Live Your Passion

LOVE SELLS, FEAR FELLS. Plus, Be a Badass!

You want to sell like a badass creative motherfucker, make money flow in waves that are tidal, get ’em to follow, refer and BUY?

Then remember this:


Well, love and BADASSERY, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s get real for a moment, and it’s okay to admit this –

Do most of your offers come from a place of ‘please please PLEASE like me and buy’ SCARCITY, or are you genuinely sitting there thinking about what would surprise, delight, excite your customers and clients, what you want to do for them from the heart and with LOVE, what else you can give them because you just love them so damn much and can’t wait to please them?!

Okay then.

And here’s the thing:

It’s so.darn.easy. to love on your clients, and enjoy the ripple effects it 100% WILL have on your income and growth. All you have to do in order to get there?

Love yourself.

Love your business.

Be in flow.


Be FULLY you.

Be ONLY you.

Do what is fucking CONGRUENT, man!

Okay, so I said it was easy and I guess that’s where we have our first problem. For most people, as crazy as it DOES sound on reflection, this whole thing about being yourSELF?

Seems to be a bit of a tricky little game they just can’t get on board with.

And I get it, really, I do! I spent years trying not to be me. Trying to be everything BUT me. Trying to prove to the world that I was good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, and JUST LIKE THEM.

Do you know what happened, after all those years, or even before they were over?

I got tired.

I got lazy.

It was too much hard WORK trying to not be me, and suddenly it hit me:


I mean, honestly now, if you’re caught right now in that silly pattern we ALL seem to get ourselves into, answer me this and see if it don’t wake you up RIGHT away:

Who the hell else, pray tell, were you planning on being anyway?

I was talking about this last night with an entrepreneur friend over drinks here in Austin, Texas. He is one of less than a HANDFUL of people I know online (or off), outside of myself, who I would say is FULLY congruent in his business, who also actively tunes in and adjusts deeper into alignment every day, who is completely transparent and open, who doesn’t give a fuck what anybody thinks because he DOES give so much of a fuck about being him and speaking his truth.

He is also, as you may well guess, WILDLY successful and clearly established as a very unique leader and revolutionary.

We were laughing about the overuse of the word authenticity online, but then I said, honestly now – there DOES need to be a course on authenticity. And it should fucking start with a bucket of icy water poured over your head, followed by a slap in the face and then you have to stand in front of a mirror all day until you finally look yourself in the eye and realise IT WAS NEVER GOING TO WORK BEING SOMEBODY ELSE ANYWAY.

It is MIND BOGGLING to me how few people get how easy it is to succeed and stand out online. ALL you have to do is be you and add incredible value – consistently! – and yet people CONTINUE to do EVERYFUCKINGTHING but that!

Which, of course, brings us right back to the title of this post:

Are you acting from FEAR, or from LOVE, because I can PROMISE you that love? Love for yourself, for your tribe, for the work you were meant to do in the world, THAT SHIT DOES NOT RESULT IN HIDING YOUR LIGHT.

FEAR says you are not good enough.

FEAR says hide your light.

FEAR says shrink.

FEAR says just being YOU and speaking your TRUTH ain’t gonna CUT it and you have to mask, cover, gloss up, pretend, be JUST LIKE THE OTHERS.

Truth says?

Let it all hang out baby.


Dance naked down the street!

Do what you LOVE, what you MUST, what you can’t NOT, but do ALL of it, FULLY, every damn DAY, and then?

Sell the fuck out of that shit.

But not by hoping, begging, pleading, thinking that if you PLEASE them enough it might work.

Let me tell you:

If there is even a HINT of desperation in your sales process you’re ALREADY OVER.

So here is what you need to do, what you MUST do, if you EVER want to make it to where you SAY you’re supposed to be, and going:

Stop half-assing how you show up.

You say you want to be a leader and have people follow you for who you are, but yet you ACT like you’re one of the masses!

You say you have a powerful message to share, your heart ACHES when you think of what people need to know and how you could help them, but yet you give them the 2D scaled down pretty little perfect pretty fucking BORING version of it. And then you wonder why they not only don’t buy, the don’t even SEE you!

You say you’re a BADASS, a CREATOR, a MOTHERFUCKER who won’t be messed with, but yet there you are –

Oh so nice.

Oh so cute.

Raising your hand.

EVER so politely!

And asking people –

Please like me.

Please follow me.

Please listen.

Please act.

Please buy.

Do you want to know why they don’t?

You’re invisible. Your fear has SHROUDED YOUR TRUTH to the point where, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, you’re JUST LIKE THEM aka you’re not somebody to look to for inspiration, empowerment, leadership, because –

And this one should be REALLY fucking obvious!

You’re not leading.

you’re not inspiring.

You’re not empowering.

You’re simply not being who you say you’re meant to be, so nobody KNOWS and they sure as shit ain’t gonna believe you just because on occasion you try and act it.

Instead they see a child, playing dress ups, and it’s, well, cute.

And the worst part of all of this? Sooner or later YOU won’t believe it.

Your dreams will fade.

Faith will dwindle.

Fear, ultimately, will take over to the point where you wonder if what you felt inside, once upon a time when you knew it was okay to dream big, was ever even real.

And eventually?

Fear will pave the way.

And your legacy?

Will be –


The REALITY is there is NO time to waste. There is not a single moment left to KEEP LIVING THE WRONG LIFE. You are NOT going to look back 5 years, even 5 days from now, and say THANK GOD I WAITED SO LONG TO PRESS PLAY.

It’s time to get fucking serious about the fact that this is your LIFE.

This AIN’T no dress rehearsal.

You think you have a problem with selling, with getting them to follow you and then to buy?


You have a problem with being you.