No idea where it’s even going. Yet an empire is built.

I want to tell you a story which I’ve told before yet still think hasn’t been fully received.

I think that instead what has happened is people still look at me as having some kind of special talent or gift which is outside of their own capabilities, and that that’s why I have the online empire I have.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am aware of the anointing on my life. Partially aware, because let’s face it – God isn’t done revealing things! Not for any of us! But yes. I know I am extremely gifted as a writer, a speaker, as one who IMPARTS. I also know I am extremely gifted in an ability to magnetize and lead people, and? To sell ANYTHING I believe in. To anybody I am meant to sell it to.

And yet.

The truth about how I’ve made the money I’ve made, had the impact I’ve had through my message, build the empire I’ve built, and a ton of other things besides which I could list as accomplishments, such as my 60+ books …

is simply by taking the action which was in front of me whether or not it made sense, and whether or not I had time, knew how, or had any other so-called conditions met.

I literally didn’t even know I was in online business until I’d already made more money than most people still do in a couple years online, because they’re so caught up in looking for WHAT to do!

I was just saying yes to what COMPELLED me, usually with a vague idea and sure, also a wish and a want, that it would lead SOMEWHERE, but absolutely NO proof or evidence that it would, no plan, no visualisation of the future steps, and no clue where to start or how! And on top of it all, I was doing this mostly in 10-15 minutes here and there because back then I had a very time consuming offline business, and then a baby as well!

When I say ‘compelled’ me, I also don’t mean I was overrun with passion and purpose such that things just poured out of me! Ha! I wish! Actually that happens consistently these days, and every since the time where I figured out that FLOW SHOWS UP FOR YOU WHEN YOU SHOW UP FOR IT, not the other way ’round.

But back in those days, NOPE. It was more of a case of painstakingly and blindfold-edly feeling my way forward with stuff I had ZERO experience at, there was ZERO rhyme or reason to be doing it, in fact it seemed purposeless and as though I was just chasing dreams like a child with a fantasy! For example – I began writing endless articles / early blogs when NOBODY was listening, there WAS no such thing then as online business (or, rare), and I had NO evidence to think that it was ever gonna take me anywhere.

If I look back on that time I marvel at what kept me going. Or even started me going! Because these days it’s normal that when we decide to take action online there are 10,000 gajillionty examples of the fact that it should work. And also how to make it work. And also what it should look like, sound like, smell like, taste like FOR it to work.

Truth is I’m glad I got started without all of that.

The truth is I am only here though because I just kept going in spite of being so totally in the void without any of that.

What was it that made me just keep doing this thing, which ultimately led to a business which has made tens of millions of $, allowed me to share my truest purpose work and also find my OWN truth and purpose ever more, and impacted multitudes of people all around the world?

Well –

it was simply that in each MOMENT I knew:

there is something here I am meant to do. Or say. Or write. And then I did it. No fluff. No fuss. No fancy or proper-making, because none of that existed online back then. Just a girl writing or saying a thing, and plopping it somewhere on the internets. Somewhere very clunky and home-made, back in those days!

Wanna know the truth?

My business flows best NOWadays when I still just do it that way. Just say a thing. Write a thing. Share a thing. And for the love of God don’t try to fancy up the thing.

And then plop it on out, FAST. If you can splash somethin’ pretty on it whilst still getting it out NOW, cool. Otherwise – don’t even bother, because this message is ALIVE and it needs to be KEPT BREATHING.

It’s just what I came here to do and who I AM, to share a living breathing FOR YOU NOW thing.

The fact it can then be turned into a LEGACY thing is wonderful. But it still all boils down to releasing what is in the moment, IN THAT MOMENT.

And this applies to entire PROGRAMS, not just blogs.

Me being obedient to this ‘following of the breadcrumbs’, and simply taking the action I am compelled to, whether or not it makes sense, is why this business exists. And why I am blessed to get to empower, educate, and pour forth or in any way be of service to YOU.

NONE of it would be here had I been waiting to be ready, more prepared, or to have time. MUCH of it is still done in little moments here and there. Like writing this after I took a Saturday evening shower and am waiting for my daughter to shower and wash her hair before we watch a movie. After spending a delightfully relaxed day with myself, God, my daughter, a friend, my sister, a flow day. This is just –

“oh. I think I’ll say a thing”. 20 minutes or so. And on with my evening.

I’ve built a multi 8-figure business this way. I’m generalising, sure. But it’s still true.

And I just wonder. Don’t you?

What would be true for you 6 months from now if you just freaking relaxed and let it be as simple as –

and then I just said a thing.

And you COUPLED that with EXPECTING the flow, the finances, and the impact which you came here for to show up.

Again. I’m generalising.


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