Kat’s Christmas & Boxing Day 50% or More Off Sale!

Beautiful one!

I hope you had the most beautiful Christmas period, whether with family and loved ones or simply relaxing or taking some pause solo.

There are just 2 days (ends Friday December 29) left to scoop up an 80% (or more!) private mentoring intensive with me, or any one of my incredible new courses from this year for 50% off in my Christmas & Boxing Day sale!

One thing I do wanna point out (okay few things lol)

– The two 1:1 offers both fit the category of ‘I have literally never priced my private mentoring this low before’

– Every single course I made this year was MIND blowingly game-changing, but my fave for entrepreneurs is The PlayLife #Rulebreaker Society (this is actually the best entrepreneur / online biz course I have EVER created), my fave for expecting your life to change and SEEING it is Write Speak Decree it Real with God, and my fave for walking deeper with God and what He has for you is SPIRIT.

– My NEW signature and fully God led course Elevated Expectation is also mentioned on this page, and yep I dropped it by 70%. This course is live and has just begun! The LIVE bit kicks off – soon! And is all in / ongoing from next week.

My suggestion? Def don’t miss Elevated Expectation. And from there decide what you want or need to gift yourself!

‘k there was some detail 😉

Actual access deets below x

This sale will be for 3 days only, so hurry! Choose one, choose all, choose what HITS you!

Additional to this sale, I did make a couple of pretty epic moves right before Christmas. I wildly price dropped my new and just kicked off money course Elevated Expectations to about 70% off what it was. For the FULL live course. Our live content starts in the NY (sneaky extra this week thoooo).

And? I really believe you’re supposed to be in!! Your place + immediate access at www.thekatrinaruthshow.com/elevatedexpectation

And – I am bringing back my two fave 1:1 intensives from the past few YEARS, which is to say my 80% off Giving Tuesday mini VIP day sale and also my ‘most ridic. private mentoring offer ever’, 25 days with me in Idea to Sold private!

Both of these were recent offers of mine which I am just CRAZY in love with the delivery of and the people who came in, and it’s been filling my heart to overflowing on the daily to get to have done this! These 1:1 offers will be up for just a few days over Christmas!

Click this link for the mini VIP day 80% off offer: https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/givingtuesday/

Click this link for the 25 days with me private in Idea to Sold intensive! https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/ideatosoldprivate/

Keep reading below for the actual Christmas and Boxing Day 50% off sale deets. Yes this is one of those emails you will need to properly peruse. Either that or just scroll and go with what hits you 😉

Happy shopping or, more relevantly, happy dropping in on what it is time for for YOU.

I love you and I’m praying for you as we head into the NY. I am planning to drop in on a livestream for you this next day or two, so see you there!

Kat x

PS Below are all the courses 50% off. The prices, including payment plan options, have been adjusted at check out already. Enjoy!

For the Woman With a Burning Desire for MORE, Who Is Ready to See Fire Raining From the Heavens in Every FACET of Her Life as She Says Fully Yes to Who God Designed Her to Be. FOR YOU.


Are you ready for more MONEY FLOW, BIZ FLOW, GOD FLOW, YOU FLOW, and a life you get to RUN with every day knowing your DESTINY is being decreed with your every move?

My 30-day ‘code your life right with God’ low-cost course! It is a JUMPSTART, and an entry point, or just a continuation, of your work with me. The gist is … let’s take a few minutes each day to PLUG IN WITH HIM INTENTIONALLY SUCH THAT ALL ENTIRE DESTINY JUST UNFOLDS LIKE WOAH!


If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to allow God to strip it ALL back and create a new way which is the TRUE way …There is a different way.

Come join us

and let’s walk into it

ALL the way.

Stop waiting.

Let’s do this thing.


This day was … PHENOMENAL. Shockingly so. Honestly, what I covered could have gone into a 10 month conversation minimum! Ha. Always the way.

I was amazed and HUMBLED at how deep God took us, and what He brought through me.

There are 7 audio links and each has a title but that being said … each covers way too many points to try and wrap into a title.


Join The PlayLife #Rulebreaker Society – My Signature ‘Tear It All Up & Do Something Actually Fun’ Course for Entrepreneurs Who Know They Came to MAGNETIZE, and the Place Where You Go From Boring & Bleugh to Can’t-Take-My-Eyes-Off-Her in Just 6 Weeks!


30 Days with the Lord,

in which what is for you, now –

Is revealed.

It’s time to DECREE a thing,

to understand what that means,


as you walk out the faith

the authority

and the task

you are given.

Say yes NOW!


A Workshop Masterclass on saying YES to what you really want – and getting it!

Don’t you see?

You were designed to be a dreamer.

And it’s just –

time to say yes.


10 Weeks with Me to Sort Out Your Mindset, Your Focus, Your ENTIRE Inner Game Around Being HER And … TO APPOINT YOURSELF FULLY TO WHERE YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN SHOWN TO GO. The Money Streams. The Biz Systems + Practicalities. The Unapologetic Branding and Viiiiiibe. And the Whole Entire THEN SHE JUST WOKE UP AND RAN THE FREAKIN’ THING Va-Va-Voom You’ve Been Waiting On. And When I Say You … I Mean The World 😉


10 days together, walking fully into the rest and fire of God,

such that you finally LET GO OF TRYING TO DO

and create a new way where you simply SEE

how He would have you be.



  • Million $ Content Creation Spreadsheet (Plus a PDF version is also available if you hate excel)
  • The FULL Masterclass Video Training: How to Supernaturally Drop In!
  • ​Deep Dive Video: Productivityyyyy – The Supernatural Way
  • ​The Vision Of Your Messaging And Marketing – Joyous Creativity Meditation/Activation Audio
  • ​PLUS! – Bonus: I’m including that you can also PM me one question about where you most get stuck sharing a message which actually magnetizes your soul peeps on repeat.


Workshop Masterclass on how to LET GO OF THE PURSUIT of more, or enough, of being or feeling safe around money, and of seeing money (and success/accomplishment in general) as you source.

Included FREE with the Elevated Expectation all new money course above at top of this page, as Pre-Work!


Wanna flick the switch on momentum in your sales, your messaging, your marketing, your MOOD, and now?

Wanna understand how I knock out fresh inspired content day in and day out, have done so for nearly 20 years online, have learned how to consistently let my business follow what is true for ME, and continue to speak straight to the core of my ideal soulmate person all without spending anything LIKE the supposed time + hacking away the internet says you must?


Any questions gorg just DM me!

And don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.