Maybe you’re scared of the work you’re really supposed to do.

Maybe, when you think about the level of power you know you could tap into, the magic of creation and flow and woah which could come through you, if only you’d allow it, the deeper level of soul and cellular transformation which would just pour out of you, without you even doing anything, and into those who come into contact with you … even touch you … whose spirit sees yours for even a MOMENT –

You back away.

You shrink.

You turn to something else, a distraction, oh look! Look at that nice shiny thing over there, yes, yes, that’s a good thing for me to do, will keep me busy, will keep me creating … something.

But not the thing.

Oh no, not that!

Do you know what I think happens, really? Since we’re being honest and all?

I don’t think you back away at all. I don’t think you shrink. Hide. Allow yourself to be distracted, swayed by shadow work; a lesser version of your true and MOST transformational soul work, I think YOU DON’T EVEN GO THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

What on earth are you gonna back away from, when you don’t even LOOK.

You can’t very well have to go to bed each night feeling sad and mad and bad at yourself for avoiding your truth when you kept yourself so.damn.IN the not quite right life that there was no time to notice –

No space to think about it –

Nothing in your face to make you see.

And the only reason you even know –

that it could be a thing –

for you to do a different thing –

and BE the thing,

your soul so deeply craves for, gasps for, begs for, prays for, will KILL for –

is that every so often, as you pass through your day, you startle –

while walking by a mirror
a shop window
the shininess of a newly washed car

– and with eyes wide open, you wonder –

What was THAT?!

A ghost? A shadow? A whisper? A nothing? SOMETHING?

And you continue on your way, soon forgetting but never really, that moment in time when once again the ghost of the soul you murdered –


– flitted quickly past you to show you what was,

and what could still be, if only, when given the chance, you would choose to SEE




just WAITING to be allowed to live again.

But oh no no no, never mind! There’s content to be created,

clients or customers to be placated,

Funnels which you’re making OH so fly, just watch, WATCH ME A BADASS MUM, HERE I GO!


I guess that’s all there is to say about that.

And so it was that once upon a time there was an artist,

a healer,

a messenger whose work would transcend the ages,







there would have been.

there could have been.

there should have been.

Meanwhile –

She built a damn good funnel.

And her Instagram was fly as fuck.

So at least –

There’s that ..

And, well.

That’s something about somethin’ now, isn’t it?