Just For Laughs: What NOT To Do In The Gym


Here’s a tip – if your Personal Trainer asks you to give this one a go, just get a good look at their insurance documents first!

Ahhh .. those crazy kids!

What’s the strangest/funkiest/most impressive thing you’ve seen in the gym? Comment below!

3 responses to “Just For Laughs: What NOT To Do In The Gym”

  1. Miz. says:

    Can you seriously believe trainers do that?!
    I thought it was a joke the first time a friend told me her story about being instructed to ‘get up on the ball….”

  2. Rad says:

    I would have to say that Im constantly amazed during my rides on the staionery bike watching the trainers who allow their clients undertake exercise with a bad posture and no feedback – all under their “watchful” eye!!

  3. I’m not an expert on fitness and proper form, but I have seen too many people lift weights that were heavier than what they can handle. Then the weights would get slammed back down instead of placed gently and quietly. Its more of a pet peeve than anything!