It happened when you took your eye off the ball, stopped trying to make it happen, and just let it be.

It happened when you realised it wasn’t about PUSHING that particular ball up the hill, but instead about putting your focus onto where it SHOULD be. You know, the whole live yo’ best life and have fun thing.

It happened when you quit FIXATING on that there ball … and by ball I mean, in no particular order:

the money you think you should have

the engagement your ego is shrieking at you to have

the look or brand vibe you decided would make you ONE of the ‘haves’

and the entire mish mash of mumbo jumbo in your head about everything you think you need to be on top of or know or do each day, or else!

and instead you just –


Present. Here. With what is.

Wanna know the most transformative thing you can do? Be fucking present. The most powerful thing you can give, to your business, your finances, your children, your honey, your self? Be fucking present. The most critical thing you MUST be on top of, in order to ALWAYS know the move to make and NEVER have it feel like an out of your own reach or ability mission?

Be fucking present.

Which means –

it happened when you realised that there WAS no freaking ball, there was NEVER a ball, there never WILL be a ball, and there never WAS gonna be a ball. Who even said ball?! Unless we’re getting dressed to the nines with our red bottoms on, the word doesn’t even need a MENTION!

So if there is no ball, then what TF are you working towards, chasing, trying to get, trying to push some place?



And nope, it’s not some other image or shape you vision up now and imagine as a focus point. Because THE whole point is this:

when you’re focusing on getting, chasing, pushing, or even on the idea of having to focus on focus –

by definition you are not HERE. It’s like … eternally feeling guilty about all the things you don’t do as a Mum, which other more crafty or homey Mums are all on top of and you should DEFINITELY DO OR ELSE YOU SUCK … but meanwhile you’re continue worry about what you’re not doing is stopping you from just being here, now. And next minute they’re growing up, they don’t want or need you so much, and you made your PRESENCE not enough for so long that now you feel like you don’t even know how to give it. And your mind STILL worries about all the things you most definitely should do (or else!), yet somewhere inside you know –

None of it is needed. All that is needed, all that I needed to do in all those years, and exactly what I must do NOW is – be. Time. Space. Presence. LIVING the MOMENT together. Whatever that moment looks like, and whatever ensues from it. And whatever is meant to get ‘done’ … this is how it will become so.

Are you doing this in your business?

With a particular offer, and how you want it to sell?

In your relationships?

With your own body?

Your own self?

With every freakin’ part of LIFE?

Where babe, where? Where is it time to stop frantically and never-endingly focusing on how to get the ball moving, or even the idea of there being a ball to keep your eye on, and instead?

Stop. Drop it all. And roll right into YOU, into being with what is right now. Opening your eyes. Looking around. And noticing ALL YOU ALREADY HAVE AND ALL THAT IS ALREADY AVAILABLE TO YOU IN THIS PLACE.

The magic they don’t tell you, and which you can never know until you stop and be HERE:

this is the exact and the ONLY way you will be shown the moves to make which open the entire WORLD to you. And all the things you thought you’d be able to get, or have, or become, when you FINALLY make your way up that hill?

This is where they are. The only place they ever were. And the only place they ever could be.

Are you really gonna keep on telling yourself some other story? You really think you’re gonna TELL some other story, about how it happened?