Next level m&ney flow the norm!

Launch Your Low-Ticket Offer in 7 Days starts on Monday US time, is LIVE with me, is all new for 2024, is based on my 18 years of experience online + tens of millions made JUST with low-ticket, and will teach you how to get outta your own way and go do the thing or things which will springboard YOUR biz to where it’s meant to be.

PS I just added a whole TON of reveal for you on the exact curriculum we’re covering. Deets below or go straight to!

This is a $999 course on sale for about 10% of that, AND there’s a payment plan.

Here is what we will be covering. Loosely. I say loosely, because you know me … I always veer into additional teachings & bonuses & downloads oh my! Basically, whatever extra thing I realise you need AS I am teaching, I add in.

But loosely, this is our curriculum:

– Why low-ticket works, and precisely how it can springboard you into a multi million dollar empire (as opposed to being a high value exchange for low money which is NOT what it’s about)

– The low-ticket into ‘they just upsell themselves’ high ticket system I have been using for years, with not a single sales call in sight (I’m talking over 10 years just on that)

– How to create, launch, market and sell low-ticket such that it is easy, fun and flow for you and also ONLY magnetizes in high level folks who are gonna want to pay you ongoing. If you haven’t noticed how epically cool my audience is … look around. And just to knock this lil pin down – peeps who buy low ticket from you when you do it the truly ALIGNED way definitely DO then buy high ticket.

– The ‘you just got paid to build your list / audience’ system which all the ‘don’t sell low ticket’ folks just don’t get

– WHY this is for you if you are a highly creative person who just wants to be able to say, write, pour out, do the thing inside of her without having to think about it

– Dealing with the pesky bits and making them fun. Aka: why I just don’t make myself available for any of it to feel hard, time-consuming, or overly arduous, and how to do that

– Messaging & marketing flow which is as easy as breathing

– EXACTLY how to craft and also deliver your offer

– How to ‘get away with’ (but actually delight your clients!) doing things YOUR way, and not having to kow-tow to ideas of what being proper or professional is, either in sales OR in deliver

– Exact launch formula, and daily flow of selling and launching with ease and regardless how little time you have (I did this for years in 10 or 15 min pockets of time in between breastfeeding and running a bricks & mortar biz at the time. That is actually how I learned to be so prolific so efficiently.)

– Writing sales pages which sell, doing it the easy flow and YOU way

– Mindset blocks, and ‘being her’. Dealing with the unspoken fears you have around biz or money should be a struggle, or you don’t know how, or you’re not good enough to just roll on up and sell things in a way which is easy and result-based.

– The exact approach I use to make more off each launch than what the #’s of sales could ever total to

– Email marketing magic, and again: how to let it be super fast fun and easy

– BONUS: exactly how I would do it if I were starting all over again and had no audience, no income, no products, no biz yet

– Open Q&A time

– Extra details: All live trainings will be recorded. Times are not pre-determined. Times vary to account for the fact that my clients are all around the world. Content will be delivered in live video / video / audio + worksheet / journal prompt + homework format. All content is yours to keep for life. The live group will run for 2 weeks, I always add bonus time. We start Monday January 29th. This is the one you’ve been waiting for!

Launch Your Low-Ticket Offer in 7 Days With Me! And Let Me Show You How to Springboard That Into an Empire Which Makes Millions, Because Gurrrlllll? That is What WE DO. So?

Let’s freaking do it!


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