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The simplest way to allow more than what you already have to come through is not to strategise, plan, reverse engineer from where you wish you could be, or do any other sort of ‘step following’, but instead to start applying pressure, bit by bit, turning up the dial to get the life you want.

Think of it like this:

If you turn a stiff old tap on, at first it might be hard to even twist the lever or handle or whatever it is –

It’s stiff, it’s old, it’s a little croakety (it’s a word, I make words, moving on), it hasn’t been used in a while.

Things have not been flowing out of it!

So, you kind of twist and you huff and puff, you get a lil elbow grease in there and eventually, ahhhhh – you feel it. You broke through that first bit of pressure, and now water starts to flow.

But it’s OLD water, it looks a bit gross, and it’s just coming out in fits and starts, not a continual stream.

If you want more water to flow through, and to have it be nice and clean and fresh, what do you do? You continue to turn the lever or handle, and you increase the pressure.

The turning of the dial results in an AUTOMATIC increase of flow. It’s impossible to not receive more flow as you continue to turn the dial.

More pressure = more flow.

On a side but related thinking note: if you notice the water is still running out murky, maybe you get somebody to come and clear the pipes in order to ensure that the flow is able to come out fresh and clean ongoing, and providing only of good things. Aka – you clear yo’ shit 

Anyway –

In life, and when it comes to receiving ever more money flow –

Love flow –

Joy and happiness flow

And all of the fabulousness that you desire and dream about –

The VERY simplest way to allow more flow is simply to turn the dial, and apply increased pressure, same as you would with a tap.

I used the example of an unused tap as a reminder that in some areas of life, where you may have been completely out of practice for some time, or perhaps not EVER allowed flow, there can be a little creakin’ and groaning to even get that flow started. But, if you simply persevere, and continue to gently apply pressure, it WILL come through, and it will start to run clear, clean, abundant, expansive!

It has to, it is the law.

In areas where you already have some flow – but perhaps it often feels like more of a trickle – same sort of thing. You add pressure, more flow will come through, ever more abundantly, it has to, it is law!

Perhaps you’re wondering if, if you desire to have a LOT more flow in an areas, you can just yank that baby all the way to max pressure and max flow. Firstly, there’s no such thing as max flow – abundance is infinite, and the end cannot be reached, and secondly – yeah, you can, so long as YOU have expanded your beliefs, mind, soul, expectations to be able to handle that sudden dramatic increase in flow.

For most people the more effective way – and this is not a challenge, by the way, I’m not trying to test you to see if you think you can just yank shit straight to the top – is a gradual increase. The gradual CONTINUAL increase is the FASTEST way to reach WILDLY increased capacity of flow, and also to INTEGRATE it into your being-ness, aka ensure that you are able to maintain at that new level.

So, how do you turn up the dial?

Honestly, the way that I do it and that has long worked for me, is largely simply the INTENTION to be continually applying that little bit more pressure, and turning up the dial.

In a practical sense, it’s mostly to do with me checking in daily in some form on what a stretched capacity to create and receive would look like today. Often in order to receive more we GET to put OUT more. In other words – be honest with ourselves about where we are shirking, playing small, allowing resistance to rule our behaviour, or else REPEATING into the world a pattern of being the same person we were yesterday, who expects the same things she created and allowed yesterday, and not a bit more.

Right now, where are you applying (internally or in a practical sense) roughly the same amount of pressure you did yesterday,

and all the yesterday’s before that,

expecting roughly the same sort of outcomes,

and thus watching life continue to Groundhog Day the fuck outta shit for you,

but yet somehow actually questioning why you’re not further along yet?!

Maybe turning up the pressure for you today looks like one or two additional sales activities.

Maybe it’s to do with your badass leader energy, and how you choose to see yourself. The way you hold yourself, and let your presence dictate how life steps up for you.

Maybe it’s an area where you get to acknowledge that you’ve been giving your time or focus to stuff that can ONLY result in a repeat of what you already have.

Maybe it’s a nudge from soul to leap, to invest, to say yes, and it’s time to actually listen.

There is always a way to turn up the dial a little.

But it starts with you deciding that you will. And that decision starts with you deciding that you’re worthy already of more flow, and that you’re unavailable not to receive it.

So tell me –

Are you? Will you? Let’s go. Your dream life is waiting.

Quit sittin’ there crying about why such a weak and tepid little stream is coming out when the whole entire time you’ve been the one with her hand on the dial.

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