Are You Outcome Focused, Or Are You a Whiny Little Bitch Who Just Wants it to Work NOOOOWWWWWW?

Are You Outcome Focused, Or Are You a Whiny Little Bitch Who Just Wants it to Work NOOOOWWWWWW?

I seriously hate doing stuff I have to think about or prepare for in advance.

If I had it my way all I’d do in my business is show up each day, write whatever the heck I feel like writing, maybe jump on somewhere somehow live and talk to ya’ll, possibly run some live calls or training, definitely interact on Facebook with cool and interesting folks, hopefully kick a little ass while doing so, maybe write some more, journal some more, basically just play and dance my way around the internet having a great time!

Now the cool thing is … 80% of the time in my ‘business time’ the above is precisely what I do! The reason I’m so passionate about my message of ‘you can have it all, on your terms, so long as you do the work’ is because I’ve created exactly this in my own life!

I make an incredible living largely by showing up each day and writing / saying whatever is on my mind …

I travel the world in first class style location free, have done for coming up to 2 years now, could keep doing so indefinitely and may well do so depending on what we decide re schooling for the kids …

Am able to stay in great shape and feel awesome inside and out …

Have daily ‘me’ time aplenty in the form of journaling, reading, more writing, massages, yoga, hanging out, playing with the kids, sitting by the pool, etc …

Travel at the drop of a hat for new cool awesome shit like conferences I want to go to or just because …

Basically do what I want, with who I want, when and where and how I want and make tons of money and a helluva difference doing so!

Sure, sometimes things don’t work out as I hoped and sometimes I still feel like shit and (more often than you’d think actually) sometimes I face resistence and fear and uncertainty, but mostly?

Life is pretty fucking sweet.

I really do feel like I’ve got it all!

But here’s the REALITY about how I got to here:

I did the fucking work.

I DISCIPLINED myself to create a HABIT of doing. the. fucking. work.

I did it when it was working.

But I did it first for YEARS – literally years – when it wasn’t working.

I did it when I could afford to.

And I did it when my debt was up to 100k and fucking CLIMBING and I was terrified.

I did it when I knew what I wanted.

And I did it when I had no freaking clue.

The GREATEST key to my success and the fact that I’m in the top 1% in so many areas of my life is that I show up consistently and I get the job done.

What this is about really, is CHOOSING (and hell YEAH it’s a choice and often a daily one!) to be OUTCOME focused rather than a whiny little bitch who just wants it all NOOOOOOWWW!

I read this great quote yesterday, and I didn’t note it down so can’t repeat it exactly but essentially it was that people who do NOT succeed are always focused on why things didn’t work, what didn’t work, what they did wrong and so on (i.e looking back) whereas winners and the TRULY successful are always focused on what they NOW need to do to keep moving forward.

In short: winners keep their eye on the prize, and act accordingly!

So let me ask you a question …


Do you do so DAILY?

Do you do so regardless of whether it’s working right now and regardless of whether you FEEL like it?

Because if you can say a hell resounding YEAH to all of that then I will promise you this:

You’re going to make it.

To WHEREVER you wanna go.

Big time and all the way baby!

It’s impossible NOT to succeed at reaching the stuff you keep your mind focused on reaching!

And I’ll tell you this as well –

I’m not the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to online marketing. Honestly I think my Mum knows more than me, she keeps up with so many webinars and the like!

I don’t put the most time in. I work 3-4 hours a day and half of that at least is me journaling and scheming around what I want to create. Sharpen that saw baby as Sir Covey would say.

I’m not the best at doing what she says she’ll do, finishing things off, following through. Usually … I don’t! Usually I’m too busy hatching and creating new plans and I totally forget about what I was doing before that!

I’m DEFINITELY not the most organised! God, you should SEE the chaos that goes on behind the scenes in my business! Just ask my team! I’m surprised they don’t bill me for nervous breakdown insurance on a daily basis! Ha! By the way … ability to handle chaos, stress, mess is an ESSENTIAL entrepreneurial trait!

I NEVER get everything on my list done and in fact it’s rare for me to do even 20% of it. I diligently make lists every day and then I totally FORGET about them and continue merrily on my path of from the heart creation and mayhem!

And no fucking way in HELL am I the most motivated person. You think I wake up every day excited to turn my laptop on? Well … okay I do love it! I love my writing and speaking and do it for ME first and foremost, but honestly? Most mornings I don’t want to get up I just want to roll back over and hit snooze! I don’t feel like journaling every day I just DO it. I don’t always feel like doing my daily writing … often I do, but not always. Did not at ALL feel like doing it just now in fact. DID IT ANYWAY.

Just as later today I’ll do my live speaking REGARDLESS OF IF I FEEL LIKE IT.

And I’ll create content for my programs REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I KNOW WHAT TO CREATE.

And I’ll suck it up and work on my behind the scenes automation even though I DON’T WANNA because I just want to be footloose and fancy free all the time but I WANT THE OUTCOME.

And I’ll go to the gym in a moment when I finish this even though frankly I’m starving and would rather order a big extra breaky right now but if I did THAT everytime I felt like it I’d be fat as a tack and completely out of shape right now!

And I’ll do the extra ‘admin hour’ later tonight when I’d rather be watching extra New Girl on Netflix, because I love knowing I’ve cleared the slate and my mind for the next day never mind getting those ‘suck up and set up’ things done that actually MOVE MY BUSINESS FORWARD and make me MONEY!

My POINT being of course, that I don’t get to live this life because I felt like working my ass off to live this life! I don’t get to be in shape because I just want to whip my own butt every day. I don’t get to make this much money by playing and dancing my way around the internet because that’s all I did from day one!

MOST of what I do now – around 80% or even more – is TOTALLY what I love doing, but I still have to kick my own butt to get into it, like with writing and training for example. Which is to say – I still have to be outcome focused every day not bitching and moaning about what I feel like doing or what is or is not working right now!

And the only way I GOT to HERE is by doing. the. work.

By CHOOSING to focus on the outcomes of what I wanted to create.

By acting AS IF I was already ‘that’ successful and asking myself who would I be then, how would I walk, talk, think and so on, and then DOING SO.

By keeping my eye on the prize.

And acting accordingly.

YES it is a discipline.

YES you need to be military like in your discipline.

YES you need to be able to act in the face of fear, resistance, self-doubt.

YES you need to learn to love the pain.

YES even when you get to ‘here’ there will still be many things you need to suck up and do, many ways in which you FOREVER will need to be outcome focused in your discipline.

And YES it is actually all AWESOME as there is so much freaking joy and pride in living this way. God, I couldn’t bear to think how shit I’d feel inside and out if I based my actions and the creation of my LIFE on whether or not I felt like it or knew how!

But NO.




You do NOT get to get to this point – nor STAY there – if you’re going to walk around being a whiny little bitch who just wants it to work NOOOOWWW.

Not in business.

Not in fitness.

Not in life.

So suck it up gorgeous.

Decide what the prize is you want.

Keep your eye on it.

And act fucking accordingly.