I was going to write today about why your sales aren’t flowing, about how the problem is that you’re not supposed to be selling your OFFER, you’re supposed to be selling YOU.

Let’s talk about that, for a moment, ’cause it’s been on my mind since I stumbled into bed late last night after, tired and supremely fulfilled after an incredible VIP day with clients here in LA –

I was thinking about how some people (okay me and my most badass clients!) seem to be able to just throw anything out there with basically zero prep or warning, it doesn’t really matter what the thing IS, and then people just buy. Often without even reading about or properly investigating the offer!

And then there’s other people who continually and somewhat desperately try to understand HOW to sell a program, a product, an offer, grilling everybody they can get their hands on about THEIR process, trying to figure out how many emails or posts or what to say or how to SELL and then their shit STILL don’t sell, and I was thinking, this –

Bitch, please. Are you seriously still caught up in that 1984 internet marketing bullshit? Don’t tell me you actually believe or buy into the idea that you need a launch plan, a funnel plan, a 3-part freaking video or webinar series, ANYTHING you have to actually think about and not just let out! It’d be actually really FUNNY if it wasn’t just plain SAD that you think the ANSWER is to break down the PROCESS of how other people are doin’ it!

If it’s not selling –

And they ain’t buying –

And it’s just not WORKING –

I can promise you that the problem is YOU ain’t selling YOU, and if you’re in the business of trying to brand and unleash what’s INSIDE of you, then, WELL –

You’re gonna have to sell us on you.

We aren’t going to BUY a single thing FROM you if we didn’t already buy you.

Make sense?

So go unleash –

And go wake up –

And get the fuck up –

And really just do business by living your LIFE, in ALIGNMENT, on PURPOSE, by following your HEART, and doing what feels RIGHT, and then just DOCUMENTING and SHARING some of it.

It’s all I do.

It’s all I’ve EVER done, to successfully monetize my life.

(You can’t very well monetize being you –

If you’re not actually BEING FUCKING YOU.

Just on a side note).


I was going to write about that and I suppose I just did and I suppose I could say more and I suppose I could go ON and on and on, but instead here is what I really want to say –

That low class weak ass vibe you’ve got leaking out of your every pore?

Get it away from me.

Get it OUT of the room.

TAKE it –

And STUFF it –

And SQUASH it –

In fact TEAR it –

To shreds and then BURN it to the ground and then BLOW it the fuck up and then walk –


Flicking your hair over your shoulder.

Strolling on pencil thin stilleto’s with your bootay rocking and a trail of smoke –

Weaving it’s way behind you.

And OWN who you fucking are.

Don’t you see that we can see that? Don’t you realise we can smell it? Isn’t it obvious we don’t LIKE it and if you’re SEEPING that fear out of you then we definitely aren’t going to be BUYING.

We won’t be buying YOU.

Which means that it don’t matter HOW damn good your OFFER is or how pretty’n’polished your SALES page is or how damn FABULOUS your discount or bonus is we WANT IT TO GO AWAY.

We want you to go away.


Not so much because we think it might be CONTAGIOUS, your scarcity, because we sure know who WE are and if anything you showing up this way reinforces our own power and choice, but because it’s just YUCK.

To be around.

To have to listen to.

Or watch.

And it’s also kind of EMBARASSING. You know? It feels …

SQUIRMY. To have to watch. A little fascinating as well, admittedly, because HOW can you POSSIBLY be thinking living breathing like that when there is SO much fucking evidence that all you have to do to have EVERYTHING you want is just own who you are, ask for it, show the fuck up unapologetically as you and STOP ASKING SO MANY GOD DAMN QUESTIONS!!

You don’t need to ASK how to be YOU!!

Do you?

You were BORN with the blueprint. It’s been there the whole TIME. EVERYTHING you need is inside of you!

And if you want to let the MONEY flow and your BRAND to grow and your FAME to just HAPPEN then the ONLY way –

The only way.

Is to be you.

Your sales process – wake up and be you.

Your launch plan – wake up and be you.

Your message – wake up and be you.

EVERY FUCKING THING about how you choose what to say or sell, how to say or sell it, who to say or sell it to, how to call in the support you need or the clients you desire or the LIFE you long for, ALL of it is so.freaking.EASY.

Wake up.

Be you.

Go where your heart TELLS you.

Say what you’re THINKING.

Sell in whatever fucking manner just comes out of you.

So take OFF –

The fucking MASK –

You might as well be walking around in a CARDIGAN and PEARLS, your hair in a pretty little knot, like a robot –

Your gaze –

Your eyes –

Your soul –





Rip open your chest baby.

And let us see your bloody heart throbbing.

Or please –

Just walk away.

And take that low class weak ass vibe with you.