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Here is how to actually slow this thing down. Get OFF the thing. Exit completely. And NEVER AGAIN FIND YOURSELF ON THE ROLLERCOASTER TO NOWHERE, ‘CAUSE YOU ARE LIVING THE WRONG LIFE.

a) Understand that for people like us it is rarely a wildly wrong life.

It is rarely blindingly obvious that you’re giving yourself to things which are not for you, not in your true design. It is far more likely that you have created a really really good ‘version of’ who and what you really came here to be and do. That you are doing excellent work in the world as a result of this. That it is also quite satisfying for you, and some of the time completely so.

b) Understand that this means it can be even harder to exit out.

Because … it’s not that bad. In fact it’s pretty epic. In fact look at all the GREAT REASONS TO STAY, and why I would want to! See, you just convinced yourself again that maybe you’re making up not being truly content. Except … you’re not.

c) Understand that the bits you truly do heart on fire love (so maybe this IS right for me, and I just need to suck up the other bits a bit more!) … are the bits the whole entire thing is meant to be made of.

Like when you fully let go and flow.
Have endless open space and time to create.
TAKE that time and then see,
what comes out.

Yeah. It’s all meant to be like that. But DEEPER EVEN THAN YOU’VE EVER KNOWN. Because you can’t actually get ‘there’ when you make it squish in and around running a business and a life which is just not … right. Not DEEPLY.

d) Understand that you’re not making it up that you should feel more spacious, free to dream.

These things are not for when you’ve ‘made it’ to that next level. They are the literal way you WILL get there.

Everything else is noise.

e) Understand that if you’re not brutal with walking away, you never will.

The only way, the ONLY way is to just stand up. Get up. And leave.

You don’t slow the thing down and ask them to make the ride more how you want it. YOU GET OFF THE RIDE THAT WAS NEVER FOR YOU AND YOU DON’T LOOK BACK.

Otherwise, you can take all the pit-stops you like … but if you’re just buckling yourself back in on that same ole seat afterwards … don’t complain that once again you’re just hurtling along on the path to the not-right-life.

The only way, the ONLY way is to stop committing to things. Stop promising things. Stop trying to do things. YOU FLAT OUT WOULDN’T BE DOING IF YOU WERE FULLY COMMITTED TO LIVING ACCORDING TO YOUR DESIGN.

And sure,
whilst there may well be more for you to understand about that true design,


And you do already know this –

SOMEWHERE in your spirit, you know this:

The stuff you wish it could be? The way you long to be free? The raw real flow you feel building inside of you always, and it just wants to come out?

This stuff is the gateway. THIS, when you give yourself over to it, is the stuff which is going to result in you waking up one day, looking around at what has simply OCCURRED ALL AROUND YOU while you had your head down in the world you came here to live in,

and realising OH –


The legacy.
The purpose work.
The books, or shows, or platforms.

None of it exists in the place where you just keep speeding along on a track you never wanted to be on.

So what if you built the damn track? GET OFF, WALK AWAY, AND DON’T LOOK BACK.

LET there be fallout.
Otherwise it will be your life.

And don’t forget – !

Life is Now. Press Play.



The Secret Garden doors are closing in just 2 days gorgeous. Wednesday, US time.

This is the place God GAVE me for the faith-led entrepreneur who is finally ready to do business money life and HER,
a different way.

Live classes weekly. A building body of work on ALL things both practically and inner. EXACTLY THE PLACE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE TO SEE EXACTLY THE LIFE YOU CAME HERE TO LIVE UNFOLD.

Business .. money … you … there is a different way.

Come see what I mean,
and what God had me make for you,

to be in. x


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