The Dream Life Project. 5 Weeks To Change Your Body, Your Biz, Your Life. With Me. Open NOW!

The Dream Life Project is currently closed. Check back soon for the next release date!

Do you want to change your body?

Have you thought about quitting your job if only you could think of or create the dream business to make a living from?

Are you sick of promising yourself that this WILL be your year, only to realise that yet another day, week, month has flown by without you truly getting to do the things you thought you’d be doing by now?

If you answered even half of a yes to any of those questions then you are going to love The Dream Life Project Bootcamp. I absolutely guarantee it.

The Dream Life Project is a 5-week program in which I will take you by the hand, get inside your head, push you to decide what you really, truly, madly, deeply want out of your life, and then give you the tools and butt-kicking support to help you make it happen.

It’s about identifying what you want for your body, what your dream business or career would be, and what sort of life you’d love to live. Identifying it, and then starting to create it.

And yep, all in 5 weeks.

It’s detailed, it’s intensive, it’s fun, it has video and audio and strategy sheets and all sorts of tools and goodies and a forum and a lot of support and bonuses and phone call jamming sessions and a LOT more.

Basically it is a system-based program in which I’ll give you exact actions to find what your dreams are and then to reach them.

Quite simply, the Dream Life Project Bootcamp is going to be a complete revolution of your body, your biz or career, and indeed your life.

It kicks off this July 16th, and registrations will close on Wednesday July 11th. Make sure you don’t miss out on joining at the foundation rate, which includes a full year’s membership to The Dream Life Project inner circle, giving you 100% free access to all future Dream Life Project content I create through that time as well as ongoing forum access and support!

The Dream Life Project – Making Your Dreams Come True!

This bootcamp contains every last bit of my love, passion, knowledge and experience on how to change your life.

Let’s get real about you. About the life you want to live.

Your body. Your business or life’s work. Your life.

These are the things we all want to be ‘just so’. Right?

And guess what? They’re also the things we’re going to transform throughout your bootcamp journey with me.

Make that a big fat yes YOU!

how your dream life project bootcamp will work

You can hit the ground running and decide to change all 3 areas.

You can choose just one area (body, biz, life) and follow that thread. You can change your mind as you go. The content will be yours to access and download and keep for an entire year, so you can work through it all at once or in your own time.

The bootcamp kicks off officially July 16, but you can start it anytime after that. And come back to it as often as you like.

You can take as much as you want or just what you need.

You can join in on the live support and the forum or you can keep to yourself and work your way through, changing your life in your own quiet way. Or you can brag your butt off about all the awesome things that are happening in your life.

There’s gonna be a LOT to brag about 🙂

more details

I’ve designed the Dream Life Project to teach you the step-by-step strategies I used to create the body, business and life of my dreams. The same strategies I’ve used time and time again with my clients and the women I’ve worked with through Woman Incredible.

Here are just a few of their stories.



Thank you so much for the difference you have made to my life.

As you know I have been struggling with my health (Adrenal Fatigue, etc). I have not worked for the last 6 months, getting out of bed has been a challenge, I have been sleeping during the day, I was extremely stressed and had no energy (or motivation) for exercise. Also in the past I have done a lot of different exercise programs and worked really hard but never got the results I wanted.

Then… I met you. Everything you say makes sense and I can see not only in your own physic and life, but in all of your clients that what you teach really works. You gave me a simple program that I could do at home (so I didn’t need to leave the house) and use my own body weight. I have had so many people tell me I have lost weight (which I haven’t), but clearly my body has changed shaped. I feel alive for the first time and have a new level of confidence that I had lost when I lost my health. So many great things are happening in my life – who would have thought by getting the right advice from the right person could make such a difference.

What inspired and motivated me to take action was your amazing experience and seeing how you live your life. I’ve been really enjoying your newsletters where you have been vulnerable and really shared the shifts you’ve made in your own life. You inspired me and gave me hope again, that I too could finally have the body and life I’ve always wanted – at 40!!

Kat, you walk your talk, you have massive integrity and the value you provide is incredible.

Thank you for the gift that you are to the world and I look forward to updating you with my ongoing transformation.

Jo Harrison, Woman Incredible reader

Hi Kat,

really getting some great info on ‘telling it like it is’ from you. Seriously there is a lot of rubbish people like to spin you…I have really enjoyed reading your posts and for the first time in a very long time are starting to like my body again after years of pre/post comp days. I have dropped the low fat food for more nutritional foods that you have posted up today. Thankyou so much for being ‘there’ for me. You have no idea how you have changed my outlook.

