Katrina Ruth’s ‘Black Sheep Secrets’ Bundle

Katrina Ruth’s ‘Black Sheep Secrets’ Bundle

Get My BEST ‘Black Sheep Marketing Secrets’  As I Bundle Together What Is Literally A Blueprint Of How I’ve Built My Online Business Over The Past 12+ Years!

Get your bundle before the countdown timer ends and save a HUGE $786!

Hey Gorgeous,

I’m bringing it this 4th July with a special gift just for YOU!

For the next 48 hours only I’m bundling up three of my best selling programs from the past twelve months, and in true Katrina Ruth style I’m discounting the fuck out of them!

Of course, these aren’t just any old programs … I’m giving you what has quite literally been the blueprint from my online biz shiz over the past 12+ years!
Check it out –
Program 1: Million Dollar Templates
Program 2: Million Dollar Funnels
Program 3: High Ticket Sales with SUPER Ease Workshop. 
If you were to buy these three programs separately you’d have to pay $1,063 BUT today you can get all three programs bundled together for an INSANELY low single payment of just $277 or take my payment plan option and pay just three payments of $97!
Just make sure that you HURRY because this bundle’s not going to hang around for ever!
On sale strictly for 48 hours or until the first hundred bundles sell out (which-ever comes first)!

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Program 1: Kat’s Million Dollar Templates!

The Essential Make Your Millions Manual – For Creative Badasses Who Need a Foundation To Monetize Their Art & Madness, Now!

What if I were to tell you that I actually have a system, a structure, a process and a particular WAY of doing things for every –

single –
thing –
Which I or my team do or HAVE done in my biz to turn it into a motherfucking EMPIRE of chaos and madness where all I do each day is wake up, be ME, and do my ART?
Wait, don’t answer that! I was GOING to ask you if you’d WANT such a plan, a system, a structure, a process, the WAY (to what? to ALLLLLLLL the things!), but I know, I know, I KNOW!!!
We better get this out of the way straight up before I go any further, right?
I am ALL about that fuck the system fuck your planning fuck ANYTHING that tells me how to DO something way of life.
Rules? Systems? Structure? PROCEDURE?
NOT ON YOUR FUCKING LIFE, and I’m PRETTY damn certain I’ve actively and specifically used the words fuck TEMPLATES, and DEFINITELY made a ton of fun of people who use ’em.

But …
Well. (eek!!)
I kind of have a CONFESSION to make around this whole thing. And I want to thank you in advance for GETTING where I’m coming from here!! You see I realised, Of COURSE I have systems, ways of doing things, processes, and even motherfucking PROCEDURE, bitch! It’s been getting developed since the START, since I first began blogging and trying my hand at this whole online gig back in 2006, and LONG before I made my millions.
In fact without all of this up-till-now-only-in-my-head TEMPLATING shiz niz, I wouldn’t even HAVE a multi million dollar business!
I actually do have all this awesome stuff I can break down and SHARE with you!
Sign up to Kat’s Million Dollar Templates and you will get just that….all of my templates….over 40 of them!!!
Nicely laid out (by my team, not me, are you kidding me; I be the CONTENT Queen not the layout or design Queen!)
Exactly what to do And exactly how to do it
I’m NOT just giving you the templates.
I’m NOT just giving you the fancy as fuck layout and graphics.
I’m NOT even just giving you a HOW-THE-FUCK-HOW-TO USE IT ALL?
I’m going to roll these templates out for you via a video training.
30 days.
Of KILLER learning, action taking and GROWTH.
You and me, and ALL the other badasses who’ll be joining us!
Every.Single.One.Of.The.Templates explained and expanded upon for you.
So are you in?

Hell Yes Kat! Give Me Your ‘Black Sheep Marketing Secrets’ Bundle NOW!

Program 2: Million Dollar Funnels

For Online Entrepreneurs Who Are Tired of Having to Figure Out Where the Money is Coming From Each Week, and Ready to Build a Cash Machine Which Works, So They Can Do What They Love and Do Best, All Day Every Day!


Let’s get real here, and right away, as well:

You have a powerful message to share with the world, you KNOW you can help people, and your content is freakin’ INCREDIBLE … the only problem is?
WAY too few people are aware of that situation.
Could be that this is the case because you’re not actually, well, DOING anything to create it OR get it out there –
Or it could be that you just don’t really know …
Haven’t figured out …
And frankly, are overwhelmed and scared of even trying …
Here’s the thing:
Since I began using an automated income process in my business, in the form of VERY simple funnels which I at first built FULLY by myself, no team and not a single VA involved, I’ve had as much as $90,000 per WEEK come in in automated income.

