Resting in God


I just … honestly – can’t.

God has broken me open, apart, all the way inside out, and also seen fit for me to share that with you very transparently on a 70-minute live I did today! Man oh man it was GOOD.

It’s an honour to get to share this walk with you EVEN AS IT’S HAPPENING. I am OH so deeply here for the full ‘restoration to factory settings and rebuilding by God!’. But, wow. It’s beyond human comprehension, that’s for sure!

Here’s the link to the live on IG.

(more updates below)

And as for what I can’t, well –

I cannot fathom.

How good God is.

How great He is.





His mercy.

Everytime I feel as though I’m getting some sense of it, it’s as though the floor then falls away beneath me and I fall all the way through again.

HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE, except … there’s always a next other side.

This does not happen by accident. I wanna say. I daily seek God, I go AFTER Him like, well, like I used to go after success + the pursuit of more.

The Bible tells us to PUT GOD IN REMEMBRANCE OF His promises to us, and to put a demand (yes a demand!) on Him to bring those promises to pass! (Isaiah 43:26 / Luke 18:1-8).

God did not design us to be passive. He did not design us to be puppets! He designed us to give Him EVERYTHING, for He is worthy of that and also when we do that?

He gives us LIFE. Both eternally, but also – here on earth.

Oh, what’s that now? You thought you have life already?

No. You do not. Unless it’s in Him. What you have is an earthly existence, which is temporal, which is limited, and which is nothing more or less than you living on borrowed time unless or until you lay DOWN that earthly life in order to receive His son Jesus and through Him, the Holy Spirit, who SUPERNATURALLY EQUIPS AND EMPOWERS YOU BY THE GRACE OF GOD TO DO ALL THINGS. Including? See heaven brought to earth in all the ways.

And you BET your sweet peach that THAT includes putting a demand on God to MOVE MOVE MOVE and do again what He has done before, both to put a river in the desert and a way in the wilderness in YOUR life with a new thing (Isaiah 43:19 and a personal fave!) and also in this WORLD.

Question is …

who did YOU come here to be?

And where right now are you biding time thinking you HAVE time, caught in a deception that it’s no big deal to not fully surrender now?

‘k, well I just came on here to share some updates with you but there’s a mini sermon I wasn’t planning on. You are welcome!

If you watch the live you’ll get a full BTS of exactly what my recent biz changes mean, a lil insight into all that God has stripped off me this way (I handed it over so don’t think it was by force; God never forces and ONLY operates for our good!), and also a beautiful unfolding and springing forth of the new He is doing in me and what that may mean for you.

Not to mention some key thinking points I just KNOW are gonna hit you in that place in your spirit where you FEEL it.

Let me know what you think in comments x

How to Work With Me Now

Questions have been asked about your existing dashboard; nothing changes there.

Contrary to what I thought even recently though, I will no longer sell my old programs. Perhaps there will be some exceptions of QUITE older programs but, as I explained on the live, too much of recent years is simply through the wrong lens. Yes there is good in there, SO much. Powerful and anointed teaching in fact. But it is tangled up with stuff I simply don’t want to promote longingly. Nor am I being led to in any way.

The fact that I could keep selling any number of these things at great price points + in flash sales and the link is simply irrelevant.

My pursuit is no longer for monetary gain and there will be no justification of ‘oh, but it’s such high value teaching!’. If it’s not a full yes it’s a full no. As for money, money is something I trust God to provide as I meanwhile ONLY turn my focus to work which is true for me in THIS season to pour forth.

But here is what is amazing.
Shocking, actually, as I didn’t see this coming. lol, I don’t see too much coming with God. At the same time; it rarely surprises me because when He shows a thing it is always of COURSE.

So this is shocking AND ‘of course’.

I thought, when I handed my whole business over to God and willingly chose to walk away from all of it, that I was done teaching entrepreneurs & leaders how to make money online, build a business, get their message out their, show up NOW as who they’re meant to be as a leader.

I knew I would teach these things to the faith-led entrepreneur through the lens of my membership The Secret Garden. Which is the place God gave me as my ongoing space for you, and truly – the place you must be if you simply know it’s time to lean in to all He has for you in business AND in life.

As one of my Secret Garden clients commented on the live today, who just joined last week – “I wish I had just joined there right away now that I know how good it is!”.

It is an anointed place. I invite you to come see at

It is also by far the most incredible value as far as working with me, having access to me, being able to join live trainings, also having an AMAZING faith-led community of women at all points of there journey, and on top of it once in The Secret Garden you receive all my new small (non signature but often extremely in depth) courses / masterclasses free, rather than paying up to $399 separately! So it really is the ‘all in space’.

My understanding, as mentioned above, when I gave my full ‘what I created’ online biz to God was that I was done with really creating or putting much out there relevant to biz growth. And I was completely fine with that. I knew that the door to what I built had to be closed.

Then …

something amazing happened.

This morning as I was journaling I simply felt God give it back to me. NO I don’t mean I am back-tracking and going back to selling all that or being all that. lol.

I mean … He has given it back to me from the beginning.

What it was always meant to be.

Before I got derailed.

Before the lens shifted.

Before the underlying message became clouded by who I thought I needed to be.

It feels like …

a complete reset. A restoration. And a new beginning.

Even though this is not technically true, as I do still have so many amazing people in my online space (thank you for still being here!) and choosing to come across to my primary new online home on my new IG @iamkatrinaruth, it FEELS as though I am just starting.

It’s like my early days when it was never about hype or glam or ‘being’ anything, and it was simply a love I’ve always had of helping you to create a business and life you love.

I’ve always just wanted to inspire, educate, motivate and empower you to say yes to who you came here to be, and I believe I’ve always done that.

God has given me a second chance TO do that anew, and to do it from the ground up, this time with Him rightly at the centre.

What that means is … I don’t quite know! I did reveal some details on the live today. Loosely it’s simply – OH. Okay. I absolutely will teach and share about business, growth, messaging, marketing, ALWAYS faith-led and God first, just in this whole new relaxed ‘not trying to be a thing’ way.

I don’t know if that makes sense to you. But it does to me 🙂

My focus right now is still The Secret Garden as ‘the’ core space, but I’m also going to rebuild my website, email pathways, programs page and so on, because it will now ONLY reflect all the new God has done through me; meaning my new work of the past 6 or so months. Which includes quite a plethora of new God-led courses!

And …

I am inviting you to reach out about 1:1 if you are called to. I just love 1:1 so much. I did 2 private zooms yesterday and every time I do one it’s just such an honour to get to go fully ‘under the hood’ of your business, find the threads to pull on where identity or purpose has been jumbled, and help you to reset and know the true NOW blueprint.

I no longer have a taste for the super high ticket stuff, it just doesn’t feel relevant for me anymore.

So right now is the best time in absolutely years to reach out about being a private client. I believe it is also the most beautiful and true. And I am so excited to work with a small group of PURPOSE driven ladies who desire that level of intimacy, reflection, and accountability!

Is that you? Would you like to know more?

Write me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @iamkatrinaruth to know more. I’m opening 5 places right now. And I can’t wait to meet who is going to fill them! Now is a GREAT time to strip things back and see what it’s gonna be, no need to leave that reset to 2024 😉

Okay gorgeous, that’s it for now.

I love you and I’m praying for you!

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