Trudi Schoch, Woman Incredible blog reader

Hi Kat,

I just want to thank you for your mentoring and support over the last couple of years. I look at how my business has developed and snowball into what it is today and I know that meeting with you has been a huge factor in this. On both a personal and business prospective you taught me to expect more from myself while also using techniques that taught me not too hard on myself at the same time.

Your overall knowledge is outstanding and I thank you for sharing this with me.

Amanda Brown, The Queen of Lean

it’s time for you dreams to start coming true

The Dream Life Project will show you how to never have to worry about motivation again.

How to never again wonder ‘is this all there is?’ but instead to know that every day you plant your feet on the floor is a day that you’re living according to your purpose and passion.

Looking, feeling, living the dream.

NOW is your life and NOW is the time to press play on your dreams. Most women out there will admire, congratulate, and be inspired by others out there who are grabbing life by the horns and then they will never ever do anything about it.

You can choose at any time to decide what would make your life incredible, what would fulfill and lift you up. What would inspire you and change the world for you.

And you can decide you’re going to go after it. Now. No holds barred.

results! how the dream life project bootcamp will change your life

The The Dream Life Project Bootcamp is powerful. It’s transformative. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded women and you’ll have me as your secret weapon.

Here are some ways all this is going to revolutionise your life in just 5 weeks. You’ll –

  • Learn how to identify what your dream life really entails so that you don’t spend the next 5 or 10 years sinking further and further into ‘normalia’
  • Overcome the fear of reaching for your dreams and learn how to just do it
  • Become incredibly specific and demanding about what you want for yourself and what your ‘ideal you’ truly entails
  • You’ll become more confident, trust yourself more, and be motivated from within to reach for your dreams daily
  • I’ll show you how to get really really honest about what you actually care about, rather than just playing it safe and going after the things you think you need or want to be happy. It’s gonna get real!
  • You’ll be given specific steps, strategies, resources, templates and support to kick off your dreams. You’ll be given even more of them to keep you on track and unswayed by shiny distractions. And you’ll have the chance to achieve at least one big goal or dream in each of the 3 areas (body, biz, life) throughout the 5-weeks you work with me.
  • Plus – you can remain a Dream Life Project member for life and have instant free access to each and every new piece of material and support that I create every time I re-launch the program! In fact, you get a full year’s membership and free access just for joining the bootcamp!

Katrina Ruth has been the trainer who taught me how to lose 18kg (so far) in a safe and lasting way!

Kat inspired me to be a better woman by saying “YES” to myself and putting ME at the top of my priority list.

By following Kat’s advice, I felt I had all the tools to reach my dream of being a healthy, fit, and energetic mother rather than stay a tired, overweight excuse-maker!

When I exercise, it’s as if I can hear Kat’s voice encouraging me to push through and work that bit harder to achieve more. When I’m planning or preparing meals, I think of Kat’s nutritional plan and how to make my meals Kat-approved! Now I’ve learned to listen to my body and can tell almost immediately when I’ve eaten something that doesn’t make me FEEL my best!

Kat has been an amazing resource on my journey who is a wealth of knowledge on ways to help women achieve their dreams.

For that, I am eternally grateful!

Katrina Tuscano, Mum to 4 children under 7

Kat has been so inspirational, helping us in the early stages of our business, helping us take the leap to making the changes needed to follow our dreams. As a direct result of working with Kat we were able to triple our income in less than 12 weeks! – Thanks Kat!

Larissa Watt and Lana Chapman, Assassin Personal Training

Hey Kat!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my gratitude for all the knowledge and inspiration you’ve given me over the years.

I’ve been thinking about what started this journey off for me…and it was an appointment I had with you 5 years ago to do my Metabolic Typing . Sure, I was already on the journey of healthy living and had been influenced by my mum to live more ‘holistically’, but if it wasn’t for my friend in HK who suggested I look into MT for my digestive issues, which led to finding you, which led to doing my PT course, which led to being your apprentice at FF, I wouldn’t be where I am today…and for that I am extremely grateful and appreciative.

You have motivated me to become a personal trainer, mentored me to have a successful business and inspired me to start my own lifestyle blog and dig deep and ask myself what it really is that I want out of life. I feel very privileged to have you in my life as an ongoing mentor and a close friend .

Elizabeth Codrington, Life with Elizabeth Rose

what would be a dream for you?


Maybe it’s the body. Maybe you want to know how to flick the switch mentally so that you never have to start another diet again. We’ll cover it.

Perhaps it’s the career. Maybe you dream of one day figuring out how to create a fantasy business or work to support you for life, fill you with passion, and ensure you live out your purpose and make a bucket-load of moolah doing it. We’ll be going into this in detail.