Just let that sink in for a moment. Not because I want you to be impressed at MY revenue, but because I want to impress UPON you just exactly what is available and possible for you.
$90,000 in AUTOMATED income. In a week.
Meaning –
– Income which comes in even if I don’t post a single thing on social media (unlikely!! but wouldn’t affect the funnel income!)
– Income which comes in even if I spend the entire week chilling on the beach or having daily massages and hanging with my soul girls (definitely not an uncommon occurance!)
– Income which comes in while I’m being a Mum … while I’m sleeping … while I’m dreaming up new ways to make even more money and help more people!
Income which just.comes.in.
Whether I do anything for it.
And whether I don’t.
And ALL of this because I got off my ass, and figured the fuck OUT how to demystify what was once such a scary and NOT fun idea that I literally procrastinated on it for 6 years of my business.
Well what this course is about, is teaching you how to take a funnel from as little as $0, right through to a million dollars and BEYOND … even if you know nothing about automated online marketing, and the tech side terrifies you.

And here’s what else:

I’m talking about getting it sorted that FAST even if right now you have NO clue about automated online marketing, and the tech side terrifies you!
What I’m going to teach you in Million Dollar Funnelswill change EVERYTHINGfor you.
What I WANT is for you to walk out knowingEVERYTHING you need to know about how to bring your funnel to life, as well as everything you need to know to do it. WITH SIMPLICITY!
So, that’s what we’re gonna do!
Are you ready to face the big scary world of funnels and automate the fuck out of your income?!

Hell Yes Kat! Give Me Your ‘Black Sheep Marketing Secrets’ Bundle NOW!

Program 3: High-Ticket With SUPER Ease Workshop

Join My High Ticket Sales with Ease Online Workshop, and I’ll Show You How I Consistently and Weekly Do Sales Up to 80k+ Per Sale PURELY Over FB Messenger Chat, in as Little as 1-5 Minutes, and With NO Sales Page or Discovery Call Required … Ever! 


I’ve been selling high-end offers since 2008, and so I guess purely just ’cause of the time investment I know a thing or two …

But here is why this is the FIRST time I’ve ever done a full training or course on this:
Over the past few years I’ve shifted to where 100% of my high-ticket sales, up to $80,000+, come from a simple FB messenger conversation that takes as little as 1-5 minutes.
Which is cool, and impressive, I think (!), but what is REALLY cool?
100% of my clients are super fun to work with badasses who are SOULMATE clients (same person as me, basically!) who I love to hang out with, who ONLY elevate and expand me and add energy to me, who do the WORK, and who get killer results.
I’m talking results like going from 5-10k / month to over 50k / month … 100k / month … 200k / month … in as little as a YEAR.
It happened because I got the fuck out of my own way, and let my TRUE work and gifts and power as a leader come through, and I committed FULLY to only working with who I am meant to, in the way I am meant to, and to ALWAYS saying what I know I need to say, no matter what people think about it!

It happened because I followed what I knew INSIDE of me … and let my message sell for me.
And also?
It happened because I decided to FUCK OFF THE IDEA that selling had to be hard or even remotely TIME consuming, and I decided to learn how to let it be SO damn easy, where I ONLY do what feels good for me and I receive, continually, with ease!
Now, in this workshop + 7-day intensive, I’m going to teach you how!
I’ll Show You How I Consistently and Weekly Do Sales Up to 80k+ Per Sale PURELY Over FB Messenger Chat, in as Little as 1-5 Minutes, and With NO Sales Page or Discovery Call Required … Ever!
Revealing ALL of the Magic, the Mystery, the Mindset and of course the MONEY of High-Ticket Selling!
Plus Follow On Trainings & Prompts all saved on the membership site for you to keep for LIFE.
I’ll guide you through anything and everything YOU need and desire to know following on from the BIG workshop!
Audio bonuses, journaling prompts, guidance on bringing your high-ticket offers and scripts to life, feedback as you start rolling it out, and more!
Join now, and hit the ground running!

Hell Yes Kat! Give Me Your ‘Black Sheep Marketing Secrets’ Bundle NOW!

How about you gorgeous?
Ready to commit to YOU and stop making it so.damn.hard?
Ready to step into the life and business you know you were born for?
Ready to say ‘fuck you’ to the rules and create from a place of ease and flow?
It’s time.
Click here to get my best stuff and launch yourself and your biz into a new dimension. 
And Remember –
Life is Now. Press Play.
Kat x

Hell Yes Kat! Give Me Your ‘Black Sheep Marketing Secrets’ Bundle NOW!