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Money Mindset


I’m not perfect, and never will be. That’s not a game-changing thought, is it? You already knew that, about you, duh. You’d never let waiting to be PERFECT hold you back? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m not perfect, and never will be, AND – there is also literally not one extra teeny tiny thing I need to change.

Right now, with who I am now, what I know and have access to inside of me, and how ‘me just being me‘ looks when brought to life in the form of bizniz-y things (‘fficial terminology), is ALREADY EXACTLY ENOUGH.


Literally, who I am today, what I know now, what I have available, and how I would create | message | market | sell | share, TODAY, with nothing else added, is already REQUIRED.

Nope, it’s not just ‘something I can get away with’.

It’s CERTAINLY not something for me to somehow fix, cover up, add trickity fancy things to in order to appear polished or pretty or proper or professional enough, it is, and it is REQUIRED.

Meaning –

It is wildly irresponsible and straight up selfish for me NOT to share it with people.

Share it?

Open mouth.

Let words out.


The End.

(You can use your hands, too, if you like, for the putting words down bit. Optional!)

Oh, that’s too random for you? Messy? Vague? Sounds like I’m talking about just vomiting up bits of my soul | mind | heart each day, with no particular order | sequence | plan | structure?

Well, yes.

That’s exactly a perfect example of another thing I had to let go of, to build an online biz that has now made well in excess of 15 mil, and that also revolves FULLY around my ‘me-ness’, my chill, my God, my love, my life. No, not in that particular order.

I let go of the idea that first I had to figure out the thing.

Get clear on the thing.

Then collate and order and make proper the thing.

Then see if the peoples wanted the thing.

Or any such thing!

I decided that who I was, what I had, how it came out, and also the MESS THAT INHERENTLY WENT WITH IT, was not only enough …

Not only allowed …

But that it was desired …

And even REQUIRED.





And to add to this belief | realisation | God truth which came down and smacked me in the soul in the form of a biz-niz which was being a next level asshole despite me hustling my TOUSH off … aka it wasn’t.fucking.working and it (softly softly til DEAD) … until I finally gave in and gave my LIFE to everything I am saying now … I also was shown this:

The MESS was part of what was required.

It wasn’t just something for me to slide on in under the table, then pretty up or fix up, make like the other girls, the other entrepreneurs, ‘get away with’ until I could ‘do better’ …

The mess ITSELF was part of the message. The mission. The magic. And the medicine, for those who were called, are called, and will BE called, into my space.

What else? Shall we make this post more structured? Sure, why not.

2) I let go, long ago, the idea that that I couldn’t just make money NOW. From early on, with a 60-hour per week existing bricks and mortar business, and then being pregnant and a new Mum, I let go of the idea that my fledgling online somethin’ somethin’ couldn’t just make money NOW.

>>> I was unavailable not to get paid <<<

(every damn day)

And so,

3) I decided that there was absolutely no reason I couldn’t just build the damn thang in the pockets of time.

5 minutes here while a client ran late.

15 minutes there with a babe on my boob.

20 minutes at a push, headphones on, on my ‘break’ in a (normal) 15-hour work day.

Repeat repeat repeat, and CAFFEINATE ON DEMAND.

I built this thing,

in the pockets of time,

when there WAS no time,

half a blog here,

a few ideas there,

respond to some questions, jot down some reminders, figure out (sorta!) some tech-y thing!


And you think you can’t make millions online because your life isn’t organised, proper, right, you have kids and current work stuff and people all ’round you gettin’ in your face or not understanding you …

Don’t make me laugh.

You make what you decide.

That’s all.

The End.

I STILL do it this way. 20-30 minutes writing this while we all device up over Saturday pancakes. Per the photo I just took. The rest of the day prob in the mayhem with the kidlets. Maybe a few minutes here and there checking in, answering messages, create something else quick, who knows! It all gets to blend together. I decided long ago not to worry about how to fit it all in. And never ever to have to compromise on anything of value to me.

4) I let go of the idea that whether or not I knew how had anything to do with the price of fish or ANYTHING

Also, by the by, there was not an industry that EXISTED at the time of people just chomping at the bit to tell me what or how to do or even consider. To be honest, that was a GOOD thing, as it forced me to figure it the fuck out, and I didn’t know there were ‘rules’ because they hadn’t been invented yet. But also it meant I literally had NO examples that I could find, in many things.