Or it could be that you want to live the ultimate dream lifestyle. One where you make the rules each day, where you go to sleep each night feeling so damn happy and proud and inspired, and where you truly just can’t wait to wake up each morning for more of it. It can happen. I’ll show you how.

how it will work

You’ll have private access to all Dream Life Project material via a secure login on my site. All of your materials will be available for the length of your Dream Life Project membership, which is a full year (included when you join the 5-week bootcamp!). You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy everything I share with you during your membership, or download it and keep it for life!

Each Monday, I’ll kick things off with a video welcome and an overview of our work and theme for the week.

You’ll then have immediate access to 3 separate training videos, one for getting the body you want, one for creating the dream biz, and one for living the daily dream.

Each video will be accompanied by an audio podcast, a transcript, and one or more strategy sheets. There will be bonus tools and extra surprises along the way.

Click here to read the exact content and resources you’ll learn and receive to get your dream body!

Click here to read the week by week content on the ‘dream biz’ side of things.

And click here for an overview of how we will pull it all together to make your dream life become a reality.



Some specific things you’ll receive through The Dream Life Project, in the way of actual systems and tools.

  • Exactly what to eat, including rules to make and rules to break
  • Exactly how to kick emotional eating and cravings for good
  • How to flick the switch mentally so eating and living well becomes automatic, and you never have to start another diet again
  • How to start a business from nothing but a vague idea, hope, or wish. The exact steps to deciding what to give a go and to test out building or re-building or bettering your biz in less than 2 hours per week.
  • Exactly how to set yourself up online, for free and again, in just a few hours.
  • A step-by-step system for building and making money from a blog or online business. Even if you don’t know how to write or choose not to write.
  • The exact strategy I use to ensure my business helps people and builds raving fans who will do my promotion without me ever having to pay for advertising.
  • Life: how to love it. Specific tools for getting more out of your day without having to give more time.
  • My productivity toolkit: how I get so much done and still spend (literally) hours each day laying around reading, or socialising, or going on a walk or to yoga or whatever
  • My stressbusters toolkit: how I feel great about myself and look forward to each day. The 5 small things to do that will get you to this point.

Click here to read the exact content and resources you’ll learn and receive to get your dream body!

Click here to read the week by week content on the ‘dream biz’ side of things.

And click here for an overview of how we will pull it all together to make your dream life become a reality.

There is a lot more. That’s just a taste of the exact resources you’ll receive. A small taste 🙂

what else?

The Dream Life Project Forum

When you register for The Dream Life Project you’ll receive instant access to a private and secret Facebook group forum.

Can I tell you something?

I recently became part of a business school forum. The biz school itself has given me incredible, life changing content. But honestly I would have paid the 2 grand just for the forum. Never before in my life have I felt so supported. So understood. So safe in the knowledge that any question or fear that comes to mind I can just throw up there and instantly 20 or more women are jumping on to share their stories and help me through. And I’m doing the same for them when I can.

This is the first time in my life I have understood the power of having the right network. It’s why I’m creating it for you as well. It’s why you’ll become unstoppable at reaching your dreams even when things feel like they’re exploding around you.

And it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Talk To Me Each Week, Live!

The other ‘what else’, and this is a special one as I may not include it in future roll-outs of The Dream Life Project –

Each week I’m going to be holding a live teleseminar. It will be 8pm Melbourne time, night of the week to be decided. It will be recorded if you can’t make it.

You can send questions to me in advance, or ask them live.

When I say I want to change your life, that my purpose is to inspire you to create your dreams, I mean it. This is one way of making certain it happens for you. And usually, working with me is $500 an hour. This, will cost you nothing when you’re part of The Dream Life Project.

I think, that’s kinda cool.

register now – The Dream Life Project is live!

You can register right now, just below.

The Dream Life Project is officially open! And –

The first 50 registrants are going into the draw to win 3 private half hour coaching sessions with me. Normally, that would be $750!

I love a fast action taker 🙂

so. the dream life project. what’s it all cost anyway?

I could, maybe should, do this program for upwards of 1 grand. $1297 is the amount that was suggested to me on my business forum. To be honest that’s actually even lower than what an equivalent program just for your business would cost. Or for getting in shape. Let alone one that offers both, as well as life revolution.

In fact, The Dream Life Project Bootcamp is far and away the most comprehensive program of its kind that I have ever come across. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that even comes close.

I believe reaching for your dreams is about changing the things that we live with each day. Not just one area. That’s why it has to be all or nothing for me, and that’s why this bootcamp WILL transform your body as well as your business or career and your life.

But. It’s not going to be the $1297 it’s valued at, or indeed even close.

