God’s word, Resting in God


The simple soft & surrendered thing is the thing which it should be, and actually?

The thing which works.

I’m not saying that extra! Exciting! OTT! is BAD.

Because actually that stuff, when RIGHT, IS surrendered.

There is a certainty which is simply there when a thing is aligned,

and when it is not?

There is not.

It really is this simple. You can hem and haw or fuss and muss here and there and everywhere because your mind has you convinced that if only you could happen upon *the* thing, everything would suddenly change overnight, but you already KNOW that that ain’t it.

And don’t get me wrong! Things absolutely CAN come outta nowhere and change your world overnight.

Something you create could blow up.

A person who rocks you to your core could just show up.

That ‘one’ move you made could unlock an immeasurable response.


But can I tell you something you already know?

NONE of that is gonna happen while you are on a path of turning endlessly in circles wondering if it’s this, that, or the other thing.

The crazy awesome ‘then it just happened’ things occur when we are ON OUR RIGHT PATH.

Moving forward with what IS.

Doing today’s work today.

Being FULLY present and in attendance with whatever it actually is.

Taking the time to listen and hear God, and act from HIS guiding rather than hopping to it with our own ideas because we believed the lie of urgency again, or striving.

You know?

And what it all comes down to is this:

It’s in the simple day in and day out of being who God sent you here to be that all of a sudden it HAPPENS.



Don’t miss your destiny,

because you lived a life continually derailed trying to find it.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



I have 4 things I want to tell you about today. They might all be for you. Or none be for you! Maybe today for you was the message above, now GO.

But if you’d like to walk deeper into the things God has led me to for you,

here they are:

One is private, and includes 3 months for the cost of 1.

One is a special something extra for The Secret Garden if this is your week to finally walk over that line and join us.

One is a ‘start with this instead’ if you’re not ready for The Secret Garden.

And one is a bit random but WOW.

– “His way” private coaching now open. 3 months for the cost of 1

God said do a 3 month private coaching package at the cost of 1. This is specific for those who are sick of doing business + money their own way and continually ending up head butting against a wall.

Who want to finally surrender ALL to Him, and be accountable, led, guided, and prophetically mentored to walk forward in who HE is calling you to be right now.

I am feeling 3 people for this. DM me for price + deets. You will receive all my other courses + your Secret Garden access (existing or new) free during the time you are a client!

– The Secret Garden.

It is ALWAYS time. Frankly, if you enjoy my work and it is FOR you … then The Secret Garden is for you! If you are a woman of faith and/or God is CALLING you right now, and you are ready to let go fully into the reality of there being a different Kingdom and a different way …

come see what He had me make you. Come join the MOST amazing community of women who are led by God. Come bask in the ANOINTING He pours out in this place on repeat! My stories right now have a little BTS you can see.

But mostly,
listen to what God says when you read this page: www.thekatrinaruthshow.com/thesecretgarden

Until Reinvention starts, any sign ups to The Secret Garden will not only also get two entire BONUS courses (listed on the page), but $100 credit to use on any of my other home study courses! Of which there are plenty around that price point. I recommend Write Speak Decree it Real with God as my fave!


My new 10 day live immersion begins this week! CHAINS ARE GONNA BE BROKEN and the ENTIRETY of the vision you should see now revealed!

Reinvention is FREE in The Secret Garden. As is the case with all my smaller God led courses. Yes, Secret Garden membership basically returns money to you! Or you can jump in to REINVENTION by itself here: www.thekatrinaruthshow.com/reinvention

– RANDOM one:

If you missed my story last week and want to know the product God brought into my life 3-4 weeks ago which has COMPLETELY and to be honest quite shockingly sky-rocketed my health, mental clarity and energy DM me REVEAL.

That’s it gorgeous.

Any questions, my IG door is always open @iamkatrinaruth

I love you and I’m praying for you!


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