And yet I made my first online product.

Then the next.

Another still.

All super cheap.

All just from being in the conversation with peeps, listening to and thinking about what they wanted.

Putting something together.

So … like a high school project, really! DIY messy too-graphic-heavy PDFs and workbooks and Word docs, oh my!

No membership sites.

No professionally created ANYTHING.

The whole thing looked … God awful?? Well. It looked like somebody was getting content out to help people in whatever way they could, with no mind to how it should be better or more proper first.

I figured out ways to let people pay me.

I repeated.

The End.


Many of you need to let go of the idea that you should sell only … when? When it’s the right phase of the fucking moon? When a vestal virgin comes down from heaven and tells you it’s time? When you’re so damn broke that you’re literally picking scraps out from under your own nails to feed your children? Okay!


(Unless it’s your actual strategy to sell intentionally less often, to create exclusivity, or that’s truly and really ALIGNED … let’s just remember that any time you have resistance or fear and use that as a reason not to do something, it doesn’t make it true that you then say ‘oh, it just didn’t feel aligned for me, you know, in my soul’…. but anyway …)

Imagine if your favourite coffee shop told you they’re not selling for the next 5 days, because they already sold a lot last week, and they don’t want people to think they’re being too salesy!


A business sells.

Or it’s less a business and more a hobby of posting shallow inspo shiz on the internet as a broke person.


6) I let go of the idea that my excuses were ever valid.

They might be REAL. Real shit! That don’t make ’em valid.

You want the outcome, or no?

It’s pretty damn simple.

Be the person who does the thing that the person who is the thing would do.

The End.

(lotta ends here!)

7) I let go of the idea that anything I see inside of me is not ALREADY AVAILABLE NOW, FOR ME

That’s all!

You see it > it exists already > it is available now in time and space somewhere > just gotta decide it > and choose it > and pull it in > and realise you’re never shown anything that’s not for you.

The people doing the things you wanna be one day good enough to do are just as damn human and doubt-filled as you. They just acted beyond that.

It would behoove you to do the same.

I let go of the idea that wealth, or any other thing, couldn’t be for me

It felt ‘too good to be true’, and surreal as FARK even after I achieved multiple 7-figures per year!

I did it anyway.

Remove emotion.

Do the damn work.

^^ good suggestion in general, for most things.

9) I let go of the idea that I was not ‘good with money’.

I decided to get good.

I read Excel for Dummies (at the library, ’cause I couldn’t afford to buy it).

I made a tracking sheet to start tracking my income and (non-existent at the time) savings, investments, etcetera.

I sat my damn ass in the chair.

I waded into the DEEP quicksand of figuring out how to be good – the right amount – with numbers, not just with making shit. And of course I paid people to support me long before I could afford to.


10) I hired people before I was ready, had the $, or could.

I still do.

11) I surrounded myself with the most badass mofos I could find, on repeat.

I became the baby in as many rooms as I could wriggle my ass into.

I invested heavily on credit card at first.

I took deep breaths and reached out to people who scared the fuck out of me.

I bit by bit became comfortable being around such people (it took years, and I’m still often not).

I met more high level purpose-driven badasses as a result of this.

I accepted or even extended dinner or catch up invites even when every bit of me screamed YOU’RE NOT ANYTHING LIKE GOOD ENOUGH OR COOL ENOUGH OR PROPER WOMAN ENOUGH FOR THIS KAT.

I did it anyway.

I did it anyway.

I did it anyway.


And by the by, I have many extremely high level badass friends and also clients in my life who WOULD NOT BE THERE HAD I NOT CONSISTENTLY AND SINCE EARLY ON PUT ASIDE THIS SCARED LITTLE GIRL SIDE OF ME.

I nurtured her by giving her what she thought she couldn’t have.

12) Anytime I thought I couldn’t do or reach or afford something that my soul felt YES to, I committed to it anyway.

Committed in a real and non-escapable way.

I still do.

13) I became unafraid to set clear and tangible and uber-specific outcomes.

With money, with experience, with environment, with everything.

Don’t ask, don’t receive.

14) I learned to surrender the outcomes of these things, hand over the ‘how’, and come back to the now.

I learned that my job was to use each moment for what that moment was given to me for.

And ultimately to give my life for what it was given to me.