I am releasing this bootcamp at the foundation price of just $99. Yes, it is insanely and even freakishly cheap. Especially as you get a full year membership included, with free access to all my new Dream Life Project content, and a ton of bonuses.


My goal with this bootcamp is to powerfully change as many lives as possible.

That’s why it’s just $99 for your bootcamp, including the full year access. But it IS a foundation rate, and will go up in the future.

The $99 is your annual membership fee, and is a recurring yearly subscription that you can cancel anytime. Each year the Dream Life Project will become bigger and better, and you’ll have access to all of that content as well as the ability to join in any or all future 5-week Dream Life Project bootcamps for just your yearly fee. But it’s totally cool if just once is enough for you! Remember that even if you see yourself going it alone after the 5 weeks I’m going to give you a year’s worth of access for free anyway!

So yes, you can, register right now and you’ll be working with me as an inaugural Dream Life Project bootcamp-er for just $99.

Or, 3 payments of $37 each. By signing up to this payment plan, you are committing to making full payment for membership – 3 payments over 3 months. You do receive immediate access to your Dream Life Project membership with the part payment plan, and this is offered in full faith that you commit to paying in full over the 3 months.

You can also give a membership as a gift if you choose! Just send an email after you register (reply to the email you’ll receive from me) with the name and email address of the person you’d like to gift it to.

And you’ll have lifetime access (even if you leave after your first year) to all of the content you receive from me in your first year. It’s yours to download and keep any time throughout your membership.

When it comes to making dreams come true, I’ve been honoured to help thousands of women change their lives. I’ll share some stories in a bit. And if you’re willing, you can be next.

I’d love for you to be. I’m pretty sure you’d love it even more than what I would, and I love it a LOT.

Kat constantly amazes me by seeing what she wants to be or achieve and sets about making it happen.

I was most inspired recently by her passion for what she’s building now with The Dream Life Project. Her energy is contagious and challenging all at once. However it’s not just her strength and success that but her honesty about the darker things she’s dealt with makes her message real for everyone.

For me personally my health and fitness were a big limiting factor in living my dream life and Kat’s resources have helped me have find energy to build my dream life and strength to do the work that dream building takes.

Hayley Williams, mother to two young children

Most mornings I have to pinch myself when I wake up, to make sure I’m not still dreaming. When I think back to how my life was several years ago, I would have never imagined it like this!

Back then I was overweight, in a dead end job that I hated and living far beyond my means; fast forward to now and I’ve lost more than half my body weight, quit my job & work for myself, from home, in an inner city apartment. I eat out at fancy restaurants, I go on holidays and I’m excited by what could happen each day!

At the start of my journey, I didn’t even know what I wanted, I knew what I was living wasn’t it though! Not long after that I stumbled across one of Kat’s blogs, I subscribed to her regular emails & became part of her community, not realising that she would be providing me with regular inspiration & often the slap in the face I needed to get up and do something.

I might be living my dream life now, but I’m not done yet – I still want more!

Malisa Celeste, The Invisible Assistant and Kat’s PA!

I read Kat’s posts religiously as she inspires me to believe and achieve every single day.

Kat makes me perceive that I am the one who controls my own life and by believing in myself I can achieve every goal I set for myself and create the best life I can live.

I have had the worst year of my life due to personal dilemmas yet Kat motivates me every day to get up and believe in myself and that things can get better and will!!!

I now live my life according to my dreams and focus on what I can change rather than dwell on what I can’t.

Her writing has impacted me both mentally and physically. Her quote “anything is achievable it’s just whether you’re willing to take the leap of faith ...” is exactly what I am doing every day thanks to Kat. Kat, what you do for us women is amazing and you are equally a strong woman and fantastic mother!! And like I have said, we are blessed to have you part of our family xxx

Paulette Lo-Terzo, mother to two young children and my sister-in-law!

refund policy

Please note that there are NO refunds for Dream Life Project memberships.

I am pouring everything I can into this. Even if you use just one week’s worth of it, you will set your life on a new path with hundreds of dollars worth of my best content.

I’ve made sure that The Dream Life Project is simply incredible value, more than what even I ever thought I could pack into one 5-week program. When you invest in your self with your Dream Life Project  membership, your purchase is final. If you want to change your life, jump into it full force. No maybes or hopefully’s.

did i mention? bonus stuff to make it even more amazing

I love a good bonus. When I sign up for a new coaching program in my biz, I do it because I can see the content of the actual course is rock-star amazing. Which is why I made sure the content of The Dream Life Project is super-rock-star amazing.

But a bonus is still very cool and fun to have.

Here’s what I have for you when you register now for The Dream Life Project.

