How To Generate Coaching and Consulting Leads From Social Media

Look, I’m not about to share some elaborate money getting scheme here. I’ve proved that you don’t need any of that. I’m the guy for continuously yelling at my tech guy to dumb things down.

You see, the problem with smart people, like you, the person reading this, is that you’re too damn smart for your own good. Pair that up with ego and it’s a combination for coaching destruction. I’m about to share something ultra simple and easy to implement. Your natural tendency will be to knock it and discredit it as being “too easy.” I assure you, that if you choose to think that way you are giving yourself a major setback.

I’ve built a multi-million dollar consulting business from social media. A large majority of my leads, sales and clients come directly from sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. I’ve spent the last nine years of my life working audiences and prospecting on social media. Last year alone, out of my personal account I spent $256,000 on Facebook ads.

It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about generating leads. 

I’m mostly known for helping salespeople but when you think about it, pretty much everyone, including you, is in sales. We all sell something; that’s how we pay our bills. Until recently, I’ve never talked about or taught anything to coaches like you, who are trying to build an empire. So, this is literally the first look at behind the scenes of how I’ve pulled off what I have.

The very first thing you need to figure out is who you want to consult or coach. It’s not “anyone who wants to X.” That’s unacceptable. Coaching clients want accountability and customization. People have “special” and specific things they need help with. You have to get your perfect prospect dialed in.

For example, when I started off in the coaching world, I taught only loan officers. First off, I knew the business and spoke the language. Second off, I was really good at it and had the track record. I ran ads that specifically spoke to mortgage officers only. Anyone who was a LO knew I was an insider and everyone who wasn’t a LO was confused AF.  I was 100 percent clear on who it was I wanted to help.

I see so many talented coaches losing deals to BS coaches all the time because they aren’t clear on EXACTLY who it is they serve.

If you’re not clear on this, go to YouTube and search “Frank Kern Core Influence” then watch Frank take you through the perfect client equation.

Once you get your perfect prospect figured out, you need to make a list of 25 of those perfect prospects. We call this the “Dream List” and it’s the top 25 people you’d love to have as clients. If you don’t know 25 people you’d like to coach, out of your thousands of Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections, you maybe shouldn’t be in coaching. Just saying.

Now that you have a list of your top 25 prospects, go to their Facebook page and select “get notifications” so that you’ll be notified every time they post on “The Book.” Your job is to engage, gain familiarity and build trust with these 25 people through Facebook. Every time they post, you get a notice and you go leave a comment. Let them know you exist.

Now that you know exactly who it is you can and want to help, it’s time to craft an offer to match the audience.

An offer needs to follow this simple formula. “How to get X without having to give Y.” X= what they want and Y= what they don’t want. This formula is easy and you may have the tendency to discredit it, but I warned you of that when you started reading.

When I started out and sold to LOs, my offer was “How to go from $2 million per month in mortgages to $5 million without hiring a team, paying for leads or recruiting a ton of realtors.” Another was “How to get business from real estate agents without kissing ass and buying all their leads for them.”

At this point, if you’ve followed my multi-million dollar advice, you’ve got a prospect, an offer and all you’re missing is a way to collect lead information. If you read my article on the Four Step Funnel (click here) it will tell you step-by-step how easy it is to set up the funnel.

Now you have a funnel, a list of prospects to go after and an offer to hit them with.

So, all you have to do is get the offer in front of the 25 prospects. But the last thing you want to do is run them off by spamming them or constantly nagging them to let you coach them. You’ve got to be smoother than that.

What I do is create videos and blog posts (like this) demonstrating my expertise. If you don’t have a blog, you can sign up with Medium.com for free and use it as your blog. Create content that is 80 percent training and 20 percent call to action. Post this content in groups; ask your friends to share it; post it in the comments of groups and get the word out any way you can.

If you want to speed this process up, you can create a fan page and run FB ads.

I spent over $250K on Facebook ads in 2016 alone. It’s a quick and easy way to get leads to see your content and take you up on your call to action. After all, that’s all you’re trying to do. Go after your Dream List and generate cold leads from groups, etc.

Right now, we generate roughly 2500 leads per month from social media. Most of them come from the exact process I just explained in this article. I know you’ll be quick to knock me, discredit my method and say, “It’s too simple. My business is different,” and I’m here to tell you that your business is not that special. Especially as a coach.

Let’s be real though, generating leads is only half the battle. Once you get the lead, then you have to close them and collect payment. After that, the pressure is on us, because we have to deliver what we promised in the beginning. Delivery of service is the most crucial part of the process. After you’ve gone through all of the above to get a client, the last thing you want to do is lose that client and have to start all over.

If you have a unique talent for helping people, we should talk. I’m looking for trainers and coaches to co-create programs with me, for my audience. What if I could get your coaching in front of my 300,000 Savages? How many lives do you think you could change? If you’d like to know more about how that would work out for us, fill out the app at http://hardcorecloser.com/work-with-ryan/