Are You Happy With Where You’re At? 10 Reasons To Make A Change Today.

(Malisa, my amazing PA and a woman who has chased her dreams ferociously)

My assistant Mal has lost over half her body weight in the past couple of years. I’m not kidding, over half. She has completely transformed her body, had a double page spread in Woman’s Health & Fitness mag, and being the go-getting kind of gal she is, she sure hasn’t stopped there.

She’s since created the kind of lifestyle most people would only dream about, living in a stylish inner city apartment and wining and dining her hot new self all around town. To top it off, Mal is in the process of quitting her corporate job, working for herself and for me part-time and gradually dropping her day job down as her work for me and her online business builds up.
By the end of the year, the day job will be gone. Following along with the half of her body she wasn’t happy with holding on to.

what it takes to live the dream

I was talking to Mal this morning about The Dream Life Project, my new 5-week bootcamp to set and achieve incredible goals about your body, business and life. I was asking Mal about why she thought some people really want to change their lives and are willing to make it happen, whereas others will stick with ‘what if’ or ‘not now’. She said this, and I thought it was incredibly insightful –

“Just about every woman that I know that works in an office has little to no job satisfaction, I mean they don’t hate their job, but spending 38 hours in an office isn’t exactly a dream.  No one at the age of 6 wanted to be an accountant, it was all fun things like being a vet or a marine biologist.  Something that actually meant something.  

– so it’s perhaps a little harder for women to admit that they are allowed to dream and they are allowed to break free from the mould of their current life.”

do you feel trapped right now, or free?

Tell me. Have you really sat down and thought about where you want to be 10 years from now? 2? How about 3 months from now?I’m not talking about occasional fantasises of you in the body you dream of having, living a life most will never even glimpse and all the while tapping out an online business over afternoon coffee.Fantasies are not goals. And you don’t tend to take action on them because by definition you consider them a far off or impossible dream.

I know I don’t have to tell you that someone like Mal has thought about her goals, about where she wants her life to go.

And then she’s gone out and done the hard, scary, crazy, challenging and ultimately exhilarating work to point her life in that direction.

To make her fantasies become reality.

Tell me. Have you really sat down and thought about where you want to be 10 years from now? 2? How about 3 months from now?

I’m not talking about occasional fantasises of you in the body you dream of having, living a life most will never even glimpse and all the while tapping out an online business over afternoon coffee.

Fantasies are not goals. And you don’t tend to take action on them because by definition you consider them a far off or impossible dream.

I know I don’t have to tell you that someone like Mal has thought about her goals, about where she wants her life to go.

And then she’s gone out and done the hard, scary, crazy, challenging and ultimately exhilarating work to point her life in that direction.

To make her fantasies become reality.

everyday, people are chasing their dreams. when will you join them?

Every day when you walk down the street, you are at one point or another passing someone who has done something truly exceptional.

Lost a bucket load of weight or shed the final 5 after years of wishing about it.

Quit their job to start the business of their dreams, or said the heck with it and done both until they can afford to quit their job.

Booked that plane ticket for a trip they’ve always dreamed of but said they couldn’t, shouldn’t, don’t have time for.

Told someone they loved them, or maybe, that they don’t anymore.

Heck, even made a stand about having their lunch break to themselves or leaving at a certain time no matter what; about having a set period of ‘just for me’ time each day.

Done the inner work to find their purpose and their passion.

And given it everything they possibly can to live it every day.

You’re also passing those who believe this is as good as it gets. That they couldn’t possibly figure out how to work for themselves, how to escape the daily grind.

That their childhood dreams of freedom and fun are just faded fantasies of a life they’ll never truly be able to live. And that yeah, you do just put on another kilo or two every year as you get older. That life is just – life.

Which group would you like to join?

Or, and this may be harsh but that doesn’t stop it being true –

Which group have you already joined, by the actions you take each day? There is no sitting on the fence here. Either you’re chasing your dreams, or you’re not.

Which one do you belong to? And which one will it be from today?

10 reasons to change your life starting today

1. You’ll never know unless you try. You can think and wish and wonder and fantasise and even plan all you like, but until you actually put your head down and your butt up and get to work on your dreams like Mal did, you’ll never know what could become reality for you. You’ll never know whether those impossible dreams or fantasies could actually become true.

2. Time is going to pass anyway. How fast did the last week go? How fast has 2012 gone already? Everyday that you don’t get to work on making life happen is another day that life just happens to you. The next week, month, decade; it’s going to fly by. What do you want to be able to look back on? To not have to regret?

3. Everything you believe impossible, other people have done. Look at Mal.

(Mal, before and then in her Woman’s H&F spread. Since then she has lost a further 10+kg)

Look at the women I spoke to you about a few weeks ago, like Jess who quit her job and has been traveling for over a year now, or Katrina or Sarah who also changed their bodies. Look at Liz and Amanda and Lana and Larissa who are all creating their dream businesses right now, and all the other women on that page who are achieving the impossible. When will you decide that it’s your time?

4. Your body is designed to be perfect. Underneath the bits you don’t like, the bits that wobble or make you feel bad or sad or that you just can’t seem to change is a perfect machine. Every cell in your body is designed to be perfect, to do its job perfectly. And it’s within your power to give it that chance; to beat the emotional ties that keep pulling you back to your old habits and to once and for all create an incredible and lasting transformation.

5. You were born to live an incredible life. Just as your body is designed for perfection, so is your life. You are not ordinary. You are not average. You have a purpose, or several of them, and there are things you can do that nobody else will ever do as well. This doesn’t mean your life won’t become ordinary if you let it. It’s up to you to choose to fly. To choose to be exceptional and live your dreams. Will you choose?

6. You have unique talents that nobody else will ever have. Worth repeating. What would your life be like if you really let your wings spread?