I contracted to that.

I meant it.

I gave everything over to life, and then to God.

I still do.


The End.

And THAT’S all.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


✨✨ Success Frequencies.

Let’s talk about them. Breathe them in. ALLOW them in. And then dial them TF in.

Are you ready?

There are certain ways of being, of operating, of thinking, and perhaps most in particular of expecting which are currently dictating your outcomes in every area of life.

You are, quite literally, coded. Programmed. Running on a frequency of … X.

With X being, well – whatever you see around you most days. Whatever you experience. Feel. Know to be true. Receive and hold onto. Receive and do not hold on to. Or do not receive at all.

There are certain things in your life which right now you can click your fingers and command to replicate, on repeat, and they do.

And there are other things which SHOULD be in your life, which you yearn to have in your life, which sometimes you get a glimpse or a taste of or even an entire mouthful, and then they’re gone, into the night, maybe never to return again, shrouded in mystery and frustration but yet at the same time that deeper part of you knows –

it’s not supposed to be like this.

It shouldn’t be.

I don’t accept it!

And I WILL move past.

You look into the future you see inside of you and you know that it is ALL real, ALL available, ALL true, ALL there for the taking. A virtual sushi train of wondrous life options, every one of ’em just a choice you can pluck off as it rolls on by! Don’t see what you want, not exactly? All you gotta do is ASK, and it’ll be freshly made for you!

Your belief around the impossible is OFF THE CHARTS.

And it always has been.

Your PROOF, of CREATING and ALLOWING the impossible is also pretty darn off the charts, if you do say so yourself. Which you don’t have to, because others do it for you!

It’s ALWAYS been this way for you, you’ve ALWAYS been able to dance between realities and choose the one you wanna keep.

But yet –

it feels, so much of the time, as though you’re teetering.

Teetering on the edge of will I / won’t I let myself FULLY go and receive, create, allow, BE –

or will I fall back into normal, into rules, into worries, into shoulds, into the dreaded dreaded fear that it’ll somehow all just stop working and I’ll find out there was never anything special about me at all, never anything wondrous about what I could do, and that I just somehow … fluked things for a bit.

Sometimes you’re CERTAIN which way you’re going to topple.

And other times you’re terrified you have no idea at all, and if you did you wouldn’t want to know.

But what you do know is this:

When things are working.

When things are flowing to and through and from you in the precise ways they should be.

When things are OH so yes.

When it’s all just coming together, the different areas of your business your money your life and YOU just rolling PERFECTLY, like a beautiful and impossible to replicate orchestra, pure MAGIC –

it’s not because of what you did.

It is not because of how you planned, followed the plan, did it right.

It’s not a list you ticked off that made it that you got to then GET.

It’s not because you followed RULES for success.

Or really anything at all.

It’s because you were playing life on a certain frequency. You were tapped in, dialled in, LEANING all the way in to something you can’t even fully describe but you KNOW when you’re in it.

You were, not to be too corny or cliche about it but we’ll say it anyway ’cause it’s true – one with life itself. Dancing the most beautiful dance of BEING FULLY YOU with the wind beneath your wings nothing other than God and truth and the very fabric of the universe, what else could it be?!

Put simply:

you had those Success Frequencies switched on to high AF, and you were using ’em.

Want to know how to do that more, in fact any time you choose, in fact with complete calm understanding of what it is you ARE doing and how to tap in and BE in that energy, that place, that receiving, at will?

It’s always been available.

It’s ALWAYS been right there for the taking.

EVERYTHING you’ve suspected this whole time is true.

And now?
We’re gonna get you understanding it (every last bit).

Living it (as naturally as breathing).

And UTILISING it to let life unwind to the places you’ve been waiting to be (the way it’s meant for you).


Success Frequencies with Katrina Ruth, beginning February 1st.

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12 homework worksheets designed to break you open, wake and shake you into the place your inner self is already meant to be playing in, and lead you to specific steps YOU get to take in order to see drastic life elevation … aka RESULTS, the ones you want and are waiting on … in every area of your life.

24 days in total to revolutionise your life, how you see yourself, and how the world shows up for you in return.


Changes everything.

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Here’s what it comes down to:

You’ve always known that the work is about so much more than the work. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. There’s not a single extra second you will one day be relieved you waited to go all in on that.