Why have you not just chosen to be rich as fuck do you think, all the time, and no matter what you do or don’t do?

Let’s investigate.

I know that on a deeper level YOU know that you’re not actually motivated by money, it doesn’t matter and it’s not a thing to really DRIVE you, but at the same time –

It’s available.
Infinitely so.
ABUNDANCE is, well, abundant!
It’s just like air – breathe it IN!

So, with that being said AND KNOWN, why not just choose it, hmm?

Let’s be honest – you’ve ALWAYS known you’re meant to! (be rich, that is)

And I know, I know –

How gauche! To just come out and say it like that! Surely there’s a more SPIRITUAL way, a more appropriate way, a way you can feel SAFE to express, or own?

Well … no doubt.

But perhaps the need for THAT is something to think about, hmm?

Anyway. Onwards with our investigation:

Is it your self-worth shit?
Being ‘too much’?
Feeling as though it wouldn’t be FAIR, for it to be that easy? 
That it would somehow diminish others, if you had more, were more, stepped into more?

No … that’s not it, is it? Perhaps part of it. But you’re not getting that OMFG moment yet, are you?

Perhaps it’s that you’ve just not CHOSEN?

Maybe there’s an underlying belief that this is just not how it’s meant to BE for you?

Or is it that you have a struggle belief? You think life should be about struggle, or at least that YOUR life should be about struggle, and that you should always be JUST out of reach of where you actually desire to be?! That sounds like something that could really be something, doesn’t it?

But yet still not QUITE hitting the nail on the head I think …

Let’s play out what would happen, and what it would mean, if you were truly RICH, like properly so, to where you NEVER EVER had to worry about money again –

Does it feel unSAFE?
That you don’t get to HAVE it that good?
That YOU are not good enough for that?
LIFE would be too good?
That maybe it’s actually more rewarding to play the martyr, and BE in that struggle?!

Or is it –

Simply –


You’re afraid to claim your rightful place and power.

Try it on for size:



The BRIGHTNESS of it all.

Whether or not you could HANDLE it, imagine!

You do realise don’t you, that the primary reason women and men like US never live their destiny, become the leader, the revolutionary, get to where they have it ALL, is fear of fully owning their power?

There’s this thing there that worries away at our sub-conscious mind –

Where we imagine being THAT bold, THAT audacious, THAT authentic, and full on, with life –

And we feel as though somehow we’d end up fully disconnected from EVERYONE and everything –

Floating away

Like a cloud in the sky

Or a kite, cut loose

And all


And so we CRASH ourselves back down to earth, just in time, and phew! Hopefully nobody noticed we were nearly shining as BRIGHT AS THE SUN.

We get to within a few hairs of our dream body, and we sabotage and rebound back –

We’re in flow and love in our relationships, and we start to buy into the second-guessing and bullshit of our fear-based mind, or listen to silly people who tell you that there are rules of behaviour, and turn away from what our soul knows to be true –

We let true connections dwindle away, or pass on by, instead of being brave enough and vulnerable enough to say something

We make a lot of money, really fast! And then let it slip through our fingers, faster still, so fast it would make your head spin

We have soulmate clients come and find us, sign up and pay as if by magic, just like we journaled! And then anxiety sets in and we wonder if we somehow fluked it, or if we’re somehow doing it something wrong. And so we let it go back to where it’s hard, and you have to push, and do things in the human realm instead of the world of magic which is always there

Just waiting

And most of all, we keep on playing that same tired old record which says –

Maybe you’re NOT good enough for all of this
Maybe what you dream of ISN’T real
Maybe you weren’t born for it at ALL, who the hell do you think you are anyway?!

Maybe you’re just making it all up
A child’s fantasy playing out in the mind of an adult who should know better
Who should know that life is about settle, and sacrifice, and nearly, but not quite, and compromise, and getting what you want … sort of … a shadow version, near enough is good enough right?!

And so you fade
Once again
Back into the grey
Of the normal world

But yet somewhere in there, even as you SABOTAGE, or crash shit DOWN, or repeatedly do NOT express what you really feel, in business, in life, in love, as you go about the unnecessary busy-ness of living your life all the while avoiding TRULY CLAIMING WHAT YOU KNOW IS YOURS, and owning all that you ARE, somewhere –

There’s this small tiny seed of power
Of truth
Of certainty
Of fucking KNOWING, that ACTUALLY –

NO bitch.


And NO, bitch.

I am NOT going down as the weak-assed half-assed SHADOW version of myself who didn’t live the damn life she was born for because she was SCARED.

THAT shit ain’t gonna happen no more!

And once again, as you’ve done a hundred million times before and no doubt will do just as many times again, you wake the fuck UP.

Who the hell do you think you are? Who the hell do you think you’re being right NOW, is a better question?!

You damn straight KNOW who you are.
You KNOW what is meant to be.
You KNOW you’ve been putting it off, making bullshit excuses, creating a LIE that you’re not ready, or don’t know how, or ‘this is just how it is for now’.

And you know –

That it’s time.

It’s motherfucking time.

No more excuses.

No BS.


Because the thing you’ve been looking at that way, telling yourself is a silly dream?

Is the exact thing you know will be your LIFE, if only you can dare to claim it.

And the thing you living in right now?

Is actually quite disgusting, if you think about it.

99% in is NOT IN AT ALL.


Try this on for size:


And then?

Stand up fucking straight, and get to work.

We’ve been waiting for you.


Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x


SPIRIT has arrived


A 4 Week Journey with Katrina Ruth,

into What God Has For You,

and Who He is Forming You To,