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For a strictly limited time, as a valued member of my community, you can purchase any of my previous programs, now all available in home-study format and get a MINIMUM of 30% off! It’s just my way of saying thanks for being part of The Katrina Ruth Show!

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Alignment Workshop

Becoming Magnetic

An 11 Day immersion with Katrina Ruth, to return you to the deepest power and magic of your soul, from whence you shall transfix the world as you release all ‘strategy’ and SELL.THE PEOPLES.AUTOMATICALLY.ON YOU. The way it was always meant to be. As part of this,

  • You will COMPLETELY let go of worrying about how to get or keep leads
  • You will understand and be taking MAGNETIC ACTION ON simply drawing in your soul peeps with your essence, your presence, your soul.
  • They will hardly even know where you came from, they will just know that suddenly you were there. And that they didn’t want to leave. You will be calling them in like a SILENT SIREN, from the returned-to place of being in vibrational alignment with your highest and MOST powerful self
  • You will COMPLETELY let go of worrying about or having to ever go looking for ideas of what to create, put out there, or sell. You will step into a reality in which the ideas come to YOU, begging you to bring them to life, and they are ALWAYS the best ones, the most creative ones, unique, YOURS. Like this 🙂
  • This will be a continual occurrence
  • You won’t have to worry about or plan for or figure out how to then launch – market – or sell said ideas. You will have access to ALWAYS knowledge, from source, from soul, from truth.

Was $147 Now Only $97!

Born To Be A Queen



4 weeks of the most EXTREME LIFE bootcamp you never knew you always needed, for the leaders who are ready to lead, the magic makers who are done hiding, and the next level you who knows it’s time to rev this shit up. This is where life as it was mean to be begins. 4 weeks of asskickery from me, to you, on ALL of it:

  • Business.
  • Money.
  • Body.
  • Relationships.
  • Mindset.
  • Clearing your SHIT.
  • LIFE.

We about to sort out ALL yo’ shit. And go deep into RAPID creation in every area, the creation of results the way you know they’re meant to be!

Was $997 Now Only $697!

Calling In The Green

Change You Habits, Change Your Life

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Create Your Signature Program Audio Series

Discipline Your Ass


10 days of live soul transmissions, to help you find and follow the messages within. And here’s what we’re going to be talking about: 

  • Trust
  • Certainty
  • Self-Belief
  • Empire Creation
  • Your Deepest Message
  • Following Soul Guidance in All Areas
  • Faith vs Fear
  • Accessing Flow, and Superflow
  • Expanding Time
  • Expanding Money

Was $99 Now Only $67!

Get Famous Being You



Release the Old. Become What You Always Were. HEAL it, once and for all, so that you can clearly and easily see where it is you’re meant to go,  how to get there and how damn ABSOfuckinglutely worthy you are.

  • Relationship healing
  • Business and empire healing
  • Money story healing
  • Self-worth healing
  • Healing from shame, blame, guilt, and the idea you must pay penance
  • Healing from sabotage and so-called bad behaviour
  • Body shame and mis-treatment healing
  • Disregard of Purpose, and Frittering Away Your Life or Living the Wrong Life Healing
  • Spiritual Healing, Energetic and Other-Worldly / Other Realm, Ignoring of Magic Healing
  • Being Another Person Healing, Living For Another Person Healing, False Responsibility Healing
  • Parenting Healing, Childhood Healing, Family Healing
  • Grieving Soul Healing, and the Placing of Ego Ahead of Higher Self
  • Healing from the Idea of Needing Healing

Was $777 Now Only $547!

High Ticket with SUPER Ease Workshop

It’s Only Money, Honey!

Journal Your Way To RICH, SUCCESSFUL, Free! Class of 2018

Katrina Ruth’s 7-Figure Sales Secrets

Kat’s Million Dollar Templates Class of 2018

Kat’s Ultimate Swipe Bundle

Kill Resistance Dead

Launch It!

Launch It! Motherfucker

Love And Acceptance

Manifestation Magic School

Million $ Content Creator

Work with me and I’ll show you how to go deep into the inner game as well as the day to day process around becoming a PURPOSE-LED CONTENT MACHINE who shows up from purpose and makes millions, doing what they love and on their terms! Without compromising a single fucking thing you value! In this course I WILL teach you –

  • The way I do sales pages and let it be SO easy, fast, flow
  • Same for launching
  • And for every element of day to day monetization and messaging
  • I will teach you everything I do!!
  • But most of all I will teach you to PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST, and be in the INNER GAME of being the people who the people pay. And of showing up every day, and getting out of your own way, no matter what

Because that is how it works.

