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This is shocking, I know.

But the time when I have most consistently seen growth of finances, of ideal oh my GOSH yes clients just popping in outta nowhere, of flow and fire ideas, creativity, ALL ‘ROUND GOOD THINGS, YOU GET THE IDEA –

are the times when I have been most consistent in sharing | posting | saying | unleashing a thing.

> Not the times when I have dillied and dallied because ‘maybe that’s too repetitive / lame / not clear enough’

> Not the times I have failed to show up up or take action because I didn’t feel like it, or was questioning whether I was in the flow and whether it was truly ‘aligned’

> Not the times I held back, was on / off again because maybe I was meant to be doing something else! Something bigger! MORE flow! Or in a different way!

Just the simple boring day in and day out ‘this is what I do and so Imma gonna do it’. Even if it DOES feel boring or ho-hum. Even if it only appears to net a mediocre outcome that day. Even if it feels like it’s doing nothing at all!

It’s a funny thing, because a big part of what I have taught for years is find and FOLLOW DAT FLOW. Refuse to pass Go without it! Do not lift a precious genius finger unless you are dropped in and whirling twirling with a supernatural thang! And no you do not HAVE to post like that | sell like that | do anything like that to see your entire biz expand and blow up! YOU get to decide! YOU are the mad scientist in the lab of art and wonder who comes out when she is freakin’ READY!

All of this I firmly feel to be true.


I am firmly certain it is true that you can simply consistently do the basics which actually build the foundation of what will easily be a multi 7-figure / multi-8 figure company which transforms the lives of many whilst simultaneously being a GROUNDING point for you –

my precious genius artist extraordinaire –

to flitter and flutter and take your sweet time waiting on the NEW thing God is pouring through you.

I’m talking about a foundation of discipline,
as a GATEWAY to flow.

I’m talking about the fact that you can absolutely be gradually and with supernatural awe and wonder dropping in to the vision

waiting to catch the wave it is time for –

whilst still being consistent with and accountable to the basics of the thing you have already said yes to.

The truth is that none of us came here for our legacy work to be our social media posts, our day to day selling, our day to day showing up. Yes this stuff can (and should be) incredibly powerful. I have no doubt around the fact that my blogs and emails completely change the game for people, switch flick them to finally SEE, my livestreams too.

But I don’t need to hem and haw and moan and groan over whether or not or how to pour out my daily message, nor my daily sales actions, nor my daily serving.

I just need to DO it. Remove emotion. Stop making it ABOUT anything. Just do it because I do know it is RIGHT for me to do.

The hemming and hawing, the wrenching and wrangling, that stuff can go on separately. The digging in to what next or new or crazy ‘can I really’ things I’m gonna walk over a line to; that’s a whole different part of my day, even a whole different part of my self.

What I’m saying is – don’t get so bound in an idea you have to find that perfect alignment and flow that you don’t just consistently do todays work today. Imagine you took that approach to your health and fitness; you’d be a mess.

Someone reading this is in a mess in their business and finances (possibly health too!) because you need to get over yourself and just start showing up for today, and know that that in NO way stops you seeing the OMG unleashing that it’ll be time for tomorrow.


I’ve created a thing.

It is a whole entire NEW thing, it is an absolutely GOD thing, it is a thing I’ve been waiting for for months! But knew that THIS was one of those things TO wait on, and ‘catch’ when God gave it to me. Which He did – yesterday!

OH YOU ARE SO READY FOR THIS! Are you ready? I KNOW you’re freaking ready!


Sort Your Money Stuff Out Once & For All & Allow The Flow That Should Be!

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING. ‘THE’ all new and fully God-led deep dive money course. I know!

We start FRIDAY! YEP, I’m going there because I know that the introductory modules which I share before Christmas (don’t worry, you don’t need to schedule ‘em in; I’ll be sending those ones out) could be JUST the activation and refresh you need right now.

And … this is 4-5 weeks so we have time to mosey on in to ALL the teachings. Downloads. Reality checks. And more.

I can tell you you are NOT even prepared for how cool the way I’ve structured (thank you Lord!) the pricing / joining options.

This is the do not miss to top off your 2023 AND kickstart ’24. And?

Just a beautiful ‘it just got ridiculous Merry Christmas’ from me!

It’s time to mic check gorgeous. The way you’ve been letting it be?

That’s not how it is MEANT to be.

Come find what I mean,
and get your place here.


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