7. It’s selfish not to. There are gifts that you have to share with the world. This could be through creating writing or art, it could be through inspiring or motivating people, or simply by being an example that dreams can become real in things big or small. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s not by trudging off to the daily grind and joining the masses of grumpy and complaining people just getting through life. Hiding your talents is selfish. It’s unfair to you but it’s also unfair to all the people whose lives you could impact.

8. You’ll live with regret and what if for the rest of your life, possibly even hate yourself. It doesn’t even bear thinking about. But if you’re not happy with where you are right now, what are you going to do to ensure that’s the last time you ever have to admit such a thing? What are you going to do right now?

9. You’ll miss out on so much. Yes, you’ll miss your dreams and all the things you could have, be, experience. But practically speaking what else will you miss? How many more times do you want to be too tired, down, not have enough time to engage with your kids or partner? To attend that event? To truly relax, laugh, and let go? To experience utter joy and fulfilment, or just a weekend trip away for God’s sakes? What are you giving up on by chasing the ordinary life?

10. Life is now. And that’s what it all comes down to, really. Life is now.

it’s time to press play.

When I asked Mal to write something for me as a testimonial for my new coaching program, she said this. It reflects me a little bit, but maybe 1%. Mostly, it reflects her, and the life she was willing to reach for.

“Most mornings I have to pinch myself when I wake up, to make sure I’m not still dreaming.  When I think back to how my life was several years ago, I would have never imagined it like this!Back then I was overweight, in a dead end job that I hated and living far beyond my means; fast forward to now and I’ve lost more than half my body weight, quit my job & work for myself, from home, in an inner city apartment.  I eat out at fancy restaurants, I go on holidays and I’m excited by what could happen each day!

At the start of my journey, I didn’t even know what I wanted, I knew what I was living wasn’t it though!  Not long after that I stumbled across one of Kat’s blogs, I subscribed to her regular emails & became part of her community, not realising that she would be providing me with regular inspiration & often the slap in the face I needed to get up and do something.

I might be living my dream life now, but I’m not done yet – I still want more!”

Right now, if you want to change your life, you can do it. Right now, you can make a choice that you’re not satisfied. Not fulfilled. And that you’re capable of so much more.

No, you don’t have to know where to start. You don’t even have to know what it is you actually want. Trust me, when you make the choice to reach for more, you’ll figure out what more is. It will come if you’re willing to let it, and to take action every day; even if action simply means writing down a hundred times ‘what do I want in life?!’ – and then waiting for the smallest seed of an answer to come to you.

the dream life project. work with me to change your life and reach your dreams.

The Dream Life Project is a 5-week bootcamp coaching course with me, designed specifically to change your life and have you achieve one or more goals to do with your body, biz (or getting awesome job satisfaction) and life.

It is a goal-setting slash butt-kicking program, and very action orientated. I’ll be there to support you and help you every step of the way.

Participation won’t be high in terms of time. Reaching your dreams is not about staying up all night to work your butt off. If anything, it’s about doing less to achieve more. And definitely about pushing some emotional buttons you may have been avoiding. About recognising what you don’t want anymore in order to then reach for what you do want.

As you work through the 5 weeks with me you will start to realise that not only are you finally getting on track in getting the body, business or job and lifestyle that you want, but that you truly know what ‘knowing what you want’ actually means.

Each week you’ll receive video, audio and written motivation. Plus strategies, tools and support from me. Specific actions and ideas to implement to create the body of your dreams, to dare to dream that you could escape the daily grind and make money doing something you love, and to wake up every day excited about what’s ahead for you.

There is a forum where you’ll receive inspiration and support and be able to share with other like-minded women as well as myself. There are also a bunch of bonuses, including a free copy of my new book (out on Amazon in July), my Eating Plan, my book on How To Be That Girl (which outlines how to achieve your dreams and includes the story of how I created Woman Incredible), and a few other cool things.

Specifically we will be working on creating the perfect lifestyle diet for you, on overcoming emotional eating for good, on how to know your values, passion and purpose and how to get stuff that matters done. We will cover practicalities on starting your own business in as little as a couple of hours per week and for little to no cost. I will give you the exact tools I used to do the same and to help many of my mentoring clients to create their dream businesses from the ground up. We will go into detail on the step-by-step processes and strategies I use with myself and clients to get from overwhelm and no idea where to start to achieving even the biggest and scariest goals.

By the end of the 5 weeks you will have dramatically changed your body, your biz, your life. Just like Mal, your fantasies will have become reality, and just like her you will be ready for more. Always, always, ready for more of the incredible life you’re creating.

Join me in The Dream Life Project for only $99 upfront, which is a recurring yearly fee that you can stop anytime. Yes, it’s insanely cheap for a program of this calibre, especially considering you receive a 1-year Dream Life Project membership for free when you join. It’s a foundation price, and in the future it will increase to better reflect its value. For now, it’s about me giving back; wanting to give something that I know will change your life and wanting to make it an easy decision for you to make. Knowing that when you do your life will change immeasurably for good, and knowing that I’m going to love being a part of that process for you.

The program kicks off Monday July 16th, and the doors will close mid the week after next (the 11th July).

If you can’t start on the 16th, or are traveling during the 5 weeks after that, it’s fine. That’s just the official kick-off date, you can start when you are ready; the content will be there waiting for you and so will I.

This is your life. This is your one shot to create what you want, to be the you who you’ve always or perhaps never even dared to dream of being.

Who do you want to be? Where do you want your life to go? Which group do you want to say you belong to?

I hope that you’ll join Mal, Jess, Liz, Katrina, Amanda, Pam and all those other incredible women I’ve spoken to you about in chasing your dreams.

I know that you can.

And I know that I can give you the strategies to make sure that you do.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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