What The Magazines Don’t Tell You About Fat Loss

Health and Fitness >> October 11, 2011

So you want dramatic and lasting fat loss, huh? Lean legs, perhaps? Or perhaps it's the belly that's bothering you? Heck, it could even be something as supposedly innocuous as that little flap of skin/fat between your chest and your armpits, but whatever it is you're going to have to face facts. Fat loss? It ain't as simple as calories and exercise. If only. what the magazines won't tell you about fat loss ... In the past few weeks I've blogged about pretty much every detail of and 'blocking factor' to fat loss that the mainstream health-world talks about. But I think we both know that there's always more to the story, isn't there? So.... Read More >>


Why You Can’t Lose Weight – The Rest Of It!

Health and Fitness >> October 05, 2011

  can't lose weight? I've been there! Trust me, I know what it's like to feel like you're banging your head against the wall when it comes to losing in shape. There have been 2 key times in my life when I've seriously been following the rules and yet still haven't been able to shed the extra layers, and I tell you - it made me want to SCREAM! The first was when I was in my mid-twenties and gained about 8kg over 2-3 years while working in Personal Training management. The second time was after giving birth ... I'm talking 6 months after and still no change. In both cases I was frantically, desperately... Read More >>


Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Health and Fitness >> September 28, 2011

Blocking factors are things you probably don’t often think about which nonetheless can dramatically impact your ability to lose weight. For example, you no doubt already know that getting in great shape is not simply about calories in and calories out, but have you really thought about what it does take? I don’t just mean the obvious stuff either. I’m talking about factors you’ve probably heard of but yet don’t attribute massive importance to. Factors such as: Your food quality Your food quantity A possible gluten intolerance A possible lactose intolerance Other food intolerances Your digestive health Underlying levels of toxicity Your mindset Time and again I’ve worked with people who really do... Read More >>


10 Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Get Lean

Health and Fitness >> September 26, 2011

The truth about female fat loss? it's not always what you think! Today we're going to explore 5 out the 10 most common mistakes women make when it comes to fat burning. Let me know if you've been guilty of any of them! 1. training fasted It's usually done in good intentions and based on having been told that it's the best for burning fat, but the truth is that training on an empty stomach tells your body to hold onto fat stores. Your body is programmed to think that you're still living a bit like a cavewoman - if you exercise without eating, it must mean you can't find food. Which, for survival... Read More >>


How NOT To Get Abs!

Health and Fitness >> September 22, 2011

You may remember that a week or two back I introduced Lana and Larissa from Assassin PT. Today the girls are back to bust some serious myths on getting your abs ready for summer - and with a very VERY amazing freebie for you to kick off your beach-body plan this year ... Today's post is all about what NOT to do if you want to finally get those abs on show - I know you're going to want to read this :) what you need to know if you want to get abs! 1. DON'T REFUEL ON CRAP After a big workout session are you quenching your thirst and hunger with a sports drink... Read More >>


“The Truth About Female Fat Loss” – Your FREE Copy Of My New Manifesto!

Health and Fitness >> September 21, 2011

get INSTANT access to my free manifesto, 'the truth about female fat loss' The 'Truth About Female Fat Loss' is a no-holds bold guide to getting in the greatest shape of your life, from the inside out. As you'll see on the top right of the blog, it's the new subscription gift for Woman Incredible, but seeing as how I didn't want you to have to un- and then re-subscribe I figured I'd hand it over to you here :) In The Truth About Female Fat Loss I cover: The 6 steps you need to know about to have fat burning success Nutrition for lasting weight loss Ideal training and exercise including... Read More >>


Good Fat: How Much Is Too Much?

Health and Fitness >> September 19, 2011

So. I have a confession to make. Right before I began this post, I polished off a post-Bikram-yoga 'snack'. I was busy working away on my top-secret Woman Incredible Platinum Mentoring program* and almost didn't notice that I scarfed down an entire 100 grams of grass-fed beef (grilled), some free-range bacon, 2 (okay more like 3) scrambled eggs, and a nice little pile of spinach sauteed with butter. Yummy-yum-yum. I'd have a photo for you but I ate it so fast not only is that not possible, but my insulin levels are currently no-doubt skyrocketing through the ceiling. The fact that I'm currently working my way through my second coffee with extra... Read More >>


weight loss training: what you need to know!

Health and Fitness >> September 07, 2011

metabolic weight loss training made easy! What I’m about to share with you is an overview of how a smart and fat-burning orientated approach to training should look. In my experience, the basic training formula for fat loss is a foundation of strength training and hypertrophy (growing lean muscle), to which we would add weight training based circuits (I don’t mean circus tricks on balls and cables), and then cardio would be just a teeny-tiny supplement to all of that. Other activities such as yoga, the occasional group fitness class, and certainly some outdoor activity, could also be included. the 'perfect' weight loss training weekly plan Between 2 and 5 weight training sessions a... Read More >>

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