And that’s your FOUNDATION, without it all the rest won’t matter.

And it won’t do jack shit.

Was $497 Now Only $347!

Million Dollar Funnels

Money Blocks & High-Level Wealth Consciousness

Money Making Machine Online Bootcamp Day

Money Smackdown Workshop

Multiple 6-Figures Low End Workshop

Multiple 7-Figure Mindset Formula



Purpose Passion Flow



Rich From Your Soul Work

11 Days with Katrina Ruth to Connect Back to Your Core, Drop ALL Agenda and Strategy, and Realise That Your Pathway to RICH, SEEN, KNOWN is and Always HAS Been to Just.Be.You. We are going to create the business but beyond that the LIFE and the being of YOU you’ve always known it’s meant to be about by:

  • Tearing down a LOT of stuff …
  • SLASHING our way through beliefs, and structures, and systems, and things you perhaps have put a HELLA lot of time and effort into! Things which were only part of the picture for you to grow and LEARN from them, and then come back to YOU!
  • Building –With IMPOSSIBLE SPEED –And from ABSOLUTE superflow –The thing that has been inside of you the whole time. The thing which is you letting your FULL effervescence light up the WORLD. And which results autofuckingmatically in you getting paid!
  • Daily DEEP dive content for you.
  • Soul shaking truths, shifts, wake up calls which you’ve been waiting for now, looking for, NEEDING, for a while!

Was $111 Now Only $77!

Superwoman Unchained: The Revolution

The Alignment & Asskickery Toolkit

The Daily Hustle

30 days of unapologetic asskickery, to get you pressing the fuck play.

  • More Money and Time? DONE.
  • More of your ideal clients, the ones who make your heart sing and make it seem so EASY it’s almost like you’re cheating? DONE!
  • A better body? More energy? To feel happier, or even more at PEACE? Debts paid off, savings accrued, bucket list shit actually coming to life? DONE! DONE! DONE!

Was $197 Now Only $137!

The Look Great Naked Online Bootcamp

Give me 6 weeks and I’ll take you from stuck, overwhelmed, and off track to walking around in the bikini body of your dreams and feeling gorgeous, sexy and confident!

  • Get proven and tested nutrition, motivation, training and life advice that you can implement and then use for evermore to maintain your gorgeous bikini bod!
  • Change your habits, change your body, change your life.
  • Go from stuck and overwhelmed to a leaner, sexier and more confident you

Was $199 Now Only $137!

The Millionaire Hustle

The Selfish Bitch Hustle

Unapologetically Extra

6 Weeks of UNFILTERED IMMERSION in our home study program! Here’s what we’ll be covering and here is what’s going down and here’s what I EXACTLY want to teach and support you around:

  • Being All Of You, and Using That To Your Advantage
  • REMEMBERING Who You Always Were
  • Coming Up With Offers That Sell AND Fuel Your Soul
  • The Art of Selling Magnetically, and Activating the Emotions of YES in Your Buyers
  • Flow-Based Branding and Marketing
  • Speed of Execution
  • My Entire Launch Process, the Cheat Sheet Version
  • Clearing Your Shit Around Whether You’re Good Enough
  • Letting Your Personality Drive Your Sales
  • Using Intuition to Know What to Sell – How to Sell It – How to Post for Maximum Results on Social Media – And More!
  • How to ‘Turn Up the Dial’, and Increase Your Income Consistently, and Keep It Up
  • How to Fully Be the Badass Leader Even If You Don’t Feel Confident, Energetically, Physically or Otherwise … and, How to Show Up in Spite of Fears of What Others Think or Will Say – OWNING Your Badassery, No Matter What
  • Being an Ideas Machine, and How I Do It
  • Millionaire Mindset Training and Manifestation – Exactly How I Do It

Was $497 Now Only $347!

Wake Up Or Die Goal Setting Course

Write Speak Sell

300K+ In 5 Days Case Study

Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed


Here are just a few tidbits of what you’ll learn –

  • Five ‘healthy’ foods that may be making you fat and unwell
  • 6 secretly healthy foods to get you ripped and feeling fantastic
  • A guide to balancing internal control and hormonal systems which can cause you to stay overweight regardless of what you eat or how much exercise you do
  • The lowdown on how and why your body stores fat and how to reverse it’s the fat-storing gene (did you know your body is actually programmed to make you fat? I’ll teach you how to change that)
  • A simple guide to correct (and doable) nutrition
  • The chance to email me with any follow-up questions or just for support.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee – if you don’t think the book was worth the spend I’ll happily refund you.

Was $37, Now Only $27!

Which program will you sign up for gorgeous? 

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