various other aspects of business growth, to people who want to make more money.

Now tell me –

Do you feel the energy in THAT?

I know I do, and it feels NOTHING like the earlier energy.

We can tell when something has no real life in it, can’t we? We are physical beings operating on an absolutely NOT entirely physical plane and WE CAN TELL.

And when you see it somebody else, you see or feel them holding themselves back, because they’re scared, uncertain, don’t know how or where to start or whatEVER, we feel sad. Disappointed. Compassionate, certainly, because we too have held ourselves back, many times, but also –

We feel frustrated.




THAT sounds REAL!

Why wouldn’t you do that?! Why would you do what everybody ELSE is freaking doing, which is really so. damn. BORING and blah and SAME and besides which I CAN TELL IT’S NOT REAL.

So if I’m in your CLIENT BASE, then no, I’m not going to buy! Because as a client I want REAL. I want COLD HARD TRUTH. I want to feel your PAIN and know your PLEASURE, and see in you something that I see deep within ME, and I want to know how to release it.

So your STRATEGY, your HOW TO, the stuff you are selling because that’s what people ‘want’ or even ‘need’ and besides which HOW can you sell or be or do the stuff you REALLY want to sell or be or do? Well, I ain’t buying it.

Come back to me when you’re ready to be you.

Of course you don’t think all of this when you come across such a person, or an online program, or membership, or book, do you? Your sub-conscious mind may, perhaps, in an instant, run through all of this, but all that happens on the surface level is, well, nothing.

You don’t even notice the program, or membership, or offering.

At best you flick over it out of mild curiosity at what somebody else is up to, or perhaps because you do know and like the person offering it.

At worst, your mind not only registers disinterest and mild annoyance at yet another same old bland and boring ‘will help me make more money’ (lose weight/have better sex/whatever) offering that you know you don’t need but you then also decide you’re done with having your inbox filled up with this stuff.

And you leave.

Not because the person sending their work out to you was a bad or a boring person, not at all. But because they were – are – an AMAZING person with INCREDIBLE gifts and talents, who has decided to KEEP THAT GOOD SHIT TO THEMSELVES and instead give you the Stepford version of themselves.

So you move on. You don’t think about it. And they don’t know about it.

But they are there, this incredibly talented person, with this amazing message to the world, and they’re frustrated.

“Why ISN’T my stuff working?”

“I’m doing the WORK, for God’s sakes!”

“I’m following the RULES!”

“What am I MISSING?!”

And if you could see them thinking all of this, and you already knew what their REAL gift was, wouldn’t you just want to SHAKE them?

“How can you be so freaking BLIND?!”, you’d wonder …

“What are you SCARED of?”

And the truth is this –

What’s the worst that can HAPPEN for this person right? They do the thing they are MOST meant to do, and they FIND OUT if it’s for real, they FIGURE out the ins and outs of HOW to do it, ’cause you sure don’t figure that shit out by sitting back and WAITING to figure it out, you figure it out by taking the leap and deciding you will MAKE it work.

And ultimately?

If it’s something that you have decided to make work?


The disclaimer is – it has to be real.


A question, just kind of an aside really, because I know we’re busy here talking about my new client and I know you agree with me that she needs to just TAKE that leap of faith, and I do have some good news to share there, so we’ll come back to her in a moment, but just for a second now –

What about you?

What is the truth within YOU that you have decided, at some point, whether consciously or no, is not something you’re ready for yet?

That you CAN’T yet?

That you don’t know HOW yet?

And what is the bland and boring CRAP you are peddling because you think that’s what people want and need right now?

Can I tell you something really damn obvious?

If you can feel it in others, they can feel it in you.

So tell me –

How can you be so freaking BLIND?!

What are you SCARED of?

And what’s the worst that can HAPPEN if you actually go out and TRY BEING YOU? If you do the thing you are MOST meant to do, and you FIND OUT if it’s for real, you FIGURE out the ins and outs of HOW to do it, ’cause you sure don’t figure that shit out by sitting back and WAITING to figure it out, so you decide NOW to figure it out by taking the leap and deciding you will MAKE it work.

It’s just a question.

You don’t have to answer to ME.

But you ALWAYS have to answer to yourself and ultimately your CLIENTS will answer for you if you don’t summon up the balls to do it yourself.

And right now?

That stuff that isn’t selling, that thing you can’t seem to bring yourself to launch because deep down you KNOW it’s not right, that constant FRUSTRATION you feel at the WORK you are putting in?

That’s your answer beautiful.

And it’s time to start doing the REAL work, of being you, all out.

My client knows this, and she’s decided it’s time to take that leap.

It was not an easy decision. It’s a bloody scary one, in fact. And she still doesn’t have all the answers.

But she has the answer that matters, and that is this –

Once you admit to yourself that you’re not doing what you’re really meant to be doing, and you entertain even for a MOMENT the idea that you COULD and that it could actually WORK?

You can’t go back.


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