My Site Is Back and I’m Throwing a Celebration Sale – On NOW for 24 Hours Only!

I am in a particularly amazing mood right now!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Woman Incredible has been up, down and all over the place this past week after the server where my site is hosted crashed. My PA and Blog Tech Guy have been putting up with multiple frantic emails per day from me as they’ve tried to figure out why the site kept going down again.

Anyhoo … not only is the site (fingers and toes crossed) 100% fixed, but on top of that I went to the mechanic today and was told my $1800 bill had been downgraded to, uh, $5.

AND I got a money order in the mail for $5. How cool is that?!

I also just wrote the third last chapter for my new book on Overcoming Emotional Eating.

So I am kind of love love loving Friday, and I wanted to make your Friday a little bit special as well as welcome you back to the site.

celebration sale! 24 hours only.

First cab off the rank is free shipping on Woman Incredible grass-fed organic protein.

It’s yummy, it comes in a range of flavours it’s top notch, it’s carb-free and you get a free recipe book with it. Including pancakes and brownies! Grab yours here.

Next up is my Look Great Naked Eating Plan plus the Look Great Naked Smoothie Collection FREE.

As you may know, today is the final day that it is on sale anyway! But this will be extended until tomorrow now 🙂

AND you will receive a FREE copy of the Look Great Naked Smoothie Collection when you grab your Eating Plan in today’s celebration sale. The Look Great Naked Eating Plan teaches you how to eat right, effortlessly to get the body you want. It is chock full of meal plans, recipes, how to eat, what to eat and much more. Plus comes with 8 very handy bonuses!

Use the above link to get your Eating Plan with free Smoothie Collection (normally $9.97) for just $57 before it goes up to full price at $79 tomorrow. You can read about the Eating Plan in detail over here (including lots of great success stories), and the Smoothie Collection over here.

Come back to this page for your purchase though, so you automatically get both products sent to you.

Last up – a little bit special

This one is for 5 people only. It’s my Look Great Naked Training Plan PLUS my Look Great Naked Eating Plan PLUS my Fat Loss Smoothie Collection.

Grab the Training Plan and pay just an extra $30 to get the Eating Plan and Smoothie Collection thrown in! That’s a saving of $58.97!

Use my Training Plan to get results and you can expect to be challenged like never before.

You will learn how to understand training program variables, how to train to your maximum efficiency in the least possible amount of time, and how to get results by training smart as well as hard. And all to suit your own lifestyle and gym, home or travel training preferences.

It comprises over 12 months of home and gym programs, as well as everything you need to know about food, goalsetting, preparation, travel and much more to do with training!

Check it out here.

The first 5 people to buy the Training Plan and then send $30 to through Paypal will receive this bundle. You’ll get the Training Plan right away and then the Eating Plan and Smoothie Collection will be emailed to you manually within 24 hours.

That’s it for my Friday Celebration Sale! Get in on it, or don’t but either way I hope your Friday is as fabulous as mine is feeling right now!

Life is Now. Press Play.



My ‘Going Fully Quantum’ training will break down ALL of what we’ve discussed today, and teach you the finer details and finesse of it, as well as exactly what needs to be true for you to APPLY it, not only into the practical actions you need to create THAT money flow and THOSE results, but also in terms of ALL the energetics of it, especially the ‘being and non-being’ around dropping in to superflow so you can be shown, create, receive, AND of course the being around not being one of those people who just can’t seem to choose faith and are ruled by fear. We’ll also talk about creating and integrating the exact wording, beliefs, emotions, energies YOU need for all of this to switch effortlessly for you, as you’ve always known it would.

In other words: EVERYTHING you need to know to go fully quantum, and double your income in 30 days or less, or whatever else you choose!

Where will you find this training?

Why, it’s one of the very first training in ‘Remembering Who You Always Were’, which. is our June intensive for Purpose Passion Flow Academy, my SUPER low-cost monthly membership mastermind!

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And this training?

Will change your freaking reality. Well – it will REMEMBER it.

It’s all available to you gorgeous.

You know this already.,In the quantum it is DONE. And in Purpose Passion Flow Academy, and especially our June intensive ‘Remembering Who You Always Were’? We gon’ done do it.


Final day for 50% off + bonuses, and me? Right there by your side from here on out:


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