Do you ever make a move in business that you then question endlessly, tear apart, start second guessing yourself on all over the place, and ultimately get yourself so in a tangle about that you don’t know which way even WAS up to begin with, let alone now?

I do.

Do you ever insist that something is definitely THIS thing. No really! It’s obvious! 100%! LOOK! Only to find that the next day, the next week, fuck, the next MINUTE –

whoops. It’s maybe not that at all. It is OBVIOUSLY this. But now I said it was that! And told people! So now what?

I do.

Do you ever commit to backing something that you KNOW is a thing, maybe THE thing, maybe the thing of ALL things, and you swear on your LIFE you is gonna bring this baby HOME, and nothing no NOTHING will stop you – !

Only to find yourself wearily or teeth-grittededly shaking your head a month later as you admit you DIDN’T DO THE THING AT ALL, DIDN’T BACK IT A LITTLE BIT, NOPE NOT EVEN WITH THE TINIEST CORNER OF THAT PERKY ASS BOOTY YOU BUILDING TO BACK SHIT UP WITH OVER THERE.

*Hand raised*. Me. Yep. I do.

Do you ever then insist. And I mean INSIST. You are now DONE. Like – done done! With that sort of copy out behaviour, and now you are REALLY going all in on the thing. Just watch!


I do.

Do you ever then start telling yourself well, that’s it now. You’ve really shat the bed this time. It is RUINED and you are now excommunicated from the hallowed halls of badass folks who do what they say they will do and you must GIVE UP THE THING.

I do NOT.

Not ever. I never have. I never will.

Because here is what I know about success. And about being the person who decided and then she DID.

(Probably best you sit down for this one. You have NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE). Success is not a straight line. It does not go from your mind to ‘and then she did’, and that is the whole story. And what a boring fucking story it would be if it were so!

But no. It’s rarely EVER so.

The people who have created and said yes to the GREATEST of their inner truth, and who are in the repeated habit of being so damn badass you can’t even BEAR it (yet can’t look away) are the ones who understand about getting back into the FRAY. The MUCK. The THICK of the most tangled of tangled webs in their own mind! Let alone anywhere else.

We are the ones who are willing to admit – “I changed my mind”. “I didn’t follow through – again! – but I’m still saying yes again anyway”. “I will have another crack”. “I will pick myself back up”. “If it hurts I’ll push EVEN harder this time to birth that fucker outta me”.

And most of all –


Because here is that this is really about. And it ain’t you. You’re just the one who gets to benefit from it! Or, one of them. What it’s really about is this –

Something is inside of you that is meant to come out. And what if you were just more committed to letting it out … however many twists and turns and mind changes and dust offs that takes … than what you were committed to feeling like you now *can’t* because some person who doesn’t understand about life once told you that it’s bad to change your mind, or not follow through, or chop and change, or get all ranty and teeth-gritty, or whatever.

Let the bitch out baby.

We’ve been waiting.