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How to Write Emails That Make You at Least 10k a Pop

How to Write Emails That Make You at

I send out what might officially I’m sure be classified as a fuck-ton of emails.

Perhaps you’ve noticed?

Now one reason I do this, is I love to write. I write when I am CALLED to write, which is daily, and when I DO write there’s nothing I hate more than not sending that writing out RIGHT away into the world. I want you to see it, read it, be impacted and CHANGED by it and NOW.

I have tried really hard to stick to a writing schedule based around strategy and send things out at only given times but I’ve decided I just don’t WANNA do it that way, basically. And really, you just don’t HAVETA do anything in your biz that doesn’t feel awesome for you; so-called rules of how things must be done on the Internet are just guidelines that OTHER people decided upon. And who made them God?

You’re a person too, aren’t you? You can ALSO create rules! Or just have no rules and do what feels right and ALIGNED day to day.

For me, doing what feels right and ALIGNED is writing a lot, and sending that writing out to you asap.

But I’ll be honest; there’s another reason I do write and email so much, and that is this –

The more I write, the more money I make, the more people I help, and the greater legacy I create.

And honestly? I have a lot to say and a big legacy to leave AND I intend to make many many millions in doing so.

You too? Cool, then you’re going to like this –

I want to share with you the exact process I use to write high-converting emails that connect me instantly with my readers and sell a ton of my most transformative products and services.

In fact, this is the precise “system” that I’ve used to take my once-upon-a-fledgling little blog and turn it into a multiple-5-figure-on-its-way-to-6-figures a MONTH dream business that allows me to live my dream life.

If I’ve done it, then YOU absolutely can as well. There’s only one ‘catch’ or thing that we must agree on before I outline my process to you, and that is this –

For this to work, you need to be really damn good at being YOU in all that you say and do. Trying to model your sales messages on the exact tone, voice, way I do mine will absolutely flop and fail. So take the CONCEPT of what I do, if you like, and then think about how you can make it YOURS.

To be honest, you could actually just ignore the rest of this post and just get up each day and focus on speaking openly and honestly as you, with little to no filter as to what you say to people and as much TRANSPARENCY about your own journey, and that’d be a damn fine start.

But let’s break it down. When I write, I just write. I don’t think about what I need to include or say or do, I just let it all flow out of me. But, I’ve always written that way and I HAVEN’T always had the financial and other success I now enjoy in my business and life.

So the writing is not the ‘solution’. I’ve learned over time to hone my message and my voice, I’ve learned about being honest and real, and I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work.

Here’s what works:

1. Share your own shit

The #1 thing that has made me a ton of money from my writing is being ruthlessly honest about who I really am, and what I’ve gone through as well as continue to go through. The good, the bad, the downright shocking. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is to stay up on that pedestal where you THINK people expect you to be.

People don’t want to follow a guru, they want to follow a PERSON who GETS them because they have BEEN there. You ARE that person, so be honest about it.

Share as much as you can, and the hard lessons you learnt, the battles you fought, and how THAT got you to where you are now but you are STILL LEARNING.

And seriously? Share the proper R-rated version of the story, the actual pain and torment and joy not some watered down Hollywood version of how you struggled and now your life is amazing. Be RAW.

2. Tell people what they already know to be true about themselves

We pretty much all already know our own weaknesses, stumbling points, and sabotages. Your job is not to call people names and tell them what they are doing wrong, not to just smack sense into people but rather to shine a spotlight on what people already know about themselves and are avoiding or pretending they don’t know.

Like the fact that deep down you know when something is not in alignment, but yet you continue to do it out of fear or what if or self doubt … why do you do that?!

Like the fact that you have no more time left to live the wrong life …

Like the truth that life is NOW and if you’re not going to get off your butt and create the LIFE you WANT now, then honey? It probably won’t happen EVER.

This is the stuff we all know, all kid ourselves we will deal with ‘later’, and all NEED to be reminded about and pushed to DO something about. Most people won’t speak so bluntly to their clients, just want everyone to love them and are scared of raising a ruckus. Do the opposite of that and your dream clients will THANK you for it. Everyone else can go take a hike, they’re not your clients anyway.

3. Make them REALISE something transformative

Despite everything we know about what we should be doing and are NOT, there are some things we don’t know. Like, I find that many of my clients believe the road to wealth is hand over fist, that you have to take one step before the next, and then the next, that there has to be a LINEAR process.

The truth is that trying to find success via a one foot in front of the other type approach is the long and brutally tough road, like running a marathon. You’ll get there in the end, but at what expense.

Transformation and achieving your BIG life goals happens in a moment. One little moment and it all comes together, and that moment is you DECIDING, no COMMITTING to making your dream come true – your REALLY big dream – and not waiting any longer for it. That’s a breakthrough realisation – that you don’t have to become locally known first, you can just go straight to worldwide fame or you don’t have to make 5 then 10k per month first, you can just go straight to 100k.

What breakthroughs can you give your clients?

4. Leave them wanting more

After a breakthrough, people must want to know more. How do I get to that instant 100k? How do I have my name just EXPLODE out everywhere? Tell me!

Well, obviously there is only so much I can cover within one blog post or email. I CAN teach you this. That’s exactly what I will teach you, in fact, when we work together, for example in my ‪#‎www.katloterzo.com/thetribe‬.

Think about how YOU give your clients a chance to go deeper with you, to SHOW them that they need to work with you rather than to be that (ugh!) person just saying “Hey! Buy my thing because look how awesome it is!”