A copy of my e-book “How To Be That Girl”, valued at $17. It’s my story and guide to creating the life you want, covering Your Dream You, (Pre) Goalsetting, The Law of Attraction, and how to Get Real about what you want.

The Woman Incredible Look Great Naked Eating Plan. It sells normally for $57! And yup, you’ll get it for free! I know, how cool is that?! My Eating Plan is a guide to how to eat right, effortlessly, and copies fly off my blog every day. Over 300 women have downloaded it just in the past few months. It’s an essential plan to keep on hand as you move through The Dream Life Project, which is why I’m including it. Already got it? Then you are absolutely welcome to gift your free copy on to a friend who you know would benefit from some eating sanity. And you’ll get so many other goodies that you certainly won’t miss this one extra one!

And – if you don’t have anyone you’d like to gift it to and even though you are getting soooooo much more than $99 worth of extra-fabulous stuff when you join The Dream Life Project, well then I’ll also give you –

My new book, The Dream Life Project (The Smart Woman’s Handbook To Knowing What She Wants In Life – And Getting It!) will be out on Amazon early to mid July. I can’t wait! And you know what? Your copy will be absolooooootely free as a Dream Life Project boot-camper. You’ll have instant access it as soon as I do!

Lifetime access to ALL Dream Life Project created by me for each year you’re a member. I know, I said that already but really – what a cool bonus (I think!) to know that everything I knew I create for this program even once you’ve finished your bootcamp will automatically be yours for free to download and keep!

50% off all my non Dream Life Project future info products and courses, for as long as you remain a member. It’s my final way of saying thank you to you and rewarding you for being a part of what will be my ‘core’ transformation program.

action takers get super lucky!

Don’t forget that when you register by the end of June 30th, you go into the draw to win 3 private phone or Skype coaching sessions with me. Normally, that would be $750 🙂

so. is the dream life project really for you? COULD you change your life, for real?

This bootcamp is exclusive for women who want to take massive action to change their lives.

Women who are sick of accepting the status quo and women who therefore demand a life less ordinary. Women who are willing to do the work, no matter how squirmy or challenging, to understand themselves and their innermost desires and then do what it takes to get there.

And to have a helluva lot of fun doing it.

So is it for you? Could you really change your life?

I believe, you are a woman like the one I’ve described just above. One who is willing to take action and change her life, for good.

Let’s face it – you really wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t!

So take a chance, on yourself. A chance that you can live the life you were born to live. One that perhaps you can’t even fully articulate right now. One where every single day gets more exciting, inspiring, and passion-fuelled than the last.

One where dreams become the now, rather than the one day.

final details, and then i hope to see you on the other side!

The Dream Life Project kicks off from your computer, laptop or iPad this July 16, a Monday. You’ll be hearing from me well before that though!

Once you register you’ll receive an email from me welcoming you to the program, and with details of what to expect next. You’ll also receive your bonuses and access to our secret forum.

Jump on board now and become part of my inaugural Dream Life Project Bootcamp. For just $99 you’ll start changing your body, your biz, your life.

And when you register now, you’ll receive my book How To Be That Girl, my Look Great Naked Eating Plan, lifetime access to all of the content I deliver in your program and that you download, and FREE access to all my new Dream Life Project content as well as ALL future Dream Life Project Bootcamps, for each year that you remain a member.

here’s the thing

The Dream Life Project Bootcamp is something that I’ve created to change your life.

I know that you know that there must be more to life than what most people accept as being good enough. I know that maybe you just aren’t sure what that is, or how to get it.

And I know that there’s some things out there you just long to create in your life but you’re scared, or uncertain, or you just don’t feel ready.

Now is the time. Now is your one chance to live your life. Your one chance!

Are you truly determined to create an amazing life, to live every day with passion, to know that you are serving your purpose? To be able to say you really gave your dreams everything you could?

That you really gave yourself everything you could?

There is no quick fix or magic solution to getting in shape, having your dream career, or living your ideal life.

But that sure as heck doesn’t mean that living those things isn’t it possible.

It is. It’s happening for women everywhere.

Will you be next?

2 responses to “The Dream Life Project. 5 Weeks To Change Your Body, Your Biz, Your Life. With Me. Open NOW!”

  1. Stacey says:

    Hi Kat!
    Of course I’m supremely interested but I got on holidays from July 13-23. Does this mean I won’t be able to do it since I won’t be in the country?

  2. Kat says:

    Hi Stacey,

    It is actually set up so you can go through it in your own time. You’ll have full access for a year and lifetime access if you choose to download everything!

    You’ll also have full forum access for that year for support and motivation.

    So nope, it doesn’t matter one bit!