the katrina ruth show


The work you have to do is to be done because you must do the work. For its own sake. Because without saying fully yes to letting what’s in you out, you are not complete, not rooted, not connected, not plugged in.

You do not need to overly exert yourself or go to extremes with effort, or really make any particular effort at all in order to receive. You will receive, and see something created out of nothing, when you state it as so and believe.

The effort, the exertion, the push, the ‘do’ … is a separate thing, a conversation to be had between you and your soul, about what you know you MUST. Not because it gets you somewhere. Never that. But simply – because you must.

That work may require sweat, effort, challenge beyond the physical and well into the energetic … or it may be simple soft flow, and leaning back, and allowing. Just remember that flow has its spiky bits too

But much of the work you previously thought had to be DONE … is work you now see GETS to be done. Outside of you. Beyond you. From faith. And because you decreed it be so. Whilst then getting back to … whatever it is YOU are meant to do.

You were born to perform miracles.

To pluck something out of nothing, diamonds from thin air, and to make a difference, even an entire world change, just by your being, your breath, your existence.

This does not mean you will not face into the fire. Hold yourself to it. Walk all the way through it.

But you must do that for its own sake. Because it must be done.

Just like taking time and space each day for whatever it is time and space is meant to be taken for each day. It must be done until it is complete. Done mostly daily. Done even when you don’t feel like it. Done when you don’t know how. Done when you feel distracted by all the other things you could turn to instead. Done ALWAYS. Because it must be done.

‘Done’? We’re talking about the simple fact of you getting plugged in each day. To whatever it is YOU are meant to be connected to.

This may occur in a heartbeat,

it may be a continuation of your flow and choice from the previous,

it may be journaling, or visioning, daydreaming, or taking a walk,

or it may be writing and writing and writing or speaking and speaking and speaking or painting and painting and painting or unleashing and unleashing unleashing, until?

Until it is done.

You were born to perform miracles, and that happens because you see what is available. You then choose to see BEYOND that, beyond the ‘now’ accepted reality you’ve built and decreed all around you, and you then, simply – choose bigger.



More colourful.



I mean … you’re choosing all the time anyway. Why not just choose more? Why not just choose what would actually be there in your full exhale? Why not just choose now?

You were born to perform miracles. To say so it is and then – it is.

There is no question as to whether this is true.

The question is only –

will you choose what you want that NOW to mean?

Or will you keep choosing what you’ve shown it already does?