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It’s supposed to be easy, fast, fun and flow to put together, and just pour out of you.

Have you bought in to the hard story? Did you accept the idea that endless endless struggle and complexity is just part and parcel of business, and of life?

It is not. It is not necessary. Not required even a little bit. Definitely not cool. And not what you need to ACCEPT for yourself, but the simple facts of the matter are that if you accept it,

then it’s how it will be,

what you will continue to expect,

and what you will continue to GET!

What, you think that somehow it’s accidentally one day gonna become fuck yes flow and ease and YOU when the whole way you’re building it is based on endless pushing, worrying, overthinking, analysing, consulting the FB Gods and who knows what else about every damn move you make?

Followed by, upon beginning to roll out said move, then CONTINUING to question every little bit of it, ultimately finding yourself caught up in the MUCK and probably not even finishing, or –

if and when you DO finish it, get it done, finally wreak blood from the damn stone –

having to dump the damn thing pretty much right away, because not only did it drain nearly every ounce of lifeforce outta you to pull it together but, to add insult to SO much soul injury, it also doesn’t even really WORK!

And how could it,
when by definition the very putting together of it and so therefore also the end PRODUCT of it was NOT you!


it is never ever ever EVER meant to feel like that! If anybody tells you it is, then, good luck to ’em. If that’s what they signed up for. But do you really want to have to believe that THAT is how you build your empire?

Do you really want to take advice from someone who gave up soul, and joy, and flow, to make sales?

And, most relevantly, do you actually at your core think it has to be that way?!


when you’re think think thinking your way there, and it feels so complex, overwhelming, endless, is it not true that the core of you, the higher self you, the TRUST you already knows that there is a different way,

and it’s just a matter of getting over your excuses, bullshit, fear, to ACCESS that way?

I think we both know the answer here.

The truth is that each and every time you tell yourself that this is just how it has to be right now, what is actually going on is that YOU are not in the flow of your LIFE. You’re not connected to your highest vibery baybeeee. And so the only way, from that NOT ‘utmost you’ place, for you to do the deals, make the monies, grow the audience, and so on, is for you to think and TRY your way there.

This will certainly allow you SOME sort of headway. Of course. Any sort of action creates SOME sort of outcome.

But you, you didn’t come here to push your way up the hill.

You, you came here to go straight to the damn top.

Plant that leader flag.

And run the whole freakin’ show.


And let’s not be FOOLISH about it either. You don’t get to the top and be the damn leader by hand over fisting your way there. You get there by GOING there, now.

And acting from that place.

If you don’t have the sales you want,
if they’re not following and watching like you want,
if it all feels tricky and uncertain,
if it’s not WORKING, including if you’re not FEELING it (which, let’s face it, is kinda the most important thing we want ‘working’),

then you MUST put down the tools, so to speak, let go of searching for how to improve your already way over-complicated sales and marketing processes,

and connect back into the energy of you being YOU.

They will follow,
and also, in the first place, SEE you,

when you are being your most magnetic and unapologetic and unrestrained and also LIVING HER BEST LIFE OBVIOUSLY self.

People don’t pay you for what you can teach them.

That is a side-product, secondary, an after thought.

REALLY they pay, again and again and again, and can’t look away, and just want to be AROUND you, when you are being something so magnetic,

so compelling,

so FUCK yes,

that it would be impossible to not notice it and either be wildly triggered – !

Or want to know how to GET it.

(or both!).


where do you think your focus needs to go right now, hmm?

How can you dig in energetically right now? How can you DECIDE deeper to be the person who you know you’re meant to be? And how can you let it be easy, fast, just flow outta you, and trust that exactly what comes from THAT sort of fuck yes place, even though it may seem almost TOO simple and obvious and fun,

is exactly what the world has been waiting on you for?




^^ by deciding to be unavailable for anything less.

It’s that fucking simple.

Question is,

are you willing to believe that big?

and the answer is, one way or another, yes or no –

you already chose.

Maybe, just maybe today –

choose better.

Photo: with Amanda Frances at Burleigh Pavilion.


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