Emotion sells. Plain and simple. The greater the emotion, the greater the sale and also the greater the desire for true CHANGE. Which is really what you want.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in people buying my stuff just for the sake of giving me money and themselves a pat on the back about having taken action.

I want people who are hurting and WANTING badly enough that they are going to do the freaking REAL work that comes after the sale.

Because they’re not PREPARED to live life this way for another moment …

They REFUSE to continue this path that is taking them away from time with their family, precious memories created …

They are so damn SICK of promising themselves a new life that never comes to life …

They KNOW they have a message to share and that the fact that they’re NOT doing so right now is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

Get your clients to FEEL something. Anger. Frustration. Single-focused DESIRE to create the change they want, and now.

Emotion sells.

6. Impress upon them the urgency of immediate action for their OWN sake, not yours

You have NO more time left to live the wrong life.

You can NOT keep kidding yourself that things are going to change if you don’t.

NOW is the time.

You do NOT need to think about it, or be ready, or even have the money you just need to decide once and for all, do you want this life you say you want? It’s a yes or no answer. And if it’s yes? Then freaking well prove it, and do something about it.

And here is my RIGHT NOW TIME LIMITED offer to help you do that. Take it because I can help you and because life is NOW and THIS is your time.

(Well, if you want my actual offer, keep reading – that was just an example)

7. Leave things unsaid

My life is pretty damn amazing right now.

I live the laptop lifestyle, traveling the world with my young family and going wherever the wind (or sun!) takes us. I make an amazing living online. My time is my own. I am COMPLETELY aligned with my purpose, my passion, my calling.

All of that matters to me, a lot, and I am proud of it.

But that’s not the real reason I do what I do, not any of it.

I do it because I can’t NOT. Because I know deep down that this is WHO I AM. Because I couldn’t live with myself in NOT being this person.

… and the inference, of course, is can you continue to live with yourself being who you are LETTING yourself be, choosing to be, right now?

I can help. That is what I DO for my ‪#tribe

8. Re-work your title until it INSISTS upon attention

I wanted to finish after 7, as to me that’s everything I do with my writing and if you follow that process and make it yours you will be astounded at the results you create, the connection you build, the community that grows around you, the cult-like following, really, and the ease with which you sell your stuff.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that people won’t give YOU a chance unless you give THEM a chance.

Everybody is flat out crazy busy, and unless they already ADORE you they are not going to stop and read your carefully constructed prose. Even if they DO adore you, they adore THEM a lot more and therefore they will PRIORITISE themselves and what they need right now.

They don’t know how TRANSFORMATIVE your piece is. You have to give them, straight up and no holds barred the “what’s in it for them”, and that needs to be in the title.

Tell me –

Would you be reading this piece right now if I called it, as I first planned to, “How I Write”.

Maybe. If you’re a die-hard fan and you had a bit of spare time.

Failing to create excellent titles that TELL people they HAVE to PUT DOWN EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, DO NOT PASS GO AND DO NOT COLLECT $200 is your RESPONSIBILITY. You want people to read your first sentence they better be STOPPED in their tracks by your title.

Beyond my actual skill as a writer and the fact that my clients get incredible results and word of THAT spreads, the #1 thing that makes me money is I take the time to write great titles.

I will say this is my greatest area of weakness as a writer and I continue to struggle with it! Sometimes I can’t be stuffed and I just put up the title that comes to mind. I always end up upset by this as often it means some of my very best posts get dismal open rates or reach.

Your job is not just to share your great message with the world it is to tell them why they NEED that message.

You wanna make 10k a pop with every email you send? Write great titles

9. Tell them what to do

Okay, one last thing, and if you leave this out you clearly don’t want to make money.

I very rarely do ‘direct’ sales emails. If I’m doing a special promotion and the last few hours of it are running out then I will in that case send out ‘hey it’s finishing!’ emails. I will send multiple per day in fact! But these only work because they are the AFTER THE EMOTION emails. Sending only these sort of sales emails is downright stupid, and disrespectful to boot.

Emotion sells. Emotion sells. Emotion sells. And TRUTH.

But once you’ve moved people, shown them where they could be, how YOU got there so therefore so can they, THEN it is time to tell them what to do. Otherwise you may very well leave them feeling completely raw, or spent, or invigorated or READY but with no real knowledge of what they should then DO with that emotion.

Don’t expect people to go and hunt down your services and offerings. Tell them exactly how you can help them! If you’ve written your piece well, a simple 1-2 paragraph call to action at the end of your post or as a PS will suffice.

You may also like to weave in a few subtle calls to action (simple links inserted in your existing copy) throughout the body of your piece.

So how do you put all of this together?

It will possibly be clumsy and messy and plain old ugly at first, if you haven’t deliberately written this way before or if it doesn’t feel natural. I haven’t even gone into using hooks and layers in your writing, which is another excellent albeit more complex technique.

But here’s all you need to know for now –

You can connect with people, in a real and raw way that shows them that you KNOW and that you GET them and that you can HELP them.

If right now you’re taking the time to write blog posts or newsletters or even Facebook updates and you are NOT seeing a direct and IMMEDIATE return on that time investment in terms of actual SALES MADE not just a like button pressed or a comment or two left, then you’re wasting your time and you’re doing your clients a disservice.

Of course it all hinges on the assumption that you already know your clients, you know exactly what they MOST desire above and beyond all else and that you also know precisely how to help them get it and move away from their greatest problems AND that you have products, programs, a FUNNEL in place to help them achieve all of this. Otherwise you’re just moving people with your writing and then leaving them hanging and unsatisfied! Which is not very nice


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