Resting in God


In a world of overnight success and the notion that you somehow should be snapping your fingers and going viral outta nowhere, it’s easy to forget about simple principles of discipline and habit which are ultimately going to get you there.

You have to have faith that it’s working.

You have to have faith that when you SEE nothing changing, GOD is working, and there is an outcome occurring as a result of the fact that you are HOLDING that faith.

You have to remind yourself that your faith is not passive. That you are consistently taking the actions a person who believes for whatever it is you are believing for would be taking.

That you are adjusting and realigning those actions based on what God puts on that new heart He’s given you, whispers into your spirit, shows you in His Word.

That even though there are times you’re not sure if the action you’re taking is correct, heck – sometimes you feel like you have no clue at all – ! That all in all?

You are showing up.

Placing your foot where it seems it should be if not where you flat out know it should be.
ACCEPTING that a lot of the time you really don’t don’t or won’t know any further than that next ‘NOW’ step until you take it.

You have to have faith that if you feel completely disconnected from what God IS saying to you or showing you, that your last revelatory moment was so far back it’s gathering dust somewhere within your memory, you’re wondering if you made it up completely and maybe you SHOULD just give up this dream, settle, ‘be realistic’ …

the next moment of revelation is as close as you removing whatever was blocking your intimacy with God, and just coming back TO Him.

Repenting. Pleading the blood of Jesus to wash you anew again. ACCEPTING what your conscience is telling you around where you are holding on to something not of God. Handing it over. Asking Him to help you. Or simply –

coming back to time with Him.
Coming back to the fact that it was always just meant to be about relationship, seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness first, that we didn’t sign up for some sort of fast-track ‘let’s call it Christian but really wannabe New age manifestation’ situation here … that what we actually DESIRE is closeness with our Lord and that IN that –

we find everything.

That the things you want, dream of, are planted in you as RIGHT desires absolutely WILL occur.

And meanwhile –


While everybody around you, and a million past versions of you up til perhaps even TODAY, flop, and flail, and switch this way or that, desperately seeking a win TODAY, a breakthrough NOW, a reprieve from the underlying fear of maybe NEVER being enough or getting there, presented in the form of ‘OH LOOK, I SOMEHOW MANAGED TO JUST BE RICH HOT HAPPY AND FREE ALL AT ONCE NOW I CAN BREATHE’ … (LOL) …

that instead you are calmly
with the joy
and peace
and strength

just doing the thing
being the person
BECOMING the person
addressing what He shows you
another layer of sin revealed and left behind
a new depth of belief anchored in with each passing day

as you walk firmly and certainly down the path of destiny God Himself has written for you.

You have to simply have faith that that is what is happening.
And that no matter how far off or fanciful the thing you long for may seem –

it can not NOT occur, eventuate, be encountered, as you walk that right path.

Because the thing you are having faith for really –

is that God is who He says He is.
That He will do what he said He will do.
That He will perform in your life and on this earth what He promised.

And that all of it? Simply exists in the place where you walk forward in Him.

Think about it for a moment. Won’t you?

If it exists in Him, then isn’t it simply logical that where you will find it –

is walking forward in Him?

Make today the day you stop looking for a quick fix, a dramatic shift, instant ‘proof’ that you’re gonna be okay. Make today the day you quit trying to catch up, Keep up. Or make up. For all the years where you didn’t quite realise God is the one who will do these things in your life.

Make today the day you stop being a lesser and surface based version of who God put you here to be, because you’re so freaking scared of being nothing or having nothing or receiving none of the TRULY desired things, that you instead hurtle through every single day desperate to prove you’re SOMETHING –

and as a result of that never really setting foot on the path which will actually take you to the place that’s been yours
in Him
all along.

“My child”, I hear Him saying. “Come see”.

“I made this for you”

Don’t spend one more day being too busy, caught up, and distracted,
to walk into the place your Father has